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Breaking convention.
There’s a spirit
that runs through
Toyota. It’s a feeling
of achievement.
It pushes us. Inspires us.
— It’s what saw us mass produce the first dedicated hydrogen fuel
cell vehicle, the Mirai, and what will see us define the very future of
movement. Our Japanese founders called it ‘Kaizen,’ but we simply
call it ‘continuous improvement.’ A relentlessness to always move
forward, never settle for good enough.
And here’s the exciting part, this feeling of achievement
is yours to experience. Life changing moments, just waiting
to be told. Whether it’s the thrill of experiencing the latest
in technology, venturing somewhere completely new or
simply spending more time with your family. That sense of
achievement, whatever form it comes in, will be a feeling
you never forget.
This is a journey for which we don’t know
the destination, but looking back at how
far we’ve come, it’s safe to say tomorrow
looks exciting beyond imagination.
We are a group of passionate perfectionists
who can’t let well enough alone...
That’s Toyota.
That’s the spirit.
And that’s our contribution to the world.
We will be the best we can.
And we will help as many as
we can to be the best they can...
— Eiji Toyoda
Front cover and this page: Camry SL Hybrid model shown
Welcome to
the revolution.
Fresh, bold and different. Camry, Australia’s
favourite mid-size sedan, has been rebuilt
and re-engineered from the ground up.
Beneath its elegant and athletic exterior lines,
you’ll find Camry is underpinned by Toyota’s
New Global Architecture, delivering heightened
levels of comfort and driving performance.
This universal design excellence is matched
with the intelligence of the latest technology
and safety features.
what modern comfort should be. Under the
sculptured bonnet you can choose from the
progressive Toyota Hybrid system on Ascent,
Ascent Sport and SL grades, a 2.5L 4-cylinder
petrol engine available on all grades, or step
into the V6 power of the sporty SX and SL.
Settle into the luxurious interior and you’ll
quickly discover why Camry is redefining
standards and raising the expectation of
The revolution has begun, and Camry is
ready to prove that everyday excellence
can be truly exciting.
The shape of
Camry Ascent model shown
Sleek and seductive, the eye-catching exterior
of Camry seamlessly blends brilliance into
beauty. Centred upon Toyota’s New Global
Architecture, Camry is designed to not only
heighten the senses, but also enhance the total
driving experience.
As well as being aerodynamically efficient, the low,
steeped bonnet line also provides clear visibility
for the driver. Broad shoulders ground the vehicle,
demonstrating a strength and stability that
flows effortlessly into the tapered rear bumper.
More than elegant, the stylish lines of Camry’s
lightweight body hide a highly rigid frame that’s
paired with double wishbone rear suspension to
deliver more responsive handling and precise
steering. The advanced exterior design also
improves the quality and comfort of the drive as
well as enhancing fuel economy.
Sitting beneath the distinctive wheel flares,
stylish 17" alloy wheels are fitted as standard,
rising to 18" alloys on SL, and 19" on SX grades.
Plus the full glass panoramic roof on SL
petrol variants (and optional on SX), and the
electric tilt and slide moonroof on Hybrid SL,
both open yet another dimension of luxury
and driving pleasure.
A smarter world
of comfort.
Settle into Camry and you’ll quickly appreciate
the functional beauty that defines its interior.
From the ergonomic driving position to
greater passenger space and elegant interior
finishes, you’ll experience Camry comfort
that’s engineered to impress through
openness, simplicity, visibility and sound.
Camry Ascent Sport model shown
The 7" Multi-Information Display (MID) on Ascent
Sport, SX and SL provides real-time trip, road and
vehicle data information. With intuitive fingertip
control you can display fuel consumption,
satellite navigation1 directions, audio
settings and vehicle monitoring data. The
multimedia function can also be used to bring
up song titles, caller ID or voice recognition.2
The 4.2" MID on Ascent displays a selection
of essential trip, vehicle and audio detail, all
with fingertip control. Get behind the wheel
of Camry SL and the Head Up Display (HUD)
projects driving information onto the bottom
of the windshield, including speed, music
and directions, as well as important driver
warnings. The information shown can then
be adjusted using the MID control on the
steering wheel.
Together they make Camry a smarter way
to drive.
Intelligent surroundings.
Camry Ascent Sport model shown
Step aboard, and allow Camry to change your
perception of comfort and style. Enjoy the
convenience of entering and starting Camry
while the key remains in your pocket or bag with
the smart entry and start system on Ascent Sport,
SX, SL and standard across the Hybrid range.
Be surrounded by superb sound in the Ascent,
thanks to the 6-speaker audio system with
7" colour touchscreen display. It includes
Bluetooth®3 connectivity, voice recognition,
Mobile Assistant, Miracast, USB and AUX inputs.2
This rises to an 8" display in Ascent Sport, SX
and SL, and includes satellite navigation1 and
SUNA™ traffic channel4 updates.
You can also connect your smartphone2 to all
Camry audio units to open Toyota Link5 where
you can receive travel information, directions,
real time weather and more, and on SX and SL,
the wireless phone charger6 removes the hassle
of connecting charging cables.
On all grades, the single touch Electric Park
Brake (EPB) adds an extra level of convenience,
and in tight spaces the reversing camera7 with
moving guidelines helps provide a clear view of
what’s behind.
Whatever the weather is doing outside,
the air conditioning will maintain perfect
comfort within, with dual-zone automatic
climate control for Ascent Sport, SX, SL and
across all Hybrid models.
Paddle shift controls – SX and SL only
Smart start engine button – Petrol variant shown
8” colour touchscreen display – Ascent Sport, SX and SL only
Dual-zone automatic climate control – Ascent Hybrid, Ascent Sport, SX and SL only
60/40 split fold seats
Ready to thrill.
The sporty Camry SX is ready and
waiting for those who wish to elevate
their driving experience.
From the purposefully flowing front end,
to the powerful rear spoiler tipped tail,
this is every part a machine designed
and engineered to thrill.
Its suspension is tuned to provide
sportier handling and is paired with
19” alloy wheels that feature V shaped
spokes with accentuated edges and a
bright machined surface, and are fitted
with Dunlop SP Sport tyres.
The option of a powerful 3.5L V6 petrol
engine promises even more scintillating
performance and responsive power.
Take hold of the sports steering wheel
and you’ll notice it’s also home to crisp
paddle shift controls for the 8-gear
direct shift automatic transmission
(8-speed available on V6 only).
The Camry SX is further enhanced with a
high gloss sports grille, highlighting an
athletic stance. The dynamic design cues
continue inside with red or black leather
accented sports seats that are shaped to
provide extra support and comfort.
Camry SX. Ready to excite, when you are.
Camry SX model shown
2.5L 4-cylinder Dual VVT-iE petrol engine with
Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD)
The Camry revolution puts the power into
your hands.
With a choice of three different engines within
the range, you’re sure to find the perfect
strength to match your sophistication.
The 2.5L 4-cylinder Hybrid engine is available
2.5L 4-cylinder Dual VVT-i petrol engine
on Ascent, Ascent Sport and SL, and features
reimagined hybrid power and efficiency.
It seamlessly matches the response of a
Dual VVT-iE (Variable Valve Timing – intelligent
E) petrol engine with the latest Toyota Hybrid
Synergy Drive® (HSD) technology. Together
they deliver outstanding performance with
enhanced fuel economy.
Available on all grades, the 2.5L 4-cylinder
petrol engine incorporates the latest in
lightweight design to deliver high performance.
The Dual VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing –
3.5L Dual VVT-iW V6 petrol engine
intelligent) petrol engine optimises the intake
and exhaust timing to realise excellent response
and lower emissions.
A more powerful 3.5L V6 petrol engine is
available on SX and SL models. It features
both Direct fuel Injection (DI) and Port Fuel
Injection (PFI) and automatically selects the
best one to suit the driving conditions and
deliver the best response. The Dual VVT-iW
(Variable Valve Timing – intelligent Wide)
system ensures the engine produces high
orque at all engine speeds.
without compromise.
Built around the world’s leading hybrid
technology, Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy
Drive®8 (HSD) in Camry Hybrid models
maximises fuel efficiency without
compromising performance.
The intelligent energy management
system seamlessly synergises the car’s
petrol engine with its electric motor so
each power unit either supports the other
or takes over completely, depending on
the driving situation.
And because the battery is kept charged
through normal driving and recaptures
energy from braking and deceleration,
it will always maintain plenty of power for
the electric motor.
4 key
How the hybrid
system works.
Fuel economy.
The peaceful performance
of the electric ‘EV’ mode,
combined with the
soundproofing, delivers
a uniquely tranquil
driving experience.
By ensuring high-level fuel
efficiency, Hybrid Synergy
Drive® helps minimise the
output of CO2 and other
harmful emissions. All of
Toyota’s hybrid vehicles are
designed to comply with
relevant global exhaust
emissions regulations.
The aerodynamic styling
of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles,
and clever pairing of an
electric motor and robust
petrol engine, delivers
significant fuel economy.
Vehicles also provide
ongoing feedback via the
Multi Information Display
(MID), so you can actively
evaluate efficiency and
change the way you drive.
The Hybrid Synergy Drive®8
means your vehicle can
be powered by electricity,
petrol, or a combination of
both, to deliver powerful,
smooth acceleration – and
it’s discreet and seamless.
Starting off
Full acceleration
At rest
The electric motor is used
primarily and power stored
in the battery is used to
turn the motor.
Power is provided by the petrol
engine in addition to the electric
motor. Output is maximised
for acceleration.
The electric motor functions
as a generator during
deceleration and braking
to recharge the battery.
Braking at a traffic light, the
petrol engine is cut off and
the car is brought to a stop.
The system automatically
avoids idling to conserve fuel
and reduce CO2 emissions.
by design.
Camry Ascent Sport model shown
Safety sits at the very heart of the Camry DNA and
it starts with a body structure specifically designed
to improve protection for everyone inside.
The driver and passengers are surrounded by
the safety of 7 SRS airbags fitted as standard.
On steep slopes or slippery surfaces, Hill-start
Assist Control7 (HAC) can help you to start
moving forward safely, while Vehicle Stability
Control (VSC) counteracts any over or under
steer when cornering.
When parking or manoeuvring in tight places,
the front and rear clearance sensors7 on
Ascent Sport, SX and SL help guide you with
an audio alert.
On the open road in Camry SL, Blind Spot Monitor7
(BSM) uses radar to detect vehicles in blind spots
and issue a warning through an indicator in the
outer rear view mirror. When backing up, Rear
Cross Traffic Alert7 (RCTA) uses the same sensors
to detect vehicles approaching from either side
and issues an audio and visual alert for the driver.
The added benefits of Toyota Safety Sense+
(TSS+) are standard on every Camry, actively
assisting the driver to avoid accidents and
reduce damage in the unlikely event of a collision.
A.Hill-start Assist Control7 (HAC)
B. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
C. Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) – SL only
D. Rear Cross Traffic Alert7 (RCTA) – SL only
The road is an unpredictable place
– you can never be certain of what
dangers may lie ahead. Which is
why we developed Toyota Safety
Sense+ (TSS+), a multi-feature
active safety package to help
keep you and your passengers
out of harm’s way.
TSS+ incorporates Lane Departure
Alert, Pre-Collision Safety system,
Automatic High Beam and Active
Cruise Control.
With automated pre-collision
warning and braking at its core,
TSS+ uses intuitive technology to
sense danger, providing greater
reassurance to the driver and extra
protection for passengers across
a varying range of driving speeds
and conditions.
Lane Departure
Safety system9
High Beam9
Active Cruise
In the event that your car
drifts from its lane, this presents
a serious safety hazard. This
is where Lane Departure Alert
(LDA) helps. It provides a visible
and audible alert should you
inadvertently deviate from
your lane, helping keep you,
your passengers and other
vehicles safe.
Pre-Collision Safety system (PCS)
helps keep you safe, with Forward
Collision Warning (FCW) using
radar to identify any threat up
ahead and issue an alert. During
braking, Brake Assist (BA) applies
additional force, and if necessary,
Autonomous Emergency Braking
(AEB) will activate to reduce speed
and mitigate impact.
Leaving your headlights on
high beam can be a hazardous
distraction to other drivers. By
using a camera to sense either
approaching headlights or the
taillights ahead, Automatic High
Beam (AHB) will switch between
high and low beam as needed
to help you maintain safe and
considerate driving.
Keeping a constant distance
between vehicles helps make
driving safer. By using a milliwave
radar to constantly monitor the
gap, Active Cruise Control (ACC)
will maintain a set space from the
vehicle in front, automatically
accelerating or slowing down
to compensate for the vehicle in
front varying its speed.
Camry Ascent
• 2.5L Dual VVT-i 4-cylinder petrol engine
• 6-speed automatic transmission (petrol only)
• 17" alloy wheels
• B i-LED auto-levelling headlamps, LED tail
lamps and Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs)
• Electric Park Brake
• Driver’s seat power adjustable lumbar support
• 4.2" full colour Multi Information Display (MID)
• Steering wheel controls for MID, telephone
and audio
• 7" colour touchscreen display with
Bluetooth®3 and Toyota Link5
udio system with 6 speakers, AUX and USB
input for iPod®10/portable audio players2
• Reversing camera with moving guidelines
• 7 SRS airbags
oyota Safety Sense+ including Pre-Collision
Safety system, Lane Departure Alert,
Automatic High Beam and Active Cruise Control
Exclusive to Hybrid:
• 2.5L VVT-iE petrol engine with
Hybrid Synergy Drive®
• Continuously Variable Transmission
• Dual-zone automatic climate control
• Smart entry and start system
Camry Ascent petrol shown
7" colour touchscreen display with reversing camera
Bi-LED auto-levelling headlamps and LED DRLs
17" alloy wheels
Camry Ascent Sport
In addition to, or in replacement of, Camry Ascent features:
•Sports front grille
•Sports rear bumper
•Sports side skirts
•Premium steering wheel and gear lever
•Stainless steel scuff plates
•Power adjustable driver’s seat
•Dual-zone automatic climate control
•Smart entry and start system
•7" full colour Multi Information Display
•8" colour touchscreen display
•S atellite navigation1 with SUNA™
traffic channel4
•Front and rear clearance sensors
Camry Ascent Sport petrol shown
8" colour touchscreen display with satellite navigation1
7" full colour Multi Information Display (MID)
Smart entry and start system
Camry SX
In addition to, or in replacement of, Camry Ascent Sport features:
•2.5L Dual VVT-i 4-cylinder petrol engine or
3.5L Dual VVT-iW V6 petrol engine
•6-speed automatic transmission (4-cylinder
petrol) or 8-speed automatic transmission
(V6 petrol)
•19" alloy wheels
•High gloss sports grille
•Rear lip spoiler
•Sports leather accented seats
•Paddle shift controls
•Wireless phone charger6
•Two rear USB charging points
•Optional panoramic full glass roof
Camry SX V6 petrol with black sports leather accented interior shown
Rear spoiler
Wireless phone charger
19" alloy wheels
Camry SL
In addition to, or in replacement of, Camry SX features:
• 2.5L Dual VVT-i 4-cylinder petrol engine
or 3.5L Dual VVT-iW V6 petrol engine
• 6-speed automatic transmission (4-cylinder
petrol) or 8-speed automatic transmission
(V6 petrol)
• 18" alloy wheels
• Panoramic full glass roof (petrol only)
• Front seat ventilation
• Leather accented seats
• Driver’s seat memory function
ower adjustable passenger seat with power
adjustable lumbar support
• Power tilt and telescopic steering wheel
• I ntelligent ambient illumination – console
and foot well
• 10" colour Head Up Display
• Rain sensing wipers
• Blind Spot Monitor
• Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Exclusive to Hybrid:
•2.5L Dual VVT-iE petrol engine with Hybrid
Synergy Drive®
•Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
•Electric tilt and slide moonroof
Camry SL Hybrid with black leather accented interior shown
Blind Spot Monitor
Head Up Display
– for illustrative purposes only
Panoramic full glass roof – petrol only
Front seat ventilation
Colour your
Camry, your way.
When it comes to the perfect colour for
Camry, the choice is yours. You can select
from a choice of eight specially curated
shades to make sure the revolutionary
appearance matches your style, whether
you’re around town or on the open road.
From Glacier White to Eclipse Black, and
everything in between, you can colour your
Camry, your way.
White 040
White11 089
Pearl11 1F7
Blonde11 4X1
Bronze11 4X7
Red11 3T7
Blue11 8W7
Black11 218
Ascent Sport
seat trim
Black sports
(LB20) or
Red sports
Black leather
(LA20) or
Ivory leather
on V6 only)
Tigers Eye
Metal Garnish Garnish
Glacier White
Silver Pearl11
Steel Blonde11
Lunar Blue11
Eclipse Black11
A.Black fabric – Ascent and Ascent Sport only
B.Black sports leather accented – SX only
C.Red sports leather accented – SX only
D.Black leather accented – SL only
E.Ivory leather accented – SL V6 only
Keep your Camry in its prime.
Equip your Camry with Toyota Genuine Accessories,12 designed to perfectly
complement its flowing lines and make it even more enjoyable to drive.
Choose from a range of sporty accessories, including mudguards and a tinted
bonnet protector, or add practical additions such as durable scuff plates and
headlamp covers, to protect your Camry and keep it looking as stylish as ever.
To find out more, visit
Camry Ascent in Glacier White shown
accessorised with Toyota Genuine weathershields
(left hand and right hand sold separately), mudguards,
rear parking sensors and tow bar, tow ball and trailer wiring harness.13
All accessories sold separately.
Camry SL Hybrid in Lunar Blue shown accessorised with Toyota Genuine
headlamp covers, tinted bonnet protector, slimline weathershields (set of
4) and mudguards. All accessories sold separately.
A.Rear parking sensors
B. Rear bumper protection plate
C. Tow bar, tow ball and trailer wiring harness13
(Sold separately)
D. Scuff guard
E.Bootliner (Full size spare wheel version shown)
F. Drive recorder
G.All weather floor mats
H.Scuff plates
A smarter way to buy.
Toyota Access puts you in complete control when
buying a new car.14 Drive out of the Dealership
with a clear road ahead then drive back a few years
later with more options at your disposal than ever
before. Whatever stage you’re at in life, Toyota
Access puts you in the driver’s seat with ongoing
flexibility and assurance. To discover Toyota Access
for yourself visit
The Toyota
Every Toyota gives you a lifetime of advantages.
That’s what makes it a Toyota. You’ll enjoy
legendary Toyota value from the moment you
drive away, and you’ll continue to appreciate the
quality, safety and innovation that’s engineered
into each model, every day you drive.
Discover the full range of products and services
and find your nearest Dealer at
Capped price servicing.15
A new Toyota means you don’t have to worry about
unexpected service costs. Every Toyota comes with
a low, capped price service cost for a set number of
years/kilometres. Pay the same low capped price
from one eligible logbook service to the next for up
to five years or 75,000km, whichever occurs first
(including Genuine parts, labour and fluids).
For the full benefits consult a Toyota Dealer or visit
We’ve got your back.
Every new Toyota is built to exceptional standards,
backed by a three year/100,000km16 warranty,
giving you the peace of mind to feel confident
for years to come. In the unlikely event that
you need them, every Toyota Service Centre is
committed to providing any warranty repairs you
may need. They have the technology, the tools,
and the skilled personnel to keep your Toyota in
excellent condition.
Your battery goes further.17
The Hybrid battery used by Toyota, requires no
maintenance, charges automatically while you
drive and never needs to be plugged into a power
supply. The battery is disposable, recyclable and
your Toyota Dealership can arrange recycling at
no extra cost.
Finance to get you going.
If you need a little help, Toyota Finance18 can offer
you a wide range of vehicle financing. With Toyota
Finance, you’ll have the peace of mind of dealing
with one of Australia’s leading vehicle finance
corporations with over 30 years experience. And
with a range of flexible products and services to
suit almost every need and circumstance, Toyota
Finance can help find the right package for you or
your business.
Even more protection.
Our Comprehensive Motor Vehicle insurance
policy is packed with great benefits including;
agreed value cover, new vehicle replacement if
your Toyota is written off within the first 3 years,
Genuine Parts Promise and a Lifetime Repair
Guarantee on repairs authorised by Toyota
Insurance.19 And our Toyota Insurance Factory
Approved Extended Warranty Insurance provides
protection that continues after your Toyota New
Vehicle Warranty ends.
Extend your peace of mind.
Whether it’s a flat tyre, lost keys or a flat battery,
Toyota Extra Care Roadside Assist is never more
than a phone call away. Available 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, every day of the year, you’ll
have peace of mind, whatever your emergency.20
and Notice.
1 Current navigation mapping database encompasses major capital and primary
national road networks and offers some coverage in regional areas.
2 Not all devices will be compatible. Functionality varies depending on device.
3 The Bluetooth® word mark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Not all devices will
be compatible and functionality varies depending on the device. Bluetooth video
streaming not available.
4 SUNA™ GPS Traffic Updates are only available in metropolitan Adelaide, Brisbane,
Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney; it operates from information
provided by Intelematics Australia and may not cover all road incidents and
congestion. See for details.
5 Toyota Link is available on certain vehicle models and grades only. Toyota Link
services rely on data from the driver’s compatible mobile phone and information
provided by third parties. Availability is dependent on a number of factors,
including the availability of third party information, mobile service, sufficient
mobile data allowance and GPS satellite signal reception. Mobile usage is at the
user’s cost. Toyota Australia reserves the right to add, remove or modify
applications. Compatibility with smartphones will vary according to model and
operating system. Further information (including smartphone compatibility) is
provided at
6 Only Qi-supported devices are compatible. Refer to your device manufacturer to
determine your device’s compatibility. Some devices may require the purchase of a
Qi-supported accessory to enable wireless charging.
7Reversing camera/Hill-start Assist Control/front and rear clearance sensors/
Blind Spot Monitor/Rear Cross Traffic Alert is a driver assist feature only and not
a substitute for safe driving practices. Driver remains responsible at all times for
safe driving.
8Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) system functionality may vary depending on driving
conditions/style, vehicle conditions and use of options/accessories.
9Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Automatic High Beam (AHB), Active Cruise Control
(ACC) and Pre-Collision Safety system (PCS) including Forward Collision Warning
(FCW), Brake Assist (BA) and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) are driver
assist features only and not a substitute for safe driving practices. Driver remains
responsible at all times for safe driving.
10 iPod® is a trademark of Apple, Inc. Not all devices will be compatible and
functionality will vary depending on the device.
11 Paint featured is an optional extra at additional cost.
12 Toyota Genuine Accessories are not applicable to all models/grades. Consider the
mass of your load to ensure you will not exceed the maximum allowable individual
axle capacity, Gross Vehicle Mass and/or Gross Combined Mass of the vehicle.
Refer to the current Accessories brochure or visit for details on
warranty and for details on vehicle payload,
to help determine Accessories suitable for your vehicle. Accessory colours shown
may vary from actual colour due to the printing process.
13Towing capacity is subject to regulatory requirements, tow bar and vehicle design
and towing equipment limitations. Ask your Dealer for details of Toyota Genuine
tow bar capacity and availability.
Toyota Australia uses its best endeavours to ensure brochure information is correct
when published. When ordering accessories, check with your authorised Toyota
dealer to ensure the accessory’s design, features and colours are available and fit
your vehicle. Ensure the mass of your load does not exceed the maximum allowable
individual axle capacity, Gross Vehicle Mass and/or Gross Combined Mass of the
vehicle. Refer to for details. Accessory colours
displayed are a guide only and may vary from actual colours due to printing / display
process. Certain accessories when fitted will require the removal of standard
equipment, which may be retained by Toyota Australia or your Toyota dealer. Toyota
Australia reserves the right to change, without notice, at any time prices, colours,
14 Terms and Conditions, fees and charges apply. Toyota Access Guaranteed Future
Value products are available to approved customers of Toyota Finance, a division
of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian
Credit Licence 392536.
15 Maximum payable for standard scheduled logbook servicing (normal operating
conditions) until first of five years or 75,000km (whichever occurs first), up to the
first five services. Excludes Government & Rental vehicles. Contact your Toyota Dealer or go to for other exclusions, eligibility and full details.
16 New Vehicle Warranty expires three years from date of first delivery or 100,000km,
whichever occurs first. Refer to the warranty conditions. The New Vehicle warranty
does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Competition
and Consumer Act 2010.
17The HV (Hybrid) Battery Warranty expires 8 years from date of first delivery or
160,000kms, whichever occurs first. This warranty is comprised of the 3 year
Toyota New Vehicle Warranty and an additional 5 year Toyota Australia Hybrid
(HV) battery warranty. Refer to warranty conditions. This warranty does not limit
and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Competition and Consumer
Act 2010.
18 Approved applicants only. Terms and conditions apply. Toyota Finance is a division
of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian
Credit Licence 392536.
19 Terms and conditions apply. This advice is general in nature and does not take
into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision
to purchase any of the insurance products you should consider the
appropriateness of the advice taking into account your own objectives, financial
situation and needs and refer to the current PDS for the relevant product available
from participating Dealers, via our website at or by calling
137 200. Toyota Insurance purchased in a dealership or via the Toyota Insurance
National Customer Solutions Centre is issued by Toyota Finance Australia Limited
(TFAL) ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536. The
insurer is Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Australia Pty Ltd ABN 11 132 524
282, AFSL 443540 (Adica). If Toyota Insurance is purchased online, the issuer
and insurer is Adica. Our warranty insurance policies do not change or take away
your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. Your right to claim under our
warranty insurance policies for the benefits covered are in addition to other rights
and remedies you have under the law in relation to your vehicle. However, you can
choose to make a claim under any of our warranty insurance policies even if you
have rights under the law.
20 Toyota Extra Care is administered by Toyota Finance, a division of Toyota Finance
Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536.
materials, equipment, specifications and discontinue colours/models. To the extent
permitted by law, Toyota Australia will not be liable for any damage, loss or expense
incurred as a result of reliance on this brochure. Distributed nationally (other than
in Western Australia) by Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited ABN 64 009
686 097, 155 Bertie St, Port Melbourne 3207. Material distributed in Western
Australia by or on behalf of Prestige Motors Pty Ltd (for vehicles) and by Eastpoint
Pty Ltd (for parts/accessories). Toyota Australia makes no warranties regarding
(and will not be liable for) accuracy of materials distributed in Western Australia.
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