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Xerox 8160/8142
Wide Format Color Printer
Xerox 8160/8142
High speed, high quality, low operating cost—
the perfect wide format color solution.
The Xerox 8160/8142
Wide Format Color Printer
Outstanding wide format color printing, at lightning speed . . . to satisfy your customers
High speed + low operating costs =
maximum profits . . . to satisfy
your printing needs
Whether you’re a:
• Sign and screen printer
• Digital print specialist
• Ad/graphic design agency
• Service bureau
• Exhibit builder
. . . you can count on Xerox to provide
a solution to help you get the most from
digital, wide format color.
With high-quality color output that will
have your customers coming back and
high productivity coupled with low operating
costs, the Xerox 8160/8142 is designed
to yield maximum profits for you.
Whatever the wide format color
application . . .
• Back-lit displays
• Point-of-purchase displays
• Indoor or outdoor posters, signs,
or banners
• Presentation graphics
. . . Xerox understands how critical
these documents are to your business.
We are committed to meeting your digital,
wide format, color needs.
Xerox 8160/8142—the most
productive printer in its class.
High image quality, even at
high print speeds.
The Xerox 8160/8142 Wide Format Color
Printer is engineered to meet the speed
and print volume demands of the production
environment. It’s loaded with features
for increased productivity and flexability.
You needn’t sacrifice image quality at
production speeds. The Xerox 8160/8142’s
printhead contains 640 nozzles that print
up to 1,200-dpi resolution. State-of-the-art
mask technology yields seamless layering
for vivid clarity and reduced banding.
With output speeds of 220 ft2/hr (20.5 m2/hr)
High, 150 ft2/hr (14 m2/hr) Production,
115 ft2/hr (10.7 m2/hr) Fine, 30 ft2/hr
(2.8 m2/hr) Ultrafine, the Xerox 8160/8142
Wide Format Color Printer is up to 2.5 times
faster at Production/photo quality speeds than
the market leaders.
Rapid drying—another
productivity booster.
The Xerox 8160/8142’s rapid evaporation
drying system is based on a dual component
dryer. Along with its output speed, the time
gained through the rapid drying makes the
Xerox 8160/8142 the most productive printer
in its class—up to four times faster at
Productivity/photo quality speeds than
the market leaders.
Non-stop productivity.
From its printhead to its ink supply system,
the Xerox 8160/8142 is a robust design built
to meet the rigorous demands of production
environments. You can count on it for reliable
media feeding and cutting. And to increase
productivity further, the second media roll,
standard on the 8160/8142, can be used as
a feed roll to have a large supply of media at
hand or as a take-up roll for unattended print
runs. Automated ink line filling and the ability
to add ink on the fly mean fewer stops for
maximum productivity.
Use Xerox six-color dye or pigment ink for
true, long-lasting color, both indoors and outdoors. The Xerox 8160/8142 accommodates
a wide media latitude. For the best results,
choose media that’s right for the job from
Xerox’s extensive wide format media portfolio.
8160/8142 Wide Format Supplies—
the key to reliable printing and low
total cost of operation.
Unlock the profit potential of digital color
printing by using the perfectly paired
combination of Xerox digital print technology
with Xerox media and ink—unbeatable for
exceptional performance at reduced operating
costs. With Xerox media and ink, you can
save up to 45% compared to other market
leaders on the cost of supplies.
Two sizes to match your
Available in two models: the 60"-wide 8160
and the 42"-wide 8142.
Backed by Xerox-trained service
and customer support
Whether you’ve been a Xerox customer
for years, or are just learning about Xerox’s
expertise in wide format printing solutions,
you can count on a team of service and
support professionals to help you make
the most of your Xerox solution—
day in and day out.
Key benefits of the 8160/8142:
Low total cost of operation
• Get work done quicker in Productivity/photo
• Printhead designed for high-production
quality mode with print speeds up to 2.5
times faster than the market leaders
• In Productivity/photo quality mode, the rapid
evaporation drying system increases productivity up to 4 times that of market leaders
• Use the second media roll (standard)
as a take-up roll for overnight printing
• Add ink on the fly for continuous printing
Ink supply system designed for
unattended printing
Reliable media feeding and cutting
Consistent service quality through
Xerox-trained service
Customer support you can count on
• Lowest cost per mL in its class
• Superior quality Xerox ink and media
at low cost
• Save up to 45% over market competitors
on ink and media costs per square
foot output
Xerox 8160/8142
Wide Format Color Printer
Choose the right system
configuration for your business.
Xerox Wide Format Color
Server RIP Pro
Three RIPs are available for the Xerox
8160/8142 to create the perfect match
between your applications and workflow.
• Designed for high-production environments
with multiple design stations as well as
multiple printers
• Workflow presets—user can define all
steps of a work process to save time
• Print from any Windows® application
• Large images can be tiled with advanced
control of each panel and overlap amount
• Editor design station includes popular
layout tools plus template and serialization
tools for added efficiency
• Automated job archiving gives the
system virtually limitless capacity;
reprints are a snap
• Easy to use ICC color profile wizard
Xerox Wide Format Color
Server RIP
• Just like the Xerox Wide Format Color
Server RIP Pro, but without the design
station or ICC media profiling
Xerox Wide Format Color
Workstation RIP
• Ideal for small and mid-sized production
environments to drive a single,
stand-alone printer
Features at a glance
Features in common
ICC profile
Text creation
and editing
Xerox Wide Format Color
Server RIP Pro
Up to 50
3 simultaneously
Xerox Wide Format Color
Server RIP
Up to 50
3 simultaneously
Xerox Wide Format Color
Workstation RIP
for optimum color management
• Choice of inks for both indoor and
outdoor printing applications
• Clean-hands ink supply system makes
adding ink a snap
• Genuine Adobe® PostScript® print engine
for seamless integration, plus guaranteed
accuracy, reliability, and compatibility
• ICC profiles for a wide range of media
• HTML-based job log
Flexibility and ease of use
• Three different RIPs (two server-based)
All three RIPs include:
• Flexible job submission with drag-and-drop
Image quality
• Automated ink line filling eliminates steps
• User-friendly RIP facilitates job submission
and reduces training time
• Wide media latitude and choice of machine
widths increase applications
• Printhead with 640 nozzles
• Up to 1,200-dpi resolution for vivid clarity
• Mask technology for seamless layering,
reduced banding
• Xerox six-color dye or pigment ink for true,
long-lasting color, both indoors and outdoors
• Choice of optional RIPs gives you the level
of control you want
For more information on the Xerox 8160/8142
Wide Format Printer, call 1-800-ASK-XEROX ext. 874 or
visit us on the Web at:
Print Engine
Dimensions and Weight
Xerox Wide Format Color RIPs
Print speeds
High Speed:
Width, Depth, Height, Weight
Supported file
Average Speed/
High Quality:
Printhead technology
Media handling
Max. print length
Max. print width
Media Width Range
220 ft2/hr (8160)
195 ft2/hr (8142)
115 - 150 ft2/hr (8160)
105 - 140 ft2/hr (8142)
30 ft2/hr (8160)
27ft2/hr (8142)
Thermal inkjet with Intelligent Mask
Technology (640 nozzle/color)
6-color (CcMmYK) aqueous-based
dye (700 mL cartridge) or
6-color (CcMmYK) aqueous-based
pigment (700 mL cartridge)
300 x 300, 600 x 600,
1,200 x 600 dpi
Standard automated media takeup and feeder system with media
cutter; supports both 2" (50.8 mm)
and 3" (76.2 mm) core media
50' (15.24 m)
59.6" (1,513.84 mm), 5 mm
minimum margin
41.6" (1,056.64 mm), 5 mm
minimum margin
24" (609.6 mm) to 60" (1,524 mm)
24" (609.6 mm) to 42" (1,066.8 mm)
100Base-T Ethernet (TCP/IP)
8160 Wide Format Color Printer
112" (2,844.8 mm), 28" (711.2 mm), 48" (1,219.2 mm),
270 lbs. (122.5 kg)
8142 Wide Format Color Printer
94" (2,387.6 mm), 28" (711.2 mm), 48" (1,219.2 mm),
245 lbs. (111.1 kg)
Space Requirements
Width, Depth
8160 Wide Format Color Printer
140" (3,556 mm), 60" (1,524 mm)
8142 Wide Format Color Printer
122" (3,098.8 mm), 60" (1,524 mm)
Electrical Requirements
Universal 90–264 VAC, 43–67 Hz; 20 W idle,
1,035 W typical, 1,225 W max.
Limited support file
Supported Operating
Windows: XP/2000
Pentium® IV 2 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
40GB Hard Disk Drive
4X CD-ROM drive
USB port for hardware key
Ethernet port for printer - 100base-Tx
Notable features
AI—Adobe Illustrator®
PSD—Adobe Photoshop®
CMX—CorelDraw® Exchange
FPX—Digital Imaging Group
PCD—Kodak® PhotoCD®
PICT, PCT—Macintosh®
JOB—Plot/Cut Job Files
PDF—Portable Document Format
PNG—Portable Network Graphics
PostScript Level 3
TIF—Tagged Image File Format
BMP—Windows Bitmap
PCX—Z-Soft® PC Paintbrush®
DWG—AutoCAD® Drawing
DXF™—Drawing eXchange File
HPGL, HPGL/2—Hewlett-Packard™
Graphics Language
PRT, PLT—Native Print Files
True Adobe RIP engine
Supports up to 1,000 copies
Auto nesting with Server and
Auto rotate (Best Fit)
Workflow presets
Color profile wizard with WFC
Server RIP Pro
Whatever your wide format printing needs, Xerox has the
media that will give you optimum results from your printer.
• Photo paper
• Matte presentation
• Micro-porous
• Heavyweight canvas
• Outdoor Banner
• Self-adhesive Vinyl
• Backlit film
. . . and much more.
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