Scoring is very simple for washer boxes. You

Scoring is very simple for washer boxes. You score 1 point for every washer in the box and
3 points for every washer in the cup. If you are lucky enough to land a washer on the top edge
of the box you automatically win the game!
Boxes are placed so the cups are 21' apart. Stand beside the box in line with the cup to pitch
your washers. To determine who will "pitch" first to start the game each player will toss one
washer toward the opposite box and whoever gets closest to the cup will be the firs player to
Playing the game. Player A will pitch their 4 washers (one at a time) toward the opposite box
followed by Player B. Scoring is determined after both players have pitched all of their washers.
Only 1 player/team may score per round but can score points for all washers that are closer than
their opponents. (a round is when each player has pitched all 4 washers). If player A has 3 washers
in the box and Player B has 2 washers in the box then player A will get 1 point (3 - 2 = 1)
The winner is the 1st team to reach 21 points. If team or player A reaches 21 points and B has yet
to pitch their washers then B is allowed to finish the round in the hopes they can get more points
or nullify team A.
If you would like a "Skunk" can be called at 11-0.
Black scores 4
White Scores 1
White Scores 5
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