Valve Actuation &
Doedijns has extensive experience with all kinds of valve automation for the global oil & gas, (petro)
chemical, offshore and maritime industries. Thinking in solutions, our Valve Actuation team always looks for
the best technical and economical solutions with a product or system that suits your application as optimally
as possible. We are also able to perform installation, start-up & commissioning and maintenance activities
worldwide to ensure products and systems are installed correctly and remain working trouble free for long
Actuator range
Valve Controls & Accessories
-- Scotch-yoke actuators
-- Pneumatic control systems
-- Rack & pinion actuators
-- Hydraulic control systems
-- Helical spline actuators
-- Electrical control systems
-- Compact actuators
-- Electro-hydraulic control systems
-- Linear actuators
-- Hydraulic self contained system
-- Electric actuators
-- Hydraulic power units
-- Complete integrated control systems
All above types are available as:
-- Pneumatic actuator
-- Direct gas actuator
-- Assembly
-- Hydraulic actuator
-- Installation
-- Gas-over-oil actuator
-- Start-up and commissioning
-- Electro-hydraulic actuator
-- Maintenance
-- Double acting or spring return
-- After sales service
Special types:
Submersible (ballast) actuators (<10m)
Shallow water Subsea actuators (<150m)
Deep-sea Subsea actuators (>150m)
engineering your ambitions
Hydraulic Power Unit with modulating control panel
Ballast actuator, Self contained system, Electric actuator
Reliability is important, not only when it concerns a product but
also when it concerns your supplier. You want to execute your
project according to your schedule to avoid expensive delays.
Doedijns is a healthy and solid company, existing for over a
century with an excellent record when it comes to reliability,
product quality and delivery times.
Our high standards for quality are reflected in the fact that only
components from world renowned A-brand manufacturers are
applied in our products and systems.This ensures a high availability
and reliability of our products and systems resulting in a reduced
risk of interrupted production or an unscheduled shutdown with
Electro-hydraulic actuator ▲
Gas-over-oil actuator ▼
related damages and costs.
Ledeen shallow water subsea actuator
Solutions provider
After Sales Service
We do not simply let our customers select parts from a standard
A new product is only of value to you when it actually performs
catalogue but always search for the best solution including
its specific duty at your factory/plant. Doedijns has a large
controls that is best suited to meet your specific application. Solid
team of qualified and certified service engineers for start-up &
support from a skilled and enthusiastic sales and project team
commissioning and (preventive) maintenance activities to ensure
ensures you of tailor made product that covers your requirements
our products and systems operate reliably.
and offers you optimal quality and reliability at a minimum cost.
Our service engineers can also be deployed from our Houston
Engineering your ambitions
and Singapore manufacturing plants centered in major Oil & Gas
Doedijns is able to translate your automation challenges into
locations. So wherever the final destination of our products is, we
a custom engineered system for that specific application. With
are able to quickly respond to your questions and service calls.
a solid in-house engineering team with expertise in hydraulics,
pneumatics and electrical controls we are able to design and
deliver a turn-key system that is precisely engineered to your
specific needs and requirements. Why settle for less?
Reliable company with reliable performance
Engineering capabilities
Enabling you to execute your project according to
You do not have to settle for a ‘lesser solution’ because
of product range limitations.
Thinking in solutions
Large team of qualified & certified service engineers
We look for technically optimized and cost effective
Proper commissioning and scheduled maintenance by
solutions for your application which help to save you
Doedijns ensure your product or system performs its
task reliably.
Application of high quality and reliable products
Reduces the risk of production interruptions and
unwanted shutdowns to a minimum.
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