Release Notes
Media Converter
Release Date: 2013.01.29
1. (v1.6.00) Support Mega-Pixel IP Camera.
2. (v1.5.02) New UI Design.
3. (v1.5.00) Merge OSD text on frame.
4. (v1.4.00) Add extra checking when converting.
5. (v1.3.05) Support VGA resolution (640*480).
6. (v1.3.00) Support audio timestamp.
7. (v1.2.00) Support to convert .RAW file format to JPG.
8. (v2.0.07)May select a period of time.
9. (v2.0.07)Supports H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG.
10. (v2.0.07)May generate a new RAW file.
11. (v2.0.13) Support to convert .MP4 file format to JPG.
12. (v2.0.20) Multi-language support for overlay text
13. (v2.0.20) The displayed unit of playback time is shown in more detail now and has
changed from seconds to milliseconds.
14. (v2.0.20) Enhance overlay mechanism
15. (v2.0.20) Enhance interface for better convert flow
16. (v2.0.20) Modify the display of playback time supports all time zones
17. (v2.1.08) Selection of using JPEG payload when convert from RAW file to AVI file
18. (v2.1.08) Enhance video display with drop frame video
19. (v2.1.21) Support .raw file for Platform K devices
20. (v2.1.23) Add new resolution 640x360 ,2032x1944 , 2032x1936.
21. (v2.1.26) Support .raw file for D and E series models.
22. (v2.1.26) Support Audio format G.711 aLaw/uLaw.
1. (v2.1.21) The maximum length of text overlay in video will be 17 chars. It will not
change with resolution changing. Therefore, it is possible if the resolution is too
small to see all text overlay in the video.
2. (v2.1.23) Change decoder FFMPEG.
3. (v2.1.23) Media Converter still can convert raw to avi file if the raw file is recorded
from the camera without enable “RTP B2 Frame”. But please must enable “RTP
B2 Frame” on camera to prevent compatibility problem with our utilities, Software
NVR, or standalone NVR.
Bug Fix
(v1.6.03) Converting 1280x1024, 8FPS video will become 1 FPS.
(v1.6.02) Converting Mega-Pixel RAW file with OSD will crash.
(v1.5.02) When browse file, can not browse “My Computer”.
(v1.5.02) Write OSD on MP4 file.
(v1.5.02) Convert TCP1.0 MP4 Failed.
(v1.5.01) Recover (*.mp4) option when select file.
(v1.5.01) Do not write OSD on frame when convert folder.
(v1.4.03) Cannot convert when filename extension is RAW
(v1.4.02) Fix mp4 convert to jpg while 15 fps
10. (v1.4.00) Fix slow motion while convert .RAW file to .AVI.
11. (v1.4.00) Fix convert error on variable frame rate.
12. (v2.0.08) Fix convert .AVI files error on day/night model.
13. (v2.0.12) Fix convert .AVI files error on video size 320x240/160x120.
14. (v2.0.13) Fix convert MP4 file to JPG time incorrect.
15. (v2.1.08) Fix Media Converter can’t convert the file that file size is greater than 2
16. (v2.1.08) The OSD of file that convert form MP4 file/files to jpg can't open
17. (v2.1.08) Modify the errors of the output when converting a folder
18. (v2.1.17) Clear source file path when change format convert type
19. (v2.1.17) Only when the checkboxes “Add OSD overlay’ and “User-Defined Text”
are selected will the user defined text be shown in image.
20. (v2.1.19) Audio and video will not sync when convert to a new video file.
21. (v2.1.19) System will create multiple same jpg files if the convert format is RAW
to Multiple jpeg.
22. (v2.1.19) The user defined text will not appear on screen if choosing covert a
folder and adding OSD overlay with user-defined text.
23. (v2.1.21) It might have problem to convert file for Mjpeg format with resolution
more than 1920x1080.
24. (v2.1.23) When file size is over 2G, Media Converter cannot split raw file.
1. Audio and video could be not synchronized if the “using JPEG payload” is
2. Without using JPEG payload, you will not add OSD on the video and must have
FFdshow to play the converted file.
Windows media player 11 will be recommended when converting to .avi file.
When original raw file with H.264 payload converts to avi, the playback of the
converted file might have issues with A/V non-sync, delay, fast forward or jitter.
You have converted a raw file to avi with media converter, and then open the avi
file. At this moment, if you use the same setting in media converter and convert
again. The file name of converted file will be [original file name].avi. e.g.
The converted .avi file can’t be played backwards on Windows Media Player.
The converted .avi file might have more 2 seconds than original .raw file.
For TCM and TCD models, please upgrade firmware to v4.10 or later version.
Please keep enable “RTP B2 Frame” on camera to prevent compatibility problem
with our utilities, Software NVR, or standalone NVR.