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2631 A Printer _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Three different print sizes can be selected
(normal , expanded, and compressed) , by
either the operator or the software program . The 2631 A pri nts 136 characters
per line in normal mode, 227 characters
per line (132 characters in 8-1 /2") in compressed mode.
The nine-wire print head allows character
formation within a 7x9 dot matrix. Thus
lower-case character descenders can be
printed as they normally appear in printed
text , and a true continuous underline can
be printed under program control.
Horizontal tabbing and 8-channel fi xed
VFU are standard features . Seven different
program-selectable vertical spacings (1,
2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 lines per inch) permit
high quality print-out of subscripts, superscripts, etc.
2631 A prints inventory control documents
Clean, modular design allows easy ribbon
cartridge replacement
• 180 characters per second
The 2631 A is a high-performance 180
character-per-second dot matrix impact
printer. Optimized for throughput and print
versatility as well as user convenience ,
the 2631A is designed for a wide variety
of general purpose printing applications.
• Smart bidirectional printing
• Three different print modes
• 128-character ASCII set
• High resolution dot matrix characters
• Long-life (10 million characters) , easily
replaceable ribbon cartridge
• Either table-top or pedestal-mounted
With its advanced silicon on sapphire
(SOS) microprocessor design , the 2631A
increases its total throughput by high speed
skipping at 45 inches per second over 10
or more spaces in a row. Also , leading and
trailing spaces are suppressed.
"Smart" bidirectional printing is another
advance which allows the printer to "look
ahead " to the next line and print right-toleft or left-to-right, whichever provides the
faster path between print lines. This further
optimizes throughput.
A full 128 upper and lower case ASCII
set is standard with an additional 128character set available as an option. Two
character sets can be used concurrently
and printed on a character by character
basis. Control characters can also be
displayed instead of executed in "Display
Functions" mode for program development activities.
A unique, long-life (at least 10 million characters), easily replaceable ribbon cartridge
takes all the mess and trouble out of
changing ribbons.
The 2631 A can be mounted on either a
table top or pedestal. Two paper feed
paths, bottom or rear , are standard.
Adjustable forms tractors permit using any
paper width from 1.22 inches to 15.75
inches. Up to six-part forms can be used .
The following optional foreign language
character sets are available: French ,
Swedish / Finnish , NorwegianlDanish,
Spanish, German, and U.K. Pound Sterling .
The 2631A supports a wide variety of
interfaces including: 8-bit parallel differential , 8-bit parallel TIL, HP-IB, RS232C
and 20ma current loop. Baud rates from
110 to 9600 can be used.
A self test feature allows the user to easily
and quickly verify proper printer operation.
2635A Printing Terminal _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Three different print sizes can be selected
(normal , expanded , and compressed) , by
either the operator or the software program. The 2635A prints 136 characters
per line in normal mode, 227 characters
per line (132 characters in 8-1 /2" ) in compressed mode.
The 2635A can be mounted on either a
table top or pedestal. Two paper feed
paths , bottom or rear, are standard. Adjustable forms tractors permit using any paper
width from 1.22 inches to 15.75 inches. Up
to six-part forms can be used.
2635A keyboard
Using the same print mechanism and
much of the same microprocessor-based
electronics as in the 2631A printer; the
2635A Printing Terminal prints at 180
characters per second and skips at high
speed (45 inches per second) over 10 or
more successive spaces.
2635A used for interactive problem
solving or timesharing
• 180 characters per second
• 110, 150, 300, 1200, or 2400 baud
switch-selectable. With internal
switches, up to 9600 baud
• Full or half duplex operation
• Long-life (10 million characters),
easily replaceable ribbon cartridge
• Either table-top or pedestal-mounted
• Numeric cluster includes TAB and
ENTER keys
• Parts commonality with 2631 A
• RS232C or 20ma current loop
The 2635A Printing Terminal is a powerful
interactive hard-copy terminal with highspeed printing capability. It uses the
newly-developed HP SOS microprocessor
to optimize throughput , data manipulation
and other control functions.
" Smart" bidirectional printing is another
advance which allows the printer to " look
ahead" at the next line and print right-toleft or left-to-right, whichever is faster ,
further optimizing performance .
In addition to the printing features of the
2631 A, the 2635A also has as standard a
typewriter-like keyboard and an accounting-type numeric keyboard including TAB
and ENTER keys.
Further, if no key is pressed within 0.6
second after the previous key stroke, the
print head automatically moves to a printviewing position 6 characters to the right
and moves back to the current position
when the next key is pressed . If desired,
this feature can be disabled by entering
an escape code at the keyboard .
The full 128-character upper and lower
case ASCII set is standard. For program
development and debugging , control
characters can be printed -(in stead of
executed) in DISPLAY FUNCTIONS mode.
EIA RS232C and 20ma current loop interfaces are available. For RS232C operation , baud rates from 110 to 2400 bps
can be selected on the front panel of
the 2635A. With internal switches, transmission rates up to 9600 bps can be
selected. Full or half-duplex operation
is switch-selectable. The user may optionally add 202-type modem control to
the RS232C interface .
2640B Display Terminal _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
• Enhanced high resolution display.
• Inverse video with optional half bright,
underline and blinking .
• Character mode or block mode.
• Full editing capability.
• Off screen storage.
• Up to four independent plug-in
character sets.
• Flexible data communications
• Modular architecture with self-test
Interactive solutions for manufacturing
The 2640B Interactive Display Terminal
offers a new dimension in display technology. A large 5" x 10" screen presents
up to 1920 characters in 24 lines by 80
columns. Optimized for · easy interactive
computer sessions, the 2640B emp loys
a 9 x 15 dot matrix for crisp , precise
characters and a multitask detachable
keyboard to solve many varied application
Full editing capability with block mode
data transfers substantially reduce your
computer overhead on terminal communications. Off-screen storage further enhances the 2640B's formatting capability.
Protected fields and the forms drawing
character set provide unique data entry
capabilities . Engineered for high reliability
the 2640B features a special built-in self
test function to ensure proper terminal
operation. The 2640B also offers flexible
data communications to meet your changing needs.
2645A Display Station
2645A used as a remote work station
Interactive for a wide variety of applications
Fully integrated dual cartridges
• 9600 baud, full or half duplex
The 2645A Display Station is a sophisticated and flexible interactive terminal provid ing substantial off-line capabilities with
optional mass storage. It is a superset of
the 2640B features with up to 9600 baud ,
character mode or block mode with a
choice of communication capabilities .
RS232C , serial ASCII is standard, in addition to optional 20ma current loop or
Protected fields , alphanumeric checking
and the line drawing character set are just
a few features that make data entry easy.
Adjustable margins , line inserts or deletes ,
character wraparound and block moves
provide a powerful tool for te xt editing or
program preparation.
• Optional polling
• User defined soft keys
• Fully integrated dual cartridges
• Up to 11 ki lobytes display screen
• Alphanumeric field checking
• Adjustable margins with character
Optional fully integrated dual cartridge
tapes provide up to 110 Kbytes mass
storage for each tape. Easy-to-use with
fast search times , the dual cartridges can
allow the user to perform many tasks off
line. The stored data can then be later
transmitted to a host computer . Data entry, text editing , and program preparation
can all benefit from dual cartridge tapes.
Soft keys allow the user to define up to 80
unique characters for each key. Useful in
reducing repetitive keystroke sequences ,
the soft keys can transmit messages to a
computer or con trol local function s,
greatly simplifying terminal operation.
2649A Microprogrammable Terminal _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
2649A programmed to monitor weight distribution/center of gravity during ship loading activities
Typical screen display during load monitoring
• Complete system in a single package
applications as a stand-alone controller or
preprocessor in computer networks .
or anything in between.
• Modular architecture
• Powerful central processor
• Graphic display capability
• Flexible memory options
• Easy to interface
• Simplified hardware/firmware
Modular design allows flexible configurations
The 2649A Microprogrammable Terminal
offers the OEM a reliable and cost effective solution to the need for an intelligent
terminal/controller. Having all the desirable features of the 264X family of display
terminals , it can be programmed to tackle
Because of modular architecture and a
wide choice of memory and interface options , the 2649A's configuration can be
optimized to meet the needs of OEM 's and
provide an opportunity for 'value added '.
Sophisticated development tools are
available which include a comprehensive
hardware and firmware documentation
package, cross assembler and source
code listings and tapes .
2641 A APL Display Station _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
• Full 128 character APL set
• Full 64 character overstrike set
• Automatic verification of overstruck
• Both APL and ASCII operation
bit paired keyboard has both ASCII and
APL legends making it easy-to-use as an
APL terminal , or as an ASCII interactive
display station . Inverse video , half bright ,
underline and blinking are standard display enhancements .
• Detachable bit paired keyboard
• Fully integrated mass storage (optional)
The 2641 A APL Display Station retains all
the 2645A features and offers a complete
128 APL character set with overstrike and
automatic overstrike verification . The high
resolution display makes the overstruck
characters easy to read. The detachable
Interactive APL with character verification
Also, the 2641 A will optionally support
bit-pairs or typewriter-paired local line
printers and fully integrated dual cartridge
2648A Graphics Terminal
Raster Scan - Bright easy-to-read di splay in high ambient light areas .
Auto-Plot - Plot tabular data without CPU
graphics software.
Zoom and Pan - Magnify portion s of
display up to 16 times and view any
portion of entire display.
Rubber Band Line - Perform trial graphics
off-line without host CPU intervention .
Easy graphs af tabular data with autaplat
Graphics keypad
The 2648A Graphics Terminal offers high
performance capabilities normally found
in larger CPU based systems to users
requiring low cost graphics terminals .
Raster scan technology offers a new level
of picture clarity and brightness reducing
eye fatigue and allowing use in high
ambient light areas .
Easy plots of tabular data can be obtained
without any host CPU graphics software .
Only fill out a simple menu and with a few
keystrokes the 2648A will plot the data with
the axes automatically scaled and labeled .
The 2648A can be used in computer aided
design; scientific, engineering and business data plotting ; business management
information ; computer aided artwork and
many other application areas.
If you also need interactive alphanumerics, the 2648A is your solution. Retaining all the features of the 2645A Display
Station , you can perform text editing ,
data entry and program preparation in
addition to graphics .
Independent Alphanumeric and Graphic
Memories - Computer dialogue and
graphic output can be viewed independently or together.
Pattern Generation - Fill rectangular area ~
of bar charts with user defined patterns
for differentiation where color is normally
Compatibility Mode - Use with most
terminals having a 1024 x 780 dot
resolution .
Interactive Alphanumerics - Retain s all
alphanumeric capability of 2645A.
International Terminals
A full line of international terminals is also
offered . Each presents a character set
and keyboard unique to a particular language.
Model 2640S/2645S - Swedish/Finnish:
A 2640B-based and a 2645A-based unilingual terminal . Each containing the
Swedish and Finnish character sets.
Model 2640C - Cyrillic (Russian): Bilingual switch selectable Roman or Cyrillic
operation .
Model 2645K - Katakana: (Japanese)
Bilingual switch selectable Roman or
Katakana operation .
Model 2640N/2645N - Danish/Norwegian :
Unilingual terminal for Danish and
Model 2645R - Arabic: Bilingual switch
selectable Roman or Arabic operation .
3071A Numeric Data Entry Terminal
• Numeri c keyboard and di splay
• Special-purpose function keys
• Prompting lights
• Custom label s
• RS232C/CCITI V24 communications
The 3071A Numeric Data Entry Terminal
enables people with no computer knowledge to communicate easily with a computer system. By using the numeric keyboard and display, substantial amounts of
information can easily be transmitted to
the host computer. By using convenient
keyboard definition label s, the speci al
function keys an d prompting lights can
be tailored to indi vidual application
Data entry is accomplished via nine special function keys (plus a shift key , providing 18 possible combinations) and a
numeric keypad . Fifteen prompting lights ,
a large , bright , 16-digit display and a
buzzer provide convenient , on-line prompting and verification of entered data.
Applications for the 3071A include :
shipping/receiving transactions , inventory
control , order processing , process control , labor vouchering .
The terminal is equipped with an EIA
RS232C interface to allow use with full
duplex asynchronous modems from 110
to 300 baud with selectable parity .
Interactive shipping /receiving transactions
7260A Optical Mark Reader
• Supports user-designed forms
• Two reading modes: Hollerith or binary
• Buffered output
• Optional select hopper
The 7260A can be used as a stand-alone
remote device, or it can share the same
communication line with another RS232C
device , thanks to its unique interface
design with two RS232C connectors.
• Two RS232 interface connectors
• Easy to interface
The 7260 Optical Mark Reader is a lowcost terminal that enables data marked on
cards , using an ordinary pencil , to be read
and transmitted to a remote computer. The
card forms may be completed as desired
(at home, in a car, etc.), and the data can
subsequently be transmitted at high speed
to a remote computer .
The 7260A is ideal for turn-around document appli cations where a line printer is
used to print information on card stock.
Additional information is manually marked
on the cards and then using the 7260A
reader, the information is transmitted to
the host computer. Hewlett-Packard can
provide documentation and support to the
user for turn-around document design .
The interface is EIA RS232C , with baud
rates from 110 to 2400. bps , full or halfduplex, switch-selectable.
Inventory control using turn-around documents
In addition to on-line applications, the
7260A can be used on an off-line basis
providing local editing and storage of data.
The device can read cards in single or
continuous pick mode at up to 300 cards
per minute. Two input buffers and one output buffer enable software programmable
retransmission of each card in case of
transmission error. Two standard reading
modes are available: binary image of each
column or Hollerith code. Other reading
modes are available on request.
Also the 7260A can receive nine software
commands and send six possible status
codes . Non-standard codes available on
request. An additional output hopper can
select cards under program control.
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