ELK-P112_P124 Power Supplies
DC Power Supply & Battery Charger
12 Volts, 1 Amp Output
ELK-P112K includes (1) 12 Volt 5 Ah Battery
24 Volts, 800 Milliamps Output
ELK-P124K includes (2) 12 Volt 5 Ah Batteries
The ELK-P112 or ELK-P124 is a high quality Power Supply
with a plug-in transformer and metal can enclosure. The
P112 produces 12VDC @ 1 Amp and the P124 produces
24VDC @ .8 Amps. Both feature automatic resetting
“fuseless” overload protection and diagnostic LED
indicators. They are ideal for alarm, access control, and
CCTV applications. Each can be ordered with rechargeable
battery by adding the “K” suffix. The P112K includes a 12V
5Ah battery and the P124 includes two (2) 12V 5Ah
ELK-P112K pictured
• Built-In Battery Charging Circuit.
• Auto Reset “fuseless” Overload Protection (PTC).
• Visual AC and DC Power Indicators.
• AC and DC Surge Suppression.
• Lifetime Limited Warranty.
• Regulated Output Voltage:
• Continuous Current Rating:
• Included Transformer:
• Dimensions:
• Battery Recharging Capacity:
13.8 Volts D.C.
1 Amp.
16.5 V 45 VA.
7.5”H x 12.5”W x 3.75”D.
1.2Ah to 10 Ah.
24 Volts D.C.
800 Milliamps.
24 V 40 VA.
** Higher output current (up to 2.5 Amps) may be drawn for a short time provided a fully charged battery is connected.