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Warranty Statement
Crown Battery
Free Replacement Period:
All Crown Batteries are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship within the warranty period.
Any battery which demonstrates defect in material or workmanship (discharged or sulfated batteries do not apply)
within a Free Replacement Period specified by BatteryGuru (12 Months or 365 cycles*) will be replaced or repaired
at the option of BatteryGuru, free of charge, except for the cost of transportation of the battery.
The seller’s liability is limited to the replacement of the battery. The seller is not responsible for any installation
costs, loss of time, or other consequential damage or cost incurred. The warranty does not apply to batteries that
are only discharged, have broken containers, covers, or terminals, have been frozen, overcharged, or sulfated, have
foreign material or additive put in the electrolyte, or when evidence of neglect or abuse is present. The warranty
does not apply if the manufacturer’s proprietary code markings have been tampered with or destroyed, if the
battery is used in applications for which it is not designed, or if it was installed or charged in reverse.
Warranty Services:
Return the suspect battery to any factory service centre or factory authorized distributor, wholesaler, or dealer. If
an authorized representative cannot be located, contact BatteryGuru via phone or email. An authorized
BatteryGuru representative will be appointed to perform warranty service.
* 12 months warranty for Crown Deep Cycle batteries
* 24 months warranty for Crown Auto Batteries
Ver. 04/2017