Embrace Today’s Mobile Workforce
with Intel® Technology and Windows* 8:
The Platform for Business
Revitalizing corporate-issued devices
with sleek, user-friendly models
Personal devices and mobile productivity are changing how we live and work, creating exciting new
opportunities at home and in the workplace. The challenge comes in finding the most effective ways to
integrate personal devices into the corporate network. Devices running Windows 8 and the latest Intel®
processors allow IT to easily support the experiences workers expect. By expanding support for personal
devices and updating to modern, touch-optimized corporate-issued PCs, IT can offer an integrated
technology platform, enable improved productivity in the workforce, and achieve peace of mind.
Businesses to
The RiseEmpowering
of Mobile
Today’s global workforce depends more on mobile computing and personal devices than anyone could have predicted a few
years ago. Corporate-issued
often lack the extended battery life, intuitive touch enabled UIs, and lightweight form
Stay Productivelaptops
and Secure
factors today’s modern workers enjoy with their personal devices. The continuous blending of work and home life creates
an expectation of constant connectivity to both work and personal data from any device. As a result, people are carrying
multiple devices for various reasons—the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend seen at more and more workplaces today.
For IT, this scenario creates the daunting challenge of accommodating devices that are difficult to manage, are incompatible
with existing infrastructure, and that create security risks.
The Consumerization Opportunity
For all of the challenges presented by the BYOD trend, it also opens a number of opportunities. With the right devices and
IT strategy, companies can easily convert this challenge to an improved work environment that meets the requirements
of today’s workforce. The latest Intel® Core™, Core® vPro™, and Atom™ processor-based devices and the new Windows 8
can be an integral part of building a successful IT strategy. With a modern enterprise platform, IT can provide and support
the sleek devices and intuitive experiences users want, while introducing cutting edge technologies that can help improve
competitiveness. Advancements in Intel technology have paved the way for a new generation of powerful, touch enabled yet
highly mobile enterprise devices ready for any work style. Combined with the business-ready features in the new Windows
8, IT can easily secure and manage systems and expand BYOD support. Intel platforms and Windows 8 are engineered
to take full advantage of the rise in touch optimization that is revolutionizing applications and the way companies do
business. By instituting BYOD practices and upgrading corporate-issued devices, businesses can responsibly embrace the
consumerization opportunity to compete in tomorrow’s business landscape.
Best User Experience
Intel processor-based platforms power the best Windows
8 experience—visually stunning, fast, fluid, and completely
personalized. And the new modern UI gives users the choice to
work the way they want.
amiliarity: With the new Windows 8 update, the learning
curve that comes with introducing a new operating
system (OS) is minimized. The Windows Start Charm and
Boot to Desktop features provide users familiar Windows
environments and commands, while mastering the fast and
fluid modern OS.
• N
ew Ways of Working: Users can quickly switch between
the familiar Windows Desktop environment and the new
intuitive touch optimized UI, gaining access to thousands of
productivity and personal applications in the Windows Store.
• M
ake it Personal: Completely customizable Start and Lock
Screens and sizable Live Tiles tied to a Microsoft account
give automatic access to a personalized environment and
apps regardless of the Windows 8 device used.
The latest Intel processors still have all of the processing
power needed to drive resource-heavy desktop workstations.
Increased performance, reduced power consumption, and
smaller chip sizes has opened the door to the sleek new
Ultrabook™ and 2 in 1 devices as well as tablets from multiple
manufacturers. Combined with the features of Windows 8 and
the recent update, workers can be more productive than ever
and stay focused on their tasks rather than their technology.
Empowering Businesses to
• T
rue Multitasking: Get more done. The increased power and
extended battery life delivered by Intel multi-core processors
with Intel® Hyper-Threading
allow users to run
Stay Productive
and Secure
powerful desktop apps alongside up to four Windows Store
apps per screen on the thinnest of devices.
• W
ake Devices in a Flash: Shortened wait time for a system
to boot. Intel® Rapid Start Technology with Windows 8
InstantOn creates a tablet-like on/off experience, even on
• A
lways Current Data: Apps and data stay up to date
even while a system is asleep with Intel® Smart Connect
Technology2 and InstantGo in the latest Windows 8 update.
• W
ireless Display: Securely collaborate wirelessly while on
the go with native Miracast support in the Windows 8 update
and Intel® Pro Wireless Display (Pro WiDi)3.
The latest Intel Core, Core vPro, and Atom processor powered
devices running the new Windows 8 update keep employees
always connected to important information and offer new
ways to access the Internet and corporate data while away
from the office.
• A
utomatic Corporate Access: Intel® Trusted Platform
Module (TPM) combined with DirectAccess in Windows 8
give users with an Internet connection the ability to securely
connect to the corporate network without a smart card or
VPN connection. For organizations without DirectAccess,
applications needing corporate data can now connect in the
background with Auto-Triggered VPN in the new Windows 8.
• M
obile Broadband Tethering: The new Windows 8 natively
supports broadband connectivity and with the wireless
networking capabilities of Intel processor-based devices,
workers can turn their device into a mobile hotspot.
Giving IT Peace of Mind
Supporting new corporate-issued and personal Windows 8
devices helps IT strike a balance between meeting end user
mobility and productivity expectations, and allowing IT to
maintain network security and systems management priorities.
Many IT departments consider security their first priority. IT can
help protect corporate assets with Intel’s hardware embedded
technology and the software security safeguards in the new
Windows 8.
• H
ardware Enhanced Encryption: Intel® Data Protection
Technology helps keep data secure and speeds up data
encryption. Combined with BitLocker*, Encrypted File System
(EFS), and Pervasive Device Encryption found in the Windows
8 update, tasks stay in the forefront while security runs in the
• B
oot to Shutdown Protection: Built into the hardware,
Intel® Platform Protection Technology combines with OS
features like Windows Defender Active Network Scan to
protect PC’s against malware before the machine boots.
• K
eeping Corporate Data Corporate: New to Windows 8,
Remote Business Data Removal allows data to be marked as
personal or corporate. Corporate data can easily be remotely
wiped from a device when an employee leaves a company.
Functionality of existing line-of-business applications and
network integration are concerns often expressed by IT when
evaluating new hardware and software device platforms. Intel
architecture and Windows 8 integrate with existing applications,
network ecosystems, and management platforms making
deployment and support simple and cost effective.
• It Just Works: Both Intel processors and Windows 8 are
engineered for backward compatibility with traditional
desktop apps and will work with millions of existing devices
and drivers. The improved performance of Intel processor
powered devices combined with lower OS overhead will
maximize the responsiveness of desktop applications
and peripherals currently running on Windows 7. Beyond
existing devices, the latest Intel processors bring a fast,
fluid experience to thousands of touch optimized apps only
available to Windows 8 from the Windows Store.
• N
etwork Integration: Devices with Intel technology inside
and Windows 8 blend seamlessly into existing Active
Directory* environments and easily coexist with Windows XP
and Windows 7 systems. Workers and IT stay efficient using
known methods of navigating and administering the network.
2 | Embrace Today’s Mobile Workforce with Intel Technology and Windows 8
Intel technologies and Windows 8 remain compatible with
commonly used IT management and deployment tools while
offering new ways of supporting the BYOD scenario.
omprehensive Management: Choosing Intel technology
and the new Windows 8 can simplify system setup and
deployment. Intel Core vPro processor-based systems are
easy to setup with Intel® Setup and Configuration Software
(Intel® SCS). Enhancements in Windows PowerShell* combined
with Intel® Instant Back-to-Work and Intel® Remote Re-Imaging
let IT securely automate the system recovery of any Intel
Core vPro processor-based system connected to the network.
• S
upport for Personal Devices: New operating system
updates offer IT more control of workers’ personal devices
in the enterprise. Workplace Join and Work Folders give IT
a middle ground access option. Through Group Policy IT can
welcome workers personal Windows 8 devices while limiting
the vulnerability of corporate data and resources.
• M
anage Personal Windows 8 Devices: With expanded
Mobile Device Management (MDM) support in Windows 8, IT
can now effectively manage personal Windows 8 devices
in the cloud or on-premises. Compatibility with Windows
Intune* and 3rd-party mobile device management solutions
like MobileIron* and AirWatch* greatly expand BYOD policy
Preparing for the Future
Companies building line-of-business applications on mobile,
touch-enabled devices are discovering exciting new ways to
interact with customers, increase efficiency, and position their
business to compete in new ways. Don’t be left behind.
Embrace mobile productivity, give IT peace of mind, and prepare
your business for the future by refreshing your corporate
devices with 4th generation Intel Core, Core vPro, and the latest
Atom processor-based form factors running the new
Windows 8—the best platform for business.
Whether you have mobile employees, task workers, or office
workers—Intel processor-based devices running Windows 8
offer powerful solutions that easily integrate into your IT
2 in 1
For mobile workers who share
and view content.
For mobile knowledge workers
who produce and share
All-in-One PC
For users who require thin,
lightweight devices with
intelligent performance, long
battery life, and full-featured
security and manageability.
For users who need the
highest level performance
for multitasking and
content creation.
The Windows XP End of Support
With Windows XP end-of-support rapidly approaching,
companies still usingEmpowering
the legacy operating
will face
numerous security and systems management risks. Facing
expensive support contracts and increased vulnerability to
Stay Productive and Secure
sophisticated malware
attacks, the time has never been better
for businesses to refresh devices with innovative form factors
and introduce a modern OS.
For almost 30 years, the innovative combination of Intel
processors and Microsoft software has brought value to
consumers and enterprises. The case is no different today.
Compared to Windows 7 and XP on legacy hardware, devices
with the latest Intel processors running Windows 8 deliver the
following benefits: increased responsiveness, sleek devices,
integrated enterprise grade security, streamlined systems
management, and a rich, touch ready, cloud connected user
1 Intel® Smart Connect Technology requires a select Intel® processor, Intel® software and BIOS update, Intel® Wireless adapter, and Internet connectivity. Solid-state memory or drive equivalent may be
required. Depending on system configuration, your results may vary. Contact your system manufacturer for more information.
2 Requires an Intel® Wireless Display enabled PC, compatible adapter, and TV. 1080p and Blu-Ray* or other protected content playback only available on 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor-based
PCs with built-in visuals enabled. Consult your PC manufacturer. For more information, see www.intel.com/go/widi
3 Available on select Intel® Core™ processors. Requires an Intel® HT Technology-enabled system. Consult your PC manufacturer. Performance will vary depending on the specific hardware and
software used. For more information including details on which processors support HT Technology, visit http://www.intel.com/info/hyperthreading.
All rights reserved. Intel, Core, Atom, vPro, the Intel logo, and Ultrabook are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
Copyright © 2013 Intel Corporation.
*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
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