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Request for Quotes
Fire/Rescue Apparatus
Beaver Creek Volunteer Fire Department
Apparatus 50 Replacement – 2015
The Beaver Creek Volunteer Fire Department is engaged in the replacement of
existing apparatus. This work is a replacement project to existing apparatus. This
work involves replacing the existing fixed purpose apparatus with a multi-purpose
apparatus. The apparatus usage will be to respond to Fire/Rescue/First Responder
calls. The proposed apparatus will be expected to drive on both rural, winding and
steep grade roads as well as highway. The apparatus will be expected to, at a
minimum, have a loaded grade ability of 31% and to maintain a loaded speed of 80
KPH on an 8% grade. The maximum attainable speed of the apparatus needs be 100
KPH. The successful bid will be expected to liaise with all companies required to
complete this apparatus to these required specifications. The proposed apparatus
design and installation shall meet those specific requirements of the following
regulatory bodies:
Transport Canada
Canadian Electrical Code
BC Fire Code requirements
Worker’s Compensation Board
Project Initiator
Team Chair
Charles Starratt
Ted Maczulat
Fire Chief
Assistant Fire Chief
Proposed Scope of Work
To supply and assemble a Cab and Chassis, Rescue Body
BCVFD Apparatus Replacement – 2015 Page 1 of 7 SPECIFICATIONS
Conventional 4 Door Cab 4 Wheel Drive (Crew Cab)
Ford F550 4 Door 4x4
General Service
Fire Service
Emergency Service
Fixed Load
Expected GVW capacity - 18000 lbs
Chassis General (from Ford Vehicle Order Info)
F550 4x4 CRW CC
176” Wheelbase
60” Cab to Axle
Oxford White
40/20/40 Cloth Seat
XLT Trim
6.7L V8 Diesel
6-Speed Automatic
4.10 LTD Slip Less TPMS
18000# GVW
Electronic Shift On Fly
Ambulance Prep
Dual Alternator
OP Command Reg
Max Trac Spare
Brake Controller
PWR Scope TT Mirror
Polished Aluminum Wheels
Dual Fuel Tanks
Reverse Alarm
Paint to match Beaver Creek colours (two tone cab, one tone body).
BCVFD Apparatus Replacement – 2015 Page 2 of 7 Modifications
Stainless exhaust heat shields as required
Mud flaps front and rear
Running Boards Ford F550 4 Door Cab
Between seat custom console to contain m ounting for Mobile PC, siren control,
radio, switch panel and hinged to allow map and book storage inside. Powder
coated to match interior color.
Custom Rescue Body
Engineered to provide correct weight distribution.
Body Mounted Separate from Cab to allow for frame flex.
Meet Underwriters’ Laboratory of Canada S515 M1988 requirements.
Full Width Aluminum Removable Wheel Well Liners bolted using stainless bolts to
keep road water and salt away from body.
Hi-Shine 1/8” NFPA Checker plate used on walkways, all walking surfaces and
compartment tops.
The rear section of the apparatus body shall have a natural finish for installation of
There shall be 6" chevron stripping decals applied to the rear face of the
apparatus. The chevron decals shall be made of high visibility Reflexite™ material
that is red / yellow in color and shaped to form an "A" style pattern. A minimum of
50% of the rear body shall be covered with chevron.
Compartment bottoms shall be reinforced, to prevent oil canning.
L1 - R1 Through Body to accommodate Slide Out Divider
L2,R2, L3, R3 22 ½” deep
Rear Compartment Depth to back of L1 – R1.
Sweep out design.
Lower edge of door opening lower than floor to prevent moisture and dirt entry.
All compartments supplied with removable interlocking tiles.
Each compartment to have its own vent on rear wall.
Each compartment to have a sufficient number of clear lights for adequate
Roll Up Doors
The doors will be roll up style. A stainless steel lift bar with latches and a ledge
over the lift bar will be supplied.
BCVFD Apparatus Replacement – 2015 Page 3 of 7 Rear Tailboard
Framework and substructure to provide a very rigid and strong standing platform
for firefighters. Covered with 1/8” hi shine NFPA aluminum tread plate. Rear
clearance lights recessed into edge extrusion.
Slide Out Trays
Body - Tray - Slide Out - Dual Direction (each) 1
Mounted in the following compartments:
o 1 in L1 thru R1Slide Out Trays;
Body - Tray - Slide Out - 500Lb/100% Ext (each) 2
Mounted in the following compartments:
o 1 in L3
o 1 in R3
Slide Out Drop Down Trays
Body - Tray - Slide Out - Drop and Tilt - Small (each) 2
Mounted in the following compartments:
o 1 in L2
o 1 in R2
Body - Divider - Vertical - Fixed - Large (each) 1
Mounted in the following compartments:
o mounted on the dual direction tray in L1 thru R1
o Forward side fore mounting of basket stretcher and back board
o Roof guide will be required
Adjustable Shelves
Body - Shelf - Adjustable - 3/16" - Small (each) 6
Mounted in the following compartments:
o 1 in L1 upside down
o 2 in L3
o 1 in R1 upside down
o 2 in R3
Accessories and Options
Four (4) point winch receiver system with 12v wiring. Front, Rear, Left and Right
Two (2) rear tow loops installed in/on rear compartment
BCVFD Apparatus Replacement – 2015 Page 4 of 7 3.
1000 LB capacity slide, 100% pullout, installed in the rear of the body.
An as built electrical drawing will be supplied.
All electrical wiring shall be made with stranded conductors of a carrying
capacity commensurate with the expected maximum loading. All body wiring
shall terminate in a junction box located in the rear compartment for ease of
access. The junction box will contain a legend of all wires that terminate in this
box. Only automotive type thermal reset breakers will be used where required.
No circuit load will exceed 80% of breaker capacity. All terminations will be
soldered and sealed with heat shrink tubing. All circuits will be color coded,
secured and protected and secured against heat, moisture, oil and physical
Clearance and marker lights to meet FMVSS requirements.
Directional and signal lights to meet FMVSS requirements.
Engine light with switch under hood.
Backup alarm.
10. Block heater with receptacle located in the drivers step area.
11. Auxiliary Battery to provide additional stand-by time for inverter powered
12. Shore power recessed outlet. Outlet located in the drivers step area and wired
to appropriate area’s to power Xantrex PROsine.2.0 2000 Watt True Sine Wave
Inverter/Charger. ”. No Exceptions. Outlet from Inverter wired to receptacles in
Cab Center console and L2 Compartment for Portable equipment charger
13. Switch Panel, 10 switch, “Wired Rite Series 2”. No Exceptions. The main
emergency switches will be located in the main cab, in a way that the switch
panel will be easily accessible by both operators.
14. Whelen 295HFS100 siren mounted for easy access by both operators. To
include microphone for Public Address.
15. Two (2) Whelen SA32F05 speakers mounted under the front bumper.
16. Six (6) outlet power bar installed in cab for portable radio charging in rear of
center console.
BCVFD Apparatus Replacement – 2015 Page 5 of 7 17. Automatic compartment “Door Ajar” light in cab.
Four (4) Body scene lights, installed at each side corner of the custom body.
Switched from the cab main control panel.
19. Six (6) under body lights spaced evenly on either side of the apparatus.
Activated when the apparatus park brake is applied.
20. Two (2) LED Flood Light 20K LMNS, 110v, pushup, removable lights, installed
on either side of the custom body rear deck. Power Outlet provided, powered
from Inverter, to be installed on body near light.
21. Two (2) LED Flood Light 20K LMNS, 12v, pushup, non-removable, installed on
either side of the custom body at the front.
22. Supply and install one (1) master battery on/off switch at driver’s door entrance
on floor beside seat.
23. Undercoat entire underside of apparatus and body.
24. Rust control applied to underside of body and chassis.
25. One (1) Whelen, 55” Freedom Super LED light bar (or equivalent) wrap around
style, installed on roof of cab. It will contain left and right clear alley lights. The
roof will be reinforced as required to carry the light bar. Switched from the cab
26. Two (2) Whelen, 600, side body red LED, alternating lights (or equivalent)
installed on the side of the body. Switched from the cab panel.
27. Two (2) Whelen, 600, rear body red LED, alternating lights (or equivalent)
installed on the rear of the body. Switched from the cab panel.
28. Two (2) Whelen, 600, rear body amber LED, alternating lights (or equivalent)
installed on the rear of the body. Switched from the cab panel.
29. Two (2) Whelen 600 series tail lights in cast bezel (or equivalent) each will
include stop, turn and backup lights.
30. Two (2) Whelen TIR6 super led red/white light heads (or equivalent) mounted on
the front corners of the cab.
31. Two (2) Red Rotators mounted on the top of the body on each side at the rear
32. Alternating, high-beam headlamps. Switched from the cab panel
BCVFD Apparatus Replacement – 2015 Page 6 of 7 33. All flashing light heads are to be controlled by a Whelen UFM 8 (or equivalent),
multi-function flasher flasher
34. The fire department name and graphics will be applied to the driver and
passenger door (color specified).
35. Paint - eight (8) inch side reflective – roll up doors.
36. An eight (8) Inch reflective strip shall be installed full length on the body sides.
37. One (1) portable, 6000 lb. electric winch with bracket and electrical plug able to
install in apparatus receivers.
38. One (1) transportation safety kit, including first aid kit
39. One (1) fire extinguisher ABC 2.5lb
40. Two (2) wheel chocks
41. One (1) set dual faced triangular warning flares
The quote shall include the equivalent a ir fare and travel expenses for three (3)
Beaver Creek Volunteer Firefighters to travel to the place of construction. There will
be a minimum three (3) visits: One pre-construction, one mid-construction and one
Prior to approval to construct the Project Initiator must approve a detailed drawing of
the Apparatus. No Exceptions.
For any questions regarding this Request for Quotes, please contact the people listed
Project Initiator
Charles Starratt
Fire Chief
Team Chair
Ted Maczulat
Assistant Fire Chief 250-720-7098
Quotes stating purchase price and vehicle specifications must be submitted by
4:00 PM, Friday, August 14th , 2015 to:
Andrew McGifford at
or by mail or drop off at 3008 Fifth Avenue, Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 2E3
The lowest or any quote will not necessarily be accepted.
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