Binocular Microscope
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Name of the Equipment: BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE-2 Nos.
I. Specification for Binocular Microscope:
1. Compatible With the Machlar's Chamber available with us.
2. Infinitely corrected optics par focal, plan achromatic lenses with anti-fungal properties.
1. Built in transmitted Koehler illumination.
2. 6 V. 20 to 30 W halogen bulb
3. 220-240V 0.85/0.45A 50Hz Focusing
4. Stage height movement by roller guide (rock &. pinion)
5. Upper limit stopper
6. Tension adjustable on coarse focus adjustment knob Revolving nosepiece
7. Quintuple with inward tilt Observation tube:
8. Tube inclination - 30 -45 °
9. Interpupillary distance adjustment range - minimum 50 to 70 mm Stage
10. Movement range - 76 mm X - direction X 50mm Y - direction
11. Rectangular scratch resistant stage with right hand control with double slideholder and
vernier calipers on X Y axis.
1. Type - Abbe condenser
2. N.A. - 1.2 dry type
3. Aperture iris diaphragm - built - in Objectives, Flan Achromat 4x, lOx, 20x, 40x &lOOx
Minimum working distance for 100X should be 0.13 to 0.2 mm Eyepiece
4. 10XwithF.N20
5. All the necessary adapters and power cords should be provided for functioning of
II. Standards, Safety and Training:
2.1. Should be FDA or CE or BIS approved product.
2.2. Electrical safety conforms to standards for electrical safety IEC-60601-1 General
2.3. Manufacturer/Supplier should have ISO certification for quality standards.
III. Power Supply
3.1. Power input to be 220-240VAC, 50Hz fitted with Indian plug
4.1. User Manual and Service manual in English must be provided.
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V.Installation, Commissioning and Testing,.
5.1. The equipment and all accessories should be transported, installed, tested and
commissioned at the Department of Obst. &Gynae, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate
Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry 605006 free of cost.
VI.Warranty and After Sales Service:
6. 1. The Equipment including monitor and all accessories including bought out items should be
under WARRANTY for a period of THREE YEARS after successful commissioning.
6. 2. Comprehensive maintenance contract rates for 7 YEARS after warranty must be quoted
and these would be taken into consideration while comparing price bids.
6.3. All spare parts and consumables should be available with supplier or principals for a
period of at least 10 years.
6.4. Should have local service facility. The service provider should have the necessary
equipments recommended by the manufacturer to carry out preventive maintenance test
as per guidelines provided in the service/maintenance manual.
VII. Other tender conditions
7.1. Suppliers should have been in the market for at least 3 years and should have a satisfied
user base for this equipment.
7.2. All Essential Spare parts / Consumables rates to be given separately which may be
freezed for next 10 Years.
7.3. Suppliers should have made a large number of installations, within the last five years, in
the country in reputed institutions and preferably in Government Hospitals with a proven
track record of excellent after sales support for this system.
7.4. List of users must be enclosed.
Note: Quantity Subject to Change.
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