5-Shaft Industrial Pierce &

5-Shaft Industrial
Pierce & Tear Shredder
Designed Exclusively for High-Volume
Warehouse and Distribution Centers
Bulletin 151
Stop babysitting your baler
Shredding old corrugated containers (OCC) prior to baling or
compacting eliminates hopper jams and keeps your trash lines moving
throughout the day, even during periods of peak volume.
No back-ups, and no paying people to poke and force clogged boxes into the chute
BloApCo Shredders Save…
Valuable Time
Money & Energy
Our shredder is totally automatic, so you can assign your
employees more important tasks than babysitting the baler.
It’s engineered to “feed itself” without employees helping
things along, and it clears it’s own jams too. And, you
can trust a BloApCo® shredder to run year after year with
minimal maintenance.
A shredder increases the efficiency of your workflow.
With the denser, shredded corrugated your baler
will cycle less frequently, eliminating overuse and
extending baler life. Bales will be approximately
400% denser, making your storing and haul-away
operations more efficient. The workhorse BloApCo
shredder is even engineered to be energy efficient.
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Shredding offers you more
PMS 2726
Our Engineering Expertise Provides…
PMS 485
CMYK C85 M60
More Efficiency.
CMYK 100M 100Y
All Automatic
BloApCo shredders work automatically without requiring
constant operator supervision, or personnel to manually
break down boxes. The system will run completely
unattended, shredding a steady stream of boxes
throughout the day.
Waste Not…
Because a Shredder rips cartons, boxes, and the like into
small pieces, the baler makes much denser bales. The result
is fewer, heavier bales. Your hauling costs go down, and
you get a higher price for your waste.
Stop, Thief!
One of the biggest revenue losses for warehouses and
distribution centers is pilferage. Individuals simply toss boxes
of pilfered items into the system and later retrieve them
unharmed from loose bales. However, once a shredder is
introduced into the system there is no way for thieves to
recover their items before being destroyed.
More Safety.
The Shredder’s ripper-wheel action pulls boxes continuously
into the system. There’s no need for personnel to manually
push them into the baler in-feed hopper.
Your employees won’t have to enter the shredder to
manually remove overload or jammed material. If materials
jam, power to the drive motor is automatically interrupted,
and the shredder reverses to reposition materials for another
shredding pass.
Safety Overweight Plate
An overweight plate is built in to the infeed conveyor
leading to every BloApCo warehouse and distribution center
shredder. Whenever loads of 70lbs or more are sensed, the
power to the conveyor and the shredder is immediately cut.
This provides greater operator safety than a cable operated
emergency stop switch.
A BloApCo top feed shredder with a four side work platform
mounted over an inline horizontal baler. In this installation the
shredder and baler are outside the building to maximize space
in the plant.
BloApCo Shredding Systems are installed in
Top Retail Distribution Centers Nationwide.
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Configurations that fit your system
85 M60
0M 100Y
5-Shaft Industrial Pierce & Tear Shredders with custom configurations designed
exclusively for High-volume warehouse and distribution centers like yours.
Get the exact shredder for your specific application.
Only BloApCo offers eight basic shredder sizes, with literally hundreds of variations to give you the exact shredder /
compactor / baler system you need. The end result is that each BloApCo engineered system runs completely
unattended without the need to manually break down boxes.
Configuration A
Front feed with inline
n Options: Work platform
Top feed dual
infeed conveyor
Configuration C
Configuration D
Top feed single
conveyor with dust
n Options: Work
platform, dust filter
Front feed with single
conveyor with
dual discharge
n Options: Reversing discharge
auger; work platform
Configuration E
Available with pneumatic evacuation systems
n Custom designed, total scrap removal systems
Germantown, WI
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Configuration B