iMouse E3
Programmable Vertical Ergonomic Right-Handed Mouse
Programmable Driver
Adjust and customize your iMouse E3 to your liking to
enhance your gaming experience with the included
Programmable Driver. Easy to install, and navigate through,
within the driver menu, adjust anything from mouse colors,
to blinking speed, to assigning commands (macros) , and
reprogramming buttons with a few simple steps.
Adjustable Weight Tuning System
The Adjustable Weight Tuning System allows you to
control how heavy you want the mouse. It comes with 3
removable 10g weights, to mix and match up to 30 grams
of extra weight for a personalized feel and comfortable
Ergonomic Vertical Design
The vertical design provides better support for your forearm,
minimizing wrist pain that can come from twisting. Our
vertical ergonomic model helps you achieve a more natural grip,
better support, and natural wrist position. With our sleek
design and added support, the Adesso Vertical Ergonomic
iMouse E3 is perfect for long hours of use.
Programmable Adjustable Weight Ergonomic
Tuning System Vertical Design Multi-Color Options
Hand Orientation
Cable Length
LED Color
Optical Sensor
3 Default Levels (800 -Green/1600 -Blue/2400-Red)
6 Buttons (Left & Right Click, Back & Forward,
DPI Switch, Scroll Wheel and Middle Button)
5” x 2.8” x 2.8” (123 x 75 x 65 mm)
0.3 lb. (113g)
6 ft. (1.8 m)
Operating System
Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Connectivity Interface
USB Port
Tracking Method
DPI Resolution
3 Level DPI Switch (400-6400 range)
Attain higher precision and better accuracy with your choice of 3
DPI levels from an idividual range of 400-6400 . Easily switch from
three different DPI settings which change color depending on
the level chosen. From the default settings of 400 (green), 800
(blue) and 1600 (red) the easily-accessible DPI button lets you
quickly switch between the various computer tasks you
partake throughout the day.
Adjustable Multi- Color Options
Choose your backlit color and breathing intervals with the included driver to suit your personal preference and mood. Once set to
your preference, the multi-colored LED lights let you work or play
from dusk til dawn at your desk, study, or in the bedroom without
disturbing others!
Adesso iMouse E3
3 - 10g Adjustable Weights
Programmable Driver
Quick Start Guide
UPC Code
iMouse E3
Package Dimensions Package Weight Qty/Carton
6.7” x 5” x 3.25”
0.5 lbs