he SCADAview® CSX HMI software
package is capable of monitoring
and controlling a Micro-Comm
CTU-based SCADA system or an
RTU-based peer-to-peer SCADA system. Built-in
drivers can also be used to communicate with
equipment that uses Allen-Bradley or Modbus
protocols. SCADAview will display current status
information and alarm conditions for a running
system as well as historical information through
the use of trend graphs and pre-defined reports.
Display screens consist of a tabular system overviews, detailed station and control screens as
well as custom graphical displays.
Water Distribution Control and Management
Waste Water Control and Monitoring
Golf Course Irrigation
Agricultural Irrigation
Gas and Oil Monitoring
Electrical Distribution Monitoring
• System Display tabular screens
• Station Display and Control screens
• Trend graphs for levels and discrete events
• Password security system
•Standard and Custom reporting options
• Custom graphical displays with an easy to
use object-oriented development system
•Optional SCADAdial CSX phone dialer and
messaging software package
•Optional Web Server with full control and
trending capabilities
•TCP/IP Client/Server including encryption
for secure internet applications
•Distributed communication options for
connecting multiple SCADAview CSX servers
•Historical and Report logging to various
SQL database servers (MySQL, MS-SQL,
PostgreSQL, Oracle)
•Cross-platform - Windows, OS X and Linux
•Built-in script language
Microsoft Windows 7 Pro (Service Pack 1),
Windows 8.x Pro or Windows 10 Pro
or OS X 10.7.5 and later or Linux x86
Multicore Intel Processor
Sound Card / External Speakers
1920x1080 or higher resolution display
Serial Port and/or Ethernet Card
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