Enhanced Category 5 UTP Cabling System
Elite Patch Panel
Features & Benefits
Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications
Individual colour coded saddles allow quick and accurate terminations
Top quality sockets
Fully QA tested
Optional cable management tray
483mm (19”)
1u (44mm)
Fixing Centres467mm
Mild steel sheet CR4 to BSEN 10130-1999 DC01
Plastic inserts ABS thermoplastic resin with grade
UL94 V0 at 1.5mm flame retardancy
Black powder coated to BS6496
9mm numbered card to BS6496
Socket Labels
Individual colour coded labels to T568B
IDC Labels
Cable Guide
Individual cabling saddles with
cable tie positioned for left or right entry
4 way industry standard IDC blocks
IDC Blocks
Groups of 4 identical circuits on 1.6mm
double sided PTH boards
ANSI/TIA-568-C Enhanced Category 5 Specification
Conforms to
Connectix Enhanced Category 5 High Density Elite
Patch Panels provide exceptional performance for high
speed LANs including Gigabit Ethernet applications. The
High Density format is ideal where cabinet space is at a
The panels achieve optimum transmission performances
by incorporating the highest quality components and
innovative on-board compensation techniques. The front
of the panel features easy to use slide in labels and the
rear utilities colour coded cable saddles and hook and loop
cable retainers.
All Connectix Enhanced Category 5 Panels offer extended
PowerSum characteristics and exceed the ANSI/TIA-568-C
specifications, and when combined with Connectix
Enhanced Category 5 Modules and UTP Cable, the link
will perform well in excess of the Enhanced Category 5
Ordering Information
Product Description
CCS Elite Cat 5e 24 Way UTP Panel
CCS Elite Cat 5e 48 Way UTP Panel
CCS Elite Cable Management Tray
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