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Upright Vacuums & Rider Vacuum
Vacuums for Every Cleaning Need
Whether your cleaning tasks call for a vacuum that’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, a
heavy-duty, large-area machine, or something in between — Advance has the answer. And
your Advance representative has the expertise to help you choose the best models for your
cleaning program, including vacuums that meet LEED-EB guidelines and the GS-42 green
cleaning standards.
Advance’s line of single-motor upright vacuums delivers effective and cost-efficient cleaning.
You can look for the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval Certification on Advance
uprights. The CRI certification means the machine has passed independent tests verifying its
ability to remove soil, contain dust and retain quality carpet appearance. Spectrum™ single
motor and dual motor models are CRI certified and are designed to be easy-to-maneuver with
better dirt pickup and better filtration at a better value.
ReliaVac® 12 & 12DC
Spectrum™ 12P & 15P
Upright Carpet Vacuums
Upright Carpet Vacuums
• 12 inch path is cleaned with a durable
steel brush roller
• ReliaVac® 12 top fill bag enhances
vacuum power
• ReliaVac® 12 DC model has an easy to
empty dirt cup
• Removable clear fan cover allows for
identifying and removing clogs
11.5 or 14.5 inch cleaning path
Powerful 1,000 Watt, 2-stage motor
Adjustable brush height
Certified H.E.P.A. filtration standard
Tools-free removable brush
Heavy duty cord restraint
Convenient front handle for lifting
Accessories are conveniently
tucked behind wand
• Sealed, maintenance-free cog belt
ReliaVac® 12HP & 16HP
Upright Carpet Vacuums
Upright Vacuums & Rider Vacuum
• 12 or 16 inch cleaning path
• High performance cleaning power with
the aluminum brush roller
• Replaceable bristle strips and beater
bars for versatile cleaning
• Removable clear fan cover allows for
identifying and removing clogs
• Headlight illuminates work area
Spectrum™ 15D & 18D
Upright Carpet Vacuums
• 14.5 or 17.5 inch cleaning path
• Separate vacuum and brush motors for
a powerful performance
• 1,350 Watts of power with combination of
independent brush and vacuum motors
• Adjustable brush height with
low brush height indicator light
• Certified H.E.P.A. filtration standard
• Tools-free removable brush
• Heavy duty cord restraint
• Convenient front handle for lifting
• Accessories are conveniently
tucked behind wand
• Sealed, maintenance-free cog belt
Dual-Motor Vacuums for Powerful,
Efficient Pick-up
When your facility calls for daily use of a heavy-duty, long-life vacuum, Advance has the
dual-motor upright for you. Our Spectrum™ vacuum cleaners deliver more productivity,
better filtration, and better value than other upright vacuums on the market. Indoor air
quality is greatly improved for all occupants with a combination of 3-stage filtration,
including H.E.P.A., and low sound level. Built for one-pass cleaning, the CarpeTriever™ 28
vacuum is perfect for cleaning large areas. The chevron bristle pattern on this machine
draws dirt to the vacuum intake for efficient cleaning. Operator fatigue is minimized with the
CarpeTriever vacuum since the need for back and forth movement is eliminated.
CarpeTriever™ 28
Advance VacRide™
Large Area
Upright Carpet Vacuum
Rider Vacuum
• 28 inch cleaning path allows for
increased productivity
• Dual vacuum motors provide
generous pickup power
• Large 1 bushel capacity cloth bag
is standard
• Carpet brush propels the machine,
minimizing operator fatigue
• Side broom creates 34 inch (86 cm) cleaning path
• 28 inch (71 cm) dual counter rotating brushes
• Dual vacuum motors with Quiet Mode provide
superior suction and dirt pickup
• Includes detail wand
• Dual H.E.P.A. filters protect indoor air quality (IAQ)
• 7.8 gallon capacity dual layer disposal bag
• Optional 20 foot (6 m) hose with S-Wand,
tools and caddy
Upright Vacuums & Rider Vacuum
The Advance VacRide™ has been engineered for maximum productivity on large carpeted
areas. It puts you behind the wheel of the first rider-vacuum with true vacuum performance.
The VacRide’s dual motors and H.E.P.A. filters provide better dirt pickup and filtration than
carpet sweepers and other rider vacuums. In addition, you’ll save time (and your back!)
while cleaning large carpeted areas compared to traditional wide area vacuums.
Canister & Specialty Vacuums
Canister Vacuums for Maximum Cleaning Flexibility
Canister & Specialty Vacuums
Need to clean floors, plus walls, ceilings and other off-floor surfaces? Need to clean in occupied
areas or during business hours? Then you need the flexible cleaning performance of canister
vacuums from Advance. Canister vacs feature quiet operation and multi-level filtration systems
for improved indoor air quality (IAQ). With their straight-forward design and few moving parts,
canister vacuums minimize clogging and maximize reliability for the lowest total cost of
ownership. The quiet, high-performance CaniStar® vacuum features a superior filtration system –
including a 2-ply dust bag, foam filter, multilayer paper filter and a motor protection filter. The
versatile QuickStar™ vacuums clean carpet and hard floors as well as other horizontal and vertical
surfaces. Their low center of gravity and three-point stance make them easy for any operator to
maneuver. When cleaning a stairwell, elevator, entrance, or any other area where electricity is
inaccessible, the QuickStar™ B battery vacuum provides best-in-class 60 minutes of continuous
cleaning time. With a very low sound level of only 60 dB A, the QuickStar B can easily be used
for daytime cleaning without disturbing occupants.
QuickStar™ B
Canister Vacuum
Canister Vacuum
Canister Vacuum
• 1,100 Watt, 2 stage motor
• 62 dB A sound level
• Filter basket standard for bagless
operation, six dust bags included, cloth
shake out bag optional
• Three levels of filtration standard
• 33 foot cord, rotating dust brush and
crevice tool stored onboard
• Super-quiet sound level for daytime
cleaning – 53 dB A
• 1,100 Watt motor for superior
suction and cleaning performance
• Built with serviceability in mind,
to provide the lowest total cost
of ownership
• Full complement of tools for
commercial cleaning tasks
• Available H.E.P.A. filtration
400 Watt, 2 stage motor
Quiet 60 dB A sound level
Powered by two lithium ion batteries
Two batteries provide one full hour
run time and require two hours to
• Filter basket standard for bagless
operation, six dust bags included,
cloth shake out bag optional
• Three levels of filtration standard
• Rotating dust brush and crevice tool
stored onboard
Backpack Vacuums for Reduced Operator Fatigue
Adgility™ 6XP & 10XP
Adgility™ XPB
Backpack Vacuum
Backpack Vacuums
Backpack Vacuum
• Lightweight at only 6.4 pounds
• Powerful 1,000 Watt motor
generating 100 CFM and 96 inches
of waterlift
• Three levels of filtration standard,
H.E.P.A. filter optional
• 50 foot (15 m) safety yellow power
cord for long cleaning reach
• Includes 12 inch combination floor
tool, dust brush, crevice tool and
six dust bags
Comfortable, lightweight design
Powerful 1,300 Watt motor
Premium harnessing system
Quiet 62 dB A sound level
Cord restraint clips onto the
safety cord and holds it in place
• Exhaust port directs warm air up
and away from the operator
• SaniSeal™ self-sealing adhesive
rim on bag seals to contain all
dust and dirt
• Four levels of filtration, H.E.P.A.
filter optional
Comfortable, lightweight design
400 Watt motor
Premium harnessing system
Quiet 58 dB A sound level
Powered by one lithium ion battery
Battery provides 30 minutes
of run time
Package includes two batteries
and a charger
Exhaust port directs warm air up
and away from the operator
SaniSeal™ self-sealing adhesive
rim on bag seals to contain all
dust and dirt
Four levels of filtration
Canister & Specialty Vacuums
Cleaning confined and cluttered office space, stairways and other obstructed areas has never
been easier – when you choose a backpack vacuum from Advance. Never before has there been
a backpack as comfortable and effective as the Adgility™ XP. The weight of the vacuum is
distributed more evenly on the operator with the premium cushioned harness design on the
Adgility XP. The vacuum moves with the operator when bending or twisting. When your
application has limited access to electrical outlets, where safety restrictions require a cordless
option or where mobility is important, the Adgility™ XPB battery backpack vacuum will meet those
cordless vacuum needs. It is powered by a Lithium Ion battery, the latest in cordless technology,
offering 30 minutes of cleaning time. The Adgility™ hip-style vacuum combines light weight with
an ergonomic shape to create a new standard in comfort and performance. The Adgility™ XP has
received CRI Seal of Approval for vacuums certification.
Extractors / Carpet Equipment
Advance Extractors are Industry Leading
From handy spot cleaners to innovative riding machines, Advance offers a complete line of
carpet extraction equipment.
The Advance AquaSpot® carpet spot extractor works as a convenient, easy-to-use extractor for
quick clean-up of spills or touch-ups on carpet or upholstery. The Advance AquaClean® line is
one of the most popular extractors on the market. The AquaClean®, self contained extractors,
provide superior cleaning results and leave carpets nearly dry and ready to use. The Advance
AquaPro® with AquaWand™ is available in three models, all with CRI Seal of Approval, to meet
your various portable extractor needs. The AquaPLUS™ and AquaPLUS™ AXP™ battery
extractors features LIFT ™ Technology for low-moisture cleaning and fast dry times. Carpets are
dry within 30 minutes when using AquaPLUS™ extractors with LIFT.
With the complete line of extractors from Advance, carpets are cleaned better, faster, and
easier, resulting in increased productivity.
AquaClean® 12ST
Self-Contained Extractor
• Single nozzle spray system allows for
even coverage over the cleaning path
• 5 gallon solution tank
• 12 inch cleaning path
• Single spray jet technology allows for
even coverage over cleaning path
AquaPLUS™ &
Carpet Extractors
• AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System
(AquaPLUS™ AXP™)
• LIFT ™ Technology for low-moisture cleaning
• One-Touch™ operation
• Deep Treat™ cleaning for pre-spray and post
cleaning treatment
AquaPro® XP/H/C
Extractors / Carpet Equipment
Portable Extractor
• AquaWand™ cleaning tool standard
on all models
• AquaWand™ design provides increased
water pick-up with less time and effort
• AquaPro XP and H feature 212° solution
at the wand tip
• AquaPro XP provides 300 psi for
restoration or 75 psi for light
duty cleaning
• AquaPro H and C provide 150 psi
• All models incorporate onboard storage
of AquaWand™, detergent bottles, and
other cleaning tools
Self-Contained Extractors
• Aerodynamically engineered vacuum shoe for
constant acceleration and superb water recovery
• 1.5 three stage vacuum motor, 117 inches of
waterlift, 50 foot (15 m) cord
• Brush and vacuum shoe removed without tools
• XP and FLX models include onboard spotting tool
AquaPro® XP - Gold
AquaPro® H - Silver
AquaPro® C - Bronze
Advance ES4000
One Machine Does it All, Faster.
The Advance ES4000 Total Carpet Care System offers complete versatility, from everyday carpet
maintenance to deep restorative extraction.
You want productivity.
Upgrade from a fleet of dedicated use carpet extractors to a single high efficiency rider that offers
vastly more productivity, better equipment utilization and faster cleaning. Realize productivity
improvements of up to 400% over walk-behind sweepers and extractors. Clean better and clean
smarter while reducing your total cost of ownership.
You want flexibility.
Only one machine offers the versatility to care for your carpeted surfaces according to your
facility’s cleaning requirements. The Advance ES4000 lets you perform everything from daily touch
ups of high traffic areas, to low-moisture cleaning, to periodic restorative extraction. All with
complete control, simple, One-Touch™ operation and higher levels of productivity in one machine.
You want value.
Why maintain multiple machines to handle carpets when one capable machine can do it all? The
ES4000 delivers value every day. Compare overall cost of ownership of the ES4000 with the carpet
maintenance equipment you need now and you’ll find a Total Carpet Care solution.
Carpet Spot Extractor
• A clear recovery tank with 2 dumping
ports allows for ease of cleaning
• Exhaust air is filtered for maintaining
indoor air quality
• Optional cart is designed with a tray
and holds cleaning accessories
Rider Sweeper Extractors
Total Carpet Care System
28 inch cleaning path
28 gallon solution and recovery tanks
4 cleaning modes – Dry-Sweep, Interim,
Pre-Treat, Restorative
Onboard open chemical system
Brushes and vacuum shoes are removable
without tools
Superior 63 inch (160 cm) turning radius
65 dB A sound level
Extractors / Carpet Equipment
• Durable rotocast polyethylene stackable
blower with a 0.5 hp motor
• 3 speed settings to select the right
amount of air movement
• Blower can be angled in three different
positions to direct air as needed
• 25 foot power cord to reach those
distant outlets
Advance Sweepers: the Fast Track to a Clean Sweep
From walk-behind to rider models, Advance sweepers provide superior cleaning results in a
wide variety of applications and floor surfaces. The fast and efficient Terra 26M is much more
productive and effective, than standard push broom sweeping. Rated at only 59 dB A, the
Advance Terra® 28B is one of the quietest battery operated sweepers in the industry. With
A.S.A.P. (All Surface All Purpose) sweeping technology, the sweeping efficiency is maximized
on the Terra® 28B when the operator transitions between hard and soft floor types. The Terra®
3700B rider sweeper offers a 37 inch sweep path for larger carpeted areas, while the Terra®
4300B is built for industrial strength sweeping – inside and out.
Advance sweepers feature tools-free maintenance and easy broom adjustments with operatorfriendly controls. Recent product innovations include onboard battery chargers, maintenancefree gel batteries, and enhanced filtration.
Terra® 26M
Terra® 132B
Walk-Behind Push Sweeper
Walk-Behind Sweeper
26 inch sweep path
Manually operated
Tools-free adjustable side brooms
Tools-free adjustable rear main broom
Dual caster wheels operate in the
“clean path” behind side brooms
• Variable handle height
• Handle folds down
Terra® 28B
Terra® 3700B
Walk-Behind Sweeper
Rider Sweeper
28 inch sweep path
Maintenance free gel battery standard
Half as loud as most vacuums at 59 dB A
Standard onboard battery charger
Tools-free removable brooms
and hopper
• Rugged construction for carpet or hard
floor applications
32 inch sweep path
Battery operated
Standard onboard battery charger
Tools-free removable brushes
and hopper
• Rugged construction for carpet or hard
floor applications
37 inch sweep path
Battery operated
Standard onboard battery charger
Tools-free removable brushes
and hopper
• Rugged construction for carpet or
hard floor applications
Terra® 4300B
Rider Sweeper
• 46 inch sweep path, battery operated
• Simple, ergonomic and intuitive
operator interface
• 20% gradeability while sweeping
• Rugged construction for carpet or
hard floor applications
Floor Machines
Advance Floor Machines Feature Easy Maintenance
Clean floors, both hard and soft, with a floor machine from Advance. The standard 175 rpm
machines vary in size from 13-20 inches with motors ranging from 1 horsepower to 1.75
horsepower. All machines come standard with a safety switch and pad driver. A versatile twospeed floor machine operates at 175 and 275 rpm. To customize the cleaning capabilities of each
machine, Advance provides a full line of accessories, including solution tanks, and a complete
selection of pads and brushes. Advance floor machines operate efficiently, reliably and
productively. Advance floor machines are made to the high standard of quality that you have
come to expect from Advance.
Pacesetter™ 20TS
Two-Speed Floor Machine
Floor Machines
• 13, 17 and 20 have 1.0 hp, 66 frame
motors at 175 rpm
• 17HD and 20HD have 1.5 hp,
66 frame motors at 175 rpm
• 20SD is 20 inches with 1.75 hp,
66 frame motor at 175 rpm
• Ergonomic molded handles for safety
and comfort
• Pad driver included
Floor Machines
• Versatile 20 inch two-speed
floor machine
• 1.5 hp DC motor
• 66 frame motors run at 180 and
320 rpm
• Ergonomic molded handles for
safety and comfort
• Pad driver included
Advance Burnishers Add Luster to Floors
Advance offers a complete line of burnishers available in cord electric, propane, and battery
power sources. Two cord electric models offer exclusive, patented technology to eliminate any
operational variances for almost foolproof burnishing. The dust collection model provides
superior dust collection enabling one pass burnishing. Four propane models are available in
two different sizes to match your application. Five battery burnishers are available: four walkbehind models and a rider. The walk-behind models are built to last, offering dual dust
collection bags and adjustable pad pressure. Advance introduced the battery rider burnisher to
the industry to further increase burnishing productivity. Rely on Advance burnishers for all of
your burnishing needs.
Advolution™ 20
Advolution™ 20XP
PBU Series 21 & 27
Cord Electric Burnisher
Cord Electric Burnisher
Propane Burnishers
• 20 inch burnishing path, 1,500 r.p.m.
• Flex Floor Technology for consistant
even shine even on unlevel floors
• Patented gas spring provides optimal
head pressure for maximum gloss
• EZ Store™ folding handle
• Rotating cord hook
• 75 foot safety yellow cord with
hospital grade plug
• 20 inch burnishing path, 2,000 r.p.m.
with dust control
• Flex Floor Technology for consistant
even shine even on unlevel floors
• Patented gas spring provides optimal
head pressure for maximum gloss
• EZ Store™ folding handle
• Rotating cord hook
• 75 foot safety yellow cord with
hospital grade plug
• Dual Port Dust Bag
• 20 and 27 inch burnishing paths available
in a variety of models with either 1,500
or 2,100 r.p.m.
• Powerful 603cc Kawasaki V-Twin engines
• Fastest high gloss burnishing available
• Rugged one piece cast deck and frame powder coat finish resists damage
• Adjustable handle
• Available with or without dust control
• Available with CARB Gard™
emissions control
• Available with catalytic mufflers
Advolution™ 2710 Maximizes the Shine in Less Time
The Advolution™ 2710 battery-powered rider burnisher from Advance is designed around a front
steering system – accepted industry-wide as being the easiest to control and maneuver. A unique
One-Touch™ control pad simplifies operator training and equipment operation.
The Advolution™ 2710 rider burnisher increases operator productivity with its ride-on capability
and extended battery run-time. The burnishing pad operates at a speed of 1,600 rpms and
utilizes three different pressure settings. On average, battery run-time on this rider burnisher
allows the operator to burnish over 30,000 square feet (9,144 meters) per hour. Maximum tested
productivity is even higher, with results exceeding 135,000 (41,148 meters) square feet on a
single battery charge.
Advolution™ 2710
Battery-Powered Burnishers
• Ultra high productivity,
six 6 Volt/395 Ah batteries
• 1,750 rpm, 3.25 hp motor
produces an exceptional shine
• One-Touch™ burnishing with
three pad pressure settings
• Passive dust control standard;
active dust control optional
for added filtration
Battery-Powered Rider Burnisher
• Pad assist model (20B/24B) or powered
traction model (20BT/24BT) available
• Consistent and even polishing with
self-regulating pad pressure
• Best passive dust control in the market,
which helps improve indoor air quality
• Safety switch in pad change position
• Optional active dust control is available
with the addition of an Adgility hip-style
vacuum to the front of the machine
Why walk when you should ride?
Advolution™ 2710
Advolution™ 20XP
• Riding is safer than walking because of better sight lines
• Employees are less fatigued, which means they can clean
longer and more areas
• Rider speed is faster than walking — employees can clean
more square footage in less time!
sq ft
sq ft
The Result? Increased productivity that
drives down the cost to clean
Automatic Walk-Behind Scrubbers
The Right Scrubber for a Spotless Facility
Automatic Walk-Behind Scrubbers
Advance leads the industry with the most innovative designs, unique features, and highest
productivity in floor scrubbers today. That means more cleaning flexibility, longer machine runtime, easier operation, and maximum operator safety. All of Advance’s automatic walk-behind
scrubbers leave floors clean and dry in just one pass, increasing safety and productivity.
Whether you’re moving from mop-and-bucket cleaning to a small scrubber, or you require a
high performance machine with the widest scrub path and newest technology available –
Advance has the machine for you. Advance scrubber’s offer Smart Solutions™ flow rate, onboard
battery chargers, easy to use operator controls, and many more features for performance and
safety. Most Advance scrubbers operate at a sound level of 65 dB A or less, making them ideal
for daytime cleaning. They are also a great addition to any green cleaning program.
Micromatic™ 13E
Micromatic™ 14E
Automatic Scrubbers
Automatic Scrubbers
• Replaces mop and bucket cleaning
• 13 inch scrub path, cord-electric
• Dual 6.5 inch disc brushes operate at
200 rpm
• Front squeegee system picks up
solution in all directions
• 1.8 gallon “lift-out” solution tank, and
2.1 gallon recovery tank
• 14 inch scrub path, cord-electric
• Cylindrical scrub brush operates at
1,000 rpm
• Front and rear squeegee system picks
up solution in all directions
• 3 gallon “lift-out” solution and
recovery tanks
Micromatic™ M17B/M17E
Adfinity™ 17ST/20ST
Automatic Scrubbers
Automatic Scrubbers
• Gel batteries with onboard charger, on
battery model
• Smart Solutions™ solution control
• 6-gallon solution and
recovery tanks
17 and 20 inch disc scrub path
10.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks
Smart Solutions™ Flow Rate
Onboard Battery Charger
Variable Pad Pressure
Tools-free removal of squeegee and
squeegee blades
Adfinity™ 20D/X20D/X20C/X24D
available with EcoFlex™ System
Automatic Scrubbers
20 and 24 inch disc and 20 inch cylindrical scrub paths, with traction drive
14.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks
Smart Solutions™ Flow Rate
EcoFlex™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System (X20D, X20C, X24D)
Onboard Battery Charger
Variable Pad Pressure
Interchangeable Scrub Decks
Tools-free removal of squeegee and squeegee blades
Features that Make Scrubbing a Breeze
Many of our automatic scrubbers feature One-Touch™ operator controls for the easiest
operation. They also feature an onboard battery charger for the quickest, most
convenient charging option. To save water and detergent, we’ve designed all of our
scrubbers with Smart Solutions™. This water-saving system guides the operator to select
the right water and chemical flow rate for their cleaning needs, thereby optimizing water
and chemical use. EcoFlex™ System is available on Adfinity™, SC750™, SC800™, Warrior™,
Advenger® and Adgressor® models. EcoFlex™ System models have One-Touch™ activation
for an on-demand cleaning burst of power. The Advance line of walk-behind scrubbers is
also equipped with features that make them easy to maintain. The Micromatic™ 14E
features a “lift-out” solution and recovery tank, while the Adfinity™ line features a tip-back
tank for full accessibility.
Adfinity™ X20R REV™
Random Orbital Floor Scrubber
20 inch scrub path
Random Orbital Scrubbing technology
EcoFlex™ System standard
Variable scrub pressure
Micro scrubbing 2,250 rpm
Macro scrubbing 30 rpm
One pass, uniform floor finish removal
10.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks
Super quiet 68.5 dB A sound level
Traction drive
Onboard charger
Warrior™ available with
EcoFlex™ System
SC750™ & SC800™ available with EcoFlex™ System
Automatic Scrubbers
Available in 26, 28 or 34 inch disc and 28 inch cylindrical scrub paths
Smart Solutions or EcoFlex™ System on all machines
Green cleaning and high productivity technology
SC750 with 21 gallon (80 L) solution and recovery tanks
SC800 with 25 gallon (95 L) solution and recovery tanks
Self adjusting skirt on disc machines
Heavy duty scrubbing performance
• Available in 28 and 32 inch scrub paths
• Tools-free interchangeable scrub decks
• Click-off disc scrub brushes
(EcoFlex™ System models)
• 30 gallon solution and recovery tanks
• Tools-free removable nose cone
• Optional EcoFlex™ System reduces environmental
impact and detergent costs
• Choice of onboard or free standing charger
• Simple and intuitive controls
• Soft-Touch™ paddle system
• Choice of wet-acid or maintenance-free gel batteries
• Whisper-quiet 71dB A sound level
• Ultra-Flow™ squeegee system
• Easy-access recovery tank
Automatic Walk-Behind Scrubbers
Automatic Scrubbers
Rider Scrubbers
Choose a Rider Scrubber for Increased Productivity
Advance has rider scrubbers suitable for cleaning small confined areas to large applications. The SC3000™
features a compact design, and provides user-friendly, maneuverable operation in multiple cleaning
applications—including those with limited access. The SC3000’s SafetyGlide™ Deck eliminates wasted
time and money spent on making adjustments and replacing side skirts. Simply turn the steering wheel; as
the machine turns, the deck automatically moves in line with the path of the rear squeegee, resulting in
100% water pick-up.
Need to clean large areas fast? The Advenger® rider scrubber can clean up to 31,500 square feet an hour and
features 28 gallon solution and recovery tanks, which extend cleaning time. Your operators will love the
Advenger for its ride-on design and low sound level. With an industry leading 63 inch aisle turning radius and
the ability to fit through a standard doorway, the Advenger rider scrubber can go anywhere.
The Advance 2800 ST and 3400 ST scrubbers deliver high performance results on a back-to-basics riderscrubber platform. Manual control of the scrub deck and squeegee replace intricate electronics to keep
operation simple without sacrificing performance.
For even bigger cleaning jobs, Advance’s Adgressor® rider scrubber is built tough, offering scrub deck options of
either 35 or 38 inches wide and cleaning up to 46,200 square feet per
hour. Both the Advenger and Adgressor offer interchangeable scrub
decks that let you change between disc and cylindrical decks, for
maximum cleaning flexibility.
Compact Rider Scrubber
• 26 inch scrub path
• SafetyGlide™ deck automatically
moves in the direction of turn
• Standard EcoFlex™ System reduces
environmental impact and
detergent costs
• 21 gallon solution and
recovery tanks
• 65 and 61 dB A sound levels
• Integrated squeegee hanger
• Debris catch cage
• Onboard charger standard
Advenger® & Advenger®
with EcoFlex™ System
2800 ST & 3400 ST
Rider Automatic Scrubbers
• Available with 28 inch (71 cm) and
34 inch (86 cm) scrub decks
• 28 gallon (106 L) solution and recovery
tanks with Total Clean® technology
• Manual control of the scrub deck and
rear squeegee eliminates complicated
control boards
• Simplified one button control panel
with minimal electronics
• Green cleaning and high productivity
technology standard
• Optional EcoFlex™ System reduces
environmental impact and detergent costs
• Tools-free interchangeable scrubs decks 28 inch (71 cm) and 34 inch (86 cm) disc
or 28 inch (71cm) cylindrical
• 28 gallon (106 L) solution and recovery
tanks with Total Clean® technology
• One-Touch™ scrubbing with calibrated
brush pressure and solution flow
Rider Scrubbers
Adgressor® & Adgressor®
with EcoFlex™ System
Rider Scrubbers
Rider Automatic Scrubbers
Available in 35 or 38 inch disc scrub paths
Easy to clean 42 gallon solution and recovery tanks
36 Volt battery system
Rugged design with heavy gauge steel chassis and metal bumper
Optional EcoFlex™ System reduces environmental impact and
detergent costs available on 28 and 32 inch sizes
• Battery watering system standard on EcoFlex System models;
Kit available as an option on non EcoFlex System machine
Flexibility for Every Kind of Clean
EcoFlex™ System lets you clean green and still meet the highest expectations for clean floors. With
the industry’s most flexible floor-scrubber technology, you can develop a sustainable cleaning routine
and quickly adjust to whatever the job demands. Be prepared to get more out of your budget, clean
with less impact to the environment and maintain clean floors when you do.
Operators can quickly and easily select the right blend of pad pressure, water and detergent to
tackle any cleaning challenge. Here are just a few of the flexible cleaning modes:
• Water Only – Perfect for removing surface dirt and maintaining the clean look of floors. Wateronly mode eliminates the impact of detergents on the environment and reduces cleaning costs.
• Ultra-low Detergent – Well suited for routine cleaning where a small amount of green-certified
detergent will do the trick. Water and detergent are dispensed separately at the scrub deck,
eliminating solution waste.
• Standard Detergent – The tough cleaning you expect. At standard detergent, pad pressure and
flow rate, you’ll have a combination powerful enough to pull stubborn dirt, grease, and oil from
the surface.
Different areas, floor types and facilities need
different cleaning. With the ability to easily select
the right blend of pad pressure, water and
detergent, you can tackle any cleaning challenge.
Effortlessly switch between water-only cleaning or
different cleaning intensities at the touch of a
button. User-friendly controls let you add extra
muscle for heavily soiled areas or on tough-toclean surfaces such as porous or grouted floors.
Cleaning green with the EcoFlex System is
efficient and contributes to building sustainability.
The flexibility to develop a cleaning routine that
works for your facility and to make on-the-fly
adjustments will help you get the most out of all
of your resources — from water and detergent to
time and equipment.
Maintaining a clean, healthy indoor environment
for you and the people in your building is hasslefree with EcoFlex. Detergent use, pad pressure
and flow rate are right at your fingertips. The
controls and operation are so simple that
operators won’t have to hesitate to make
adjustments for higher sanitary standards,
different surface types or unexpected
cleaning challenges.
Rider Scrubbers
• Burst of Power – For deep, restorative cleaning or unexpected challenges. EcoFlex’s burst of
power temporarily increases your machine’s pad pressure, detergent use and flow rate at the
touch of a button.
Wet/Dry Tank Vacuums
Advance Wet/Dry Vacuums for Daily Use
Wet messes, dry dirt, or somewhere in between, Advance has the right wet/dry tank vacuums
for almost any daily cleaning challenge.
Known throughout the industry for rugged reliability, versatile Sprite® 16 vacuums excel in wet
and dry applications. Used daily in hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools and universities,
government buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, warehouses, distribution centers, retail
stores and airports, operators can count on Sprite for many years of service. For powerful,
simple, quiet and efficient cleaning, put the Sprite 16 to work on your floors. Sprite models
feature a clear cover to allow workers to see the water and chemical level in the tank. A short
pig-tail cord attaches to your 50 foot cable, eliminating the need to wrap a long cord around
the machine between uses.
Plus, the Advance Sprite® 16 Pro features a stripper dispensing tool and is designed to reduce
the time it takes to strip floors.
Sprite® 16 &
Sprite® 16 Pro
Wet/Dry Tank Vacuums
Wet/Dry Tank Vacuums
• 16 gal tank capacity
• 24 inch front mount squeegee standard,
S-WAND tools purchased separately
• Sprite Pro model features stripper
dispensing assembly
• 970 Watt, 2 stage motor, waterlift 88 inch,
91 CFM, 73 dB A
• Empty by tip-and-pour or front drain hose,
50 foot grounded power cord
• Removable tank for easy cleaning
• Clear dome
• Detachable cord
AWD w/ and w/o Air Scoop™
Wet/Dry Tank Vacuums
• Available in 20 and 15 gallon sizes, with compact
footprint to take up minimal room in tight spaces
• Front mount squeegee optional in 24 inch or
30 inch sizes
• Adjustable handle folds over machine for
easy transport
• Optional H.E.P.A. filtration available
All-Purpose Cleaners
Touchless Cleaning for Increased Productivity
Advance’s All-Purpose Cleaning Systems offer touch-less cleaning that is up to three times faster
than traditional methods. Advance’s All Cleaner™ answers the call for an affordable, touch-less
approach to cleaning restrooms and other areas with hard surfaces. You’ll improve productivity
and see better results – now that’s smart cleaning.
When it comes to versatility, the All Cleaner makes the most of its small design. Its open chemical
system allows use of any two chemical bottles (including green cleaning approved solutions) and
controls the dilution rate for the proper application each time. And whether your bottle is round or
rectangle, it will fit in the holding wells on the All Cleaner.
With the All Cleaner™, you’ll save precious storage space in your equipment closet because of its
compact size.
The All Cleaner™ XP has a powerful 500 psi pump. Combine the pump strength with the variable
spray gun and you can attack the most challenging cleaning projects.
Reel Cleaner®
All-Purpose Cleaner
• 25 gallon clean water tank
• Onboard storage for standard accessories
• Any shape chemical bottle fits on
the machine
• Clean water gauge for emptying and
monitoring tank
• Clam-shell design for ease of servicing
• 2 chemical metering system
• Low profile and compact design
for ease of transporting
All Cleaner™ &
All Cleaner™ XP
• Compact and maneuverable
• 20 gallon solution and 12 gallon
recovery tanks
• 2 chemical metering system with
universal chemical storage
• 200 psi application flow (All Cleaner™)
• 500 psi application flow (All Cleaner™ XP)
• Optional front mount squeegee for
easy water pick-up
• Simple storage for recovery and
solution hose
• Removable pallete contains all
electrical components
By Hand
All-Purpose Cleaners
All-Purpose Cleaners
Specialty Products / Pressure Washers
Adphibian™ Multi-Surface Extractor-Scrubber
Building service contractors and in-house cleaners need equipment solutions that meet the
multiple cleaning demands they face today. The Advance Adphibian™ multi-surface
extractor/scrubber is the answer. The Adphibian™ cleans both soft and hard floor surfaces.
Maximum efficiency and flexibility are gained because cleaning staff are able to go from prespraying and extracting on carpeted floors, to scrubbing hard floors with just one machine.
Within 30 seconds, and with no tools required, the Adphibian’s new patent-pending technology
allows operators to switch between a full-functioning carpet extractor and a full-functioning
cylindrical scrubber. And, the specially designed anti-microbial brushes are effective on all
surface types.
Dust Magnet™ Dry Dust Mopping System
Advance’s Dust Magnet™ is a statically charged dry dusting system that attracts dust like a
magnet. Disposable dusting sheets eliminate the mess, laundry and chemical expense you get
with other dust mops.
Dust Magnet™
Dry Dust Mopping Systems
• Dry dusting system uses
disposable dusting sheets
• Super lightweight aluminum system
• Simple static electricity attracts
dust and holds it
• 23, 46 and 59 inch wide cleaning
path options
• Sheets come in convenient
pre-cut boxes of 200, or a
continuous roll of 100 sheets
Specialty Products / Pressure Washers
Multi-Surface Extractor-Scrubber
• Full function extractor and scrubber with
AXP™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System
• Single deck, less than 30 seconds to change
from extracting to scrubbing
• CRI SOA Approved Deep Cleaning Extractor
in both LIFT ™ low-moisture and restoration
cleaning modes
• LIFT ™ Technology for low-moisture cleaning
• Dual, anti-microbial counter rotating brushes
with debris collection hopper
• Brushes, squeegee and vacuum shoes are
removable without tools
AdSpray™ 1500A
Pressure Washer
• 2 gpm and up to 1,450 psi
• 2 hp electric motor
• Includes: Hose, spray gun and wand,
chemical injector and thermal valve
AdSpray™ 1000XPC
Pressure Washer
• Cart mounted electric pressure washer
available with a 1.5 hp electric motor
• 2.2 gpm and up to 1,000 psi
• Handles up to 140º F
• Includes: Hose, spray gun and wand,
chemical injector and thermal valve
Keeping your equipment working effectively is essential for superior cleaning. Advance provides
manufacturing parts and components through Nilfisk Genuine OEM Parts to help keep your
Advance products working at peak performance. OEM parts are designed and built for our
machines so they can be counted on to maintain our machines. They are value priced and quality
built. By choosing Nilfisk Genuine OEM Parts, you can be certain you’re getting the quality part you
need for your machine.
Nilfisk-Advance’s fundamental attitude to the working environment and pollution is in
accordance with the first principle of the United Nations conference declaration on Environment
and Development (Rio, 1992):
“People are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.”
Our environmental policy states, among other things:
• the employees shall have a safe, healthy, motivating and inspiring working environment
• the utilization of resources shall be continuously improved
• our production must be controlled, including development, sourcing and deliveries, in order to
minimize environmental impact
We actively participate in manufacturing practices that are
environmentally friendly, including:
• recycling and reuse of our rotomold plastic, giving it new use as battery tray housing
• recycling of all metals, aluminum, cardboard and batteries
• efficient lighting in our corporate and manufacturing facilities that use less electricity
• equipment design technology that minimizes the amount of water needed to clean
Advance products are manufactured by Nilfisk-Advance Inc., the world’s largest
designer and manufacturer of high quality commercial and industrial floor
maintenance equipment.
A quality approach to cleaning is the commitment we make to every one of our
customers. Along with each machine comes pride, craftsmanship, innovative
technology, professional expertise and an international network of parts,
maintenance and service support professionals.
Reducing the Cost to Clean
Every aspect of our business revolves around creating cleaning solutions that
generate superior cleaning results, increase productivity and reduce the cost of
ownership. The result is superior cleaning products that drive down the cost of
cleaning. The pride we take in production and service will become your pride of
ownership when you buy Advance equipment.
At Advance, we are defining cleaning innovation.
©2011, Nilfisk-Advance, Inc., Printed in U.S.A., Form L1587A 9-7-11