HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC

HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11bg WLAN, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, eSATA, HDMI, Webca...
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HP Pavilion
Notebook PC
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InFocus X6 DLP Projector
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Laptops Notebooks > AMD Based Laptops > Refurbished
HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion X2
Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11b/g WLAN, 4GB DDR2, 250GB
HDD, DL DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, eSATA, HDMI, Webcam, Windows
Vista Home Premium
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Targus OCN1 15.4" Notepac
Notebook Case
7 Item:
HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr
Refurbished Notebook PC
7 Item:
Ultra 100" Diagonal 16:9
Manual ProjectionScreen
3 Item:
HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC
It’s one of the most powerful laptop computers ever offered at an affordable price. It’s the HP
Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC. And it’s powered by a 2.1GHz AMD Turion X2 DualCore Ultra ZM-80 processor with a 2MB L2 cache. Onboard this 5.84-pound laptop are some of the
best components in the industry. 4096MB of DDR2 memory (that’s 4GB!), a 250GB 5400RPM hard
drive, an ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics processor, a LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVD±R/RW with
Double Layer Support optical drive, 802.11b/g wireless, a brilliant 15.4-inch WXGA high-definition
BrightView widescreen, and much more (please see complete specifications below). All running on
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit with Service Pack 1). This is the real deal. A
desktop replacement – and then some. More firepower in a compact design than you’ll find anywhere
else at this price. The HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC – performance you can
take with you anywhere.
What It Is & Why You Need It
The HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC is powered by a 2.10GHz AMD Turion
X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 processor with a 2MB L2 cache.
This is the real deal. A desktop replacement – and then some.
The HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC provides spectacular performance you
can take with you anywhere.
13 Items: $31,494.18
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Microsoft Office
Home and Student
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Startup Operating System:
Optional Operating Systems:
Operating System Licenses Included:
More Microsoft Office
Windows Vista™ Home Premium (64-bit)
Microsoft® Windows® Vista Family (available separately)
Windows Vista™ Home Premium
Notebook PC
http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4251730&sku=M975-150006[11/28/2008 11:40:06 AM]
Logitech 2.1 Audio
Hub Notebook PC
HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11bg WLAN, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, eSATA, HDMI, Webca...
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HP Pavilion
Notebook PC
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Compaq Presario
Notebook PC
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HP Pavilion
Notebook PC
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# 5
Gateway M-1626
Laptop Computer
Expansion Ports:
PS/2 Mouse Connectors:
PS/2 Keyboard Connectors:
Serial Communication Ports:
Parallel Ports:
USB Ports:
1 - Express Card Slot/54 or 34
FireWire Ports:
Fast Infrared Ports (FIR):
LAN Ports:
Modem Ports:
Audio Out Jacks:
Line In Jacks:
Microphone Jacks:
VGA Ports:
S-Video Connectors:
DVI Video:
Port Replicator/Connector:
Processor Brand:
Processor Class:
Processor Speed:
Processor Cache:
Additional Technologies:
Memory Type:
Memory Size:
Memory Speed:
Memory Slots (Total):
Memory Slots (Available):
Maximum Memory Supported:
Optical Drive Type:
Supplemental Drive Type:
Media Types:
Audio Description:
Graphics Description:
Video Memory:
Video Interface:
Communications Description:
Integrated Audio
Interface Type:
RJ-11 Phone Connector
RJ-45 Ethernet Connector
802.11b/g Wireless Networking
Data Transfer Rate:
10/100Mbps NIC
56Kbps Modem
54 Mbps
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Mouse Type:
Scrolling Capability:
Keyboard Type:
Display Type:
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1 - eSATA/USB 2.0 Combo
1 - Consumer IR
More Computer Speakers
Targus OCN1 15.4"
Notepac Notebook
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1 - TV Out
Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80 Dual-Core Mobile Processor
More Executive
HP Officejet C5580
2 MB L2 Cache
HyperTransport™ Technology
4GB (2GB X 2)
DDR2 800
8GB (Requires 64-bit Operating System)
250GB (5400 RPM)
Dual Layer DVD±RW with LightScribe
Media Reader
Memory Stick
xD-Picture Card
Memory Stick PRO
Multi Media Card
Dedicated Graphics
ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 Graphics RS780M
Up to 1918 MB Total Available Graphics Memory
S-Video, HDMI, VGA
Integrated Wireless LAN
Integrated LAN
Integrated Modem
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More MFC / All-in-1 Inkjet
MoGo Mouse X54
Wireless Mouse and
Media Remote
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More Bluetooth Mice
Targus Mini
Kaleidoscope Mouse
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More Mice & Trackballs
Ultra USB Notebook
1.37" - 1.65"
5.84 lbs
Touch Pad
Dedicated ScrollPad
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101 Key US Keyboard
WXGA with High-Definition BrightView
http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4251730&sku=M975-150006[11/28/2008 11:40:06 AM]
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HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11bg WLAN, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, eSATA, HDMI, Webca...
Viewable Screen Size:
Maximum Resolution:
Battery Type:
Battery Life:
1280 x 800
6-Cell Lithium-ion
Logitech VX Nano
Cordless Laser
Mouse For Notebook
A Quality Verified Refurbished Product
When an electronic product is shipped back to the manufacturer, for whatever reason, where it is inspected,
restored to original specification (if needed), tested and/or repackaged for resale, the item can no longer
sold as "new", but can only be sold as "refurbished". Our refurbished items are verified and restored to
original working condition after undergoing an intensive inspection process by factory qualified service
technicians. This allows us to offer refurbished products with confidence, and provide them to you at a
substantially discounted price. See below for our warranty and available options. For more information about
buying quality refurbished products, click here.
HP Pavilion dv5 Series (Vista) - Notebook Tour Guide
Technology Advisory: Recovery Media
Technology Guide: Getting The Most From Your Laptop Battery
Technology Guide: Why Back Up? The importance of protecting your data!
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HP StorageWorks
Media Vault Pro
mv5140 1TB NAS
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HP Connectivity
Starter Kit
What You Should Know
Keep It Private!
3M Privacy Filters Help You Comply with Federal Confidentiality Laws
3M Privacy Computer Filters help companies comply with federal legislation requiring
confidential personal information be kept confidential. 3M Privacy Computer filters can
help medical facilities (i.e. hospitals, clinics, health insurance companies, etc.) comply
with the Health Insurance Portability & Accessibility Act (HIPAA). The privacy filters
are a simple accessory to desktop monitors, both LCD and CRT, as well as laptop
computers. They darken the viewable area of the monitor screen when viewed from
the side, which helps prevent the release of confidential personal information that
must be protected. Similar legislation exists for those in the financial industry. The
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) places the same restrictions on banks, finance
companies, mortgage companies and credit card companies, to name a few. They
even help with PCI & SOX!
Click Here to See all our 3M Privacy Filters »
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LightScribe Technology
Bringing Your CDs and DVDs to Life!
No doubt you’ve labeled your CD and DVD collections with
magic markers or sticky adhesive labels that tend to fray
and peel. No matter how neat you are, this labeling
technique lacks the professional feel you get from preproduced disks. And it’s certainly not a system that
adequately reflects the great quality video and music you’ve
painstakingly collected over the years. Thanks to
LightScribe Technology those ragtag days of sloppy looking
labels are over. Now you can create customized,
professional-looking labels using the same laser that burns
your data-right inside your CD/DVD drive! And it’s all
incredibly simple to do with LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling
It's easy to burn a label with LightScribe. Follow these short steps to start burning right away.
Remember, making labels and burning your data are two separate steps. You may burn your data
either before or after you burn your label.
Click Here For More Info »
Make sure you have a LightScribe-enabled disc drive. Just look for the
LightScribe logo on the outside of your drive or somewhere on your
Click Here for Lightscribe Burners »
Get your LightScribe media. Look for the LightScribe logo on the CD and
DVD packages at your favorite retailers. Regular CDs and DVDs can not
be Lightscribe labeled.
Click For our CD-R Lightscribe Discs or DVD Lightscribe Discs
Install your label-making software
(it may already be pre-installed on
new PCs). Use the install CD that
came bundled with your hardware
or purchase
http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4251730&sku=M975-150006[11/28/2008 11:40:06 AM]
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HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11bg WLAN, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, eSATA, HDMI, Webca...
label-burning software here »
In addition to label-making
software, you'll need LightScribe
System Software. Each hardware
manufacturer will provide the
optimal version for their systems,
but universal versions are also
available in our Downloads section
for Windows, Mac, and Linux
platforms. In some cases, the
LightScribe System Software is
included in the labeling application.
Otherwise, it needs to be installed
Create your label design. If you have an application that creates disc
labels, click the their step-by-step instructions.
What is ExpressCard™ technology?
ExpressCard technology is the name of a new standard introduced by PCMCIA in spring 2003. The
ExpressCard standard delivers thinner, faster and lighter modular expansion to desktop and
notebook computer users. Consumers can add hardware capabilities such as memory, wired and
wireless communications cards and security devices by simply inserting these modules into their
systems. All ExpressCard slots accommodate modules designed to use either Universal Serial Bus
(USB*) 2.0, or the emerging PCI*Express standards.
Click here for more info
Even The Best Hard Drives Die. Do You Back Up?
Businesses of all sizes are witnessing an explosion in the volume of data they hold. Whether it is
the result of the Internet, email, or increasingly heavy and media-rich application software, there is
a massive growth in the volume of data all around. Conservative estimates place data growth at
approximately 80% per year. Data is increasingly being recognized as one of the real assets of a
company, and losing this data would cause severe damage to any organization.
Data loss can be very costly, particularly for organizations in the small and medium business (SMB)
market where the difference between survival and closure can rest on the ability to recover from a
disaster. At the very least, critical data loss will have a financial impact on companies of all sizes:
Data type
Time to re-create 20 MB
Sales and marketing
19 days
21 days
42 days
The financial impact on a company is a combination of loss of business, low productivity, legal
action, and the cost of re-creating data. A study showed that the cost of re-creating just 20 MB of
data can be extensive!
Your best solution, is an external drive as a backup. You can have multiple drives, and it is much
easier restore from a portable external drive, as opposed to CDs or DVDs.
Click Here For External Hard Drives »
Click Here For Network Attached Storage »
Why Do I Have Less Drive Space?
Your hard drive may show less space than the published specifications due to a number of reasons.
The way size is calculated and displayed.
Any "Partitions" on the disk will change the total in a specific partition.
Hidden files and folders decrease available space.
Compression increases the apparent size, but not the physical size.
Drives larger than the OS or Drivers natively supports.
First, the definition of a megabytes (or gigabytes) is a unit
of data storage capacity measured in 1,048,576 bytes (or
1024KB). The larger the numbers, the more apparent the
size difference will be when listing the size as megabytes (or
gigabytes) versus bytes. Actually, both numbers are correct.
The noticeable difference is due to the 1024KB definition of
a megabyte. This is why a 95.3GB hard drive can also be
listed as having 102 billion bytes of total space. Just think
of it as "round off" In the screen shot at right: The first
http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4251730&sku=M975-150006[11/28/2008 11:40:06 AM]
HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11bg WLAN, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, eSATA, HDMI, Webca...
number is the total number of bytes, the second number is
based on the number of megabytes or gigabytes.
Second, some computers have a non-DOS hard drive
partition that is used for features such as Save to Disk,
Hibernation, or Recovery. This partition is not normally
reported by the operating system, although it can be viewed
using a disk partition utility. This is very common on
desktops and laptops. NOTE: Partition information will be
created or formatted automatically during initial system
setup and a system recovery.
Third, by default, all system files are hidden and cannot be seen. This may adversely affect the
reporting of available hard drive space. You can set your Folder Options so you view system and
hidden files and folders, but do be careful as changes to system files can adversely affect your
Fourth, if you turn on Compression for a drive, it will increase reported free space and used space,
but since compression is based upon the actual contents, this number is not fixed, but will change as
files are added or changed.
Fifth, older operating systems did not support some of today's larger drives, so the total space
reported may be much smaller than the drive specifications.
It is also worth noting that bad sectors are corrected by your operating system and can change the
total drive space, free space, or used space as well.
So as long as a drive is reporting a value approximately close to the specification value, you can be
comfortable that you received the right drive and that you are getting to correct data storage. Of
course, tuning of your drive's partitions and options can yield optimal values, but this is not something
for the average user to explore.
How Compatible Is HDMI?
HDMI is fully backward compatible with PCs, displays and consumer electronics devices
incorporating the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) standard. Both HDMI and DVI were pioneered by
Silicon Image and are based on TMDS®, Silicon Image's powerful, high-speed, serial link
technology. HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital
audio on a single cable. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports 8-channel digital audio,
and with 5 Gbps of bandwidth, HDMI can accommodate future enhancements and requirements.
Because HDMI was designed specifically for consumer electronics applications, it offers an array of
additional consumer enhancements. As digital content can manifest itself in a variety of sizes,
resolutions and formats, HDMI-enabled systems will automatically configure to display content in
the most effective format. In addition, if implemented in a specific device, HDMI enables a single
remote point and click, allowing manufacturers to deliver home theater systems that automatically
configure from a single command from a remote control -- turning on or off the components
necessary to view a DVD, listen to a CD, or watch cable or satellite TV.
What is the difference between HDMI 1.3 and HDMI 1.3a, or 1.3b?
For consumers, there is no difference between HDMI version 1.3 and 1.3a or 1.3b. These minor
revisions to the specification typically relate to manufacturing or testing issues and do not impact
features or functionality in a specific product. In addition, HDMI Licensing, LLC is actively working
with manufacturers to reduce confusion for consumers by de-emphasizing version numbers and
focusing instead on product features and functionality.
How can I identify which HDMI products support a specific feature, such as DVD Audio or
Deep Color?
The key for consumers to remember is that HDMI has consistently enabled a variety of the most
innovative new technologies (whether they are DVD Audio, SACD, 1080p/60, etc.). However, in
many cases, it is up to each manufacturer to choose which features to implement in any given
product. The manufacturer can choose the mix of features that makes sense for its customers and
products. So, customers must choose devices that have the features that they want (instead of
focusing on which version of HDMI is implemented by the device.). Consumers interested in
confirming whether a particular consumer electronics product supports DVD-Audio or any other
feature over HDMI are urged to review users’ manuals and product reviews, or check with
manufacturers directly.
What Is Firmware Upgradeable?
Many of today's electronics product are designed for today's standards. Yet like personal
computers, they have advanced capabilities that will let them be upgraded for use with new
technologies and standards. The ability to upgrade the firmware of an electronics product allows
you to extend the useful lifespan of the device you purchase, and be able to expect support for
many (if not all) of the emerging new standards.
What is the difference between Active HDMI and Passive HDMI?
There is no active or passive HDMI in the HDMI specification. These terms apply to cables. Active
cables have built-in electronics to enable long cable runs, and typically these cables require a
power supply. These cables use active electronics to help push the signal farther than typical
passive cables.
http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4251730&sku=M975-150006[11/28/2008 11:40:06 AM]
HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11bg WLAN, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, eSATA, HDMI, Webca...
Hyper-Transport Technology
HyperTransport™ technology is a high-speed, low latency, point-to-point
link designed to increase the communication speed between integrated
circuits in computers, servers, embedded systems, and networking and
telecommunications equipment up to 48 times faster than some existing
HyperTransport™ technology helps reduce the number of buses in a
system, which can reduce system bottlenecks and enable today's faster
microprocessors to use system memory more efficiently in high-end
multiprocessor systems.
HyperTransport™ technology is designed to:
Provide significantly more bandwidth than current technologies
Use low-latency responses and low pin counts
Maintain compatibility with legacy PC buses while being extensible
to new SNA (Systems Network Architecture) buses.
Appear transparent to operating systems and offer little impact on
peripheral drivers.
Click above to view available flash media.
Got Enough Memory? Bet You'll Need More!
Windows Vista and today's software applications make much greater demands on your system's
memory. Adding peripherals, like webcams, USB hard drives, and complex Internet pages, all take
memory. Watching DVD movies, or watching videos on the web, or playing PC based games
demand increased memory. So take full advantage of your system's potential, your operating
system's enhancement and entertainment capabilities, and your software's productivity by
expanding your system memory!
The best time to add more memory is when you buy your system! Get the memory that's right for
your computer, whether laptop, desktop, or All-In-One. Click Here for our Memory Upgrade
Options. »
Shared Memory? Or Where Did My Memory Go?
Your computer uses memory to run your Operating System, applications, peripherals, and to
generate and display graphics on your computer monitor. Video memory is a form of RAM, and is
either built into your motherboard; or on a graphics card (video card). Depending on the
motherboard's configuration, and that of the video card (if separate or built-in to the motherboard),
your computer may have to draw on its own RAM memory to meet its video memory needs. This
creates shared memory, where your computer’s RAM will be shared between its own Processor
(CPU) and its graphics chip.
The result is that some systems will have shared memory, some will not. If you have 2GB (for
example) of system memory installed, you may notice that your system reports significantly less
memory. This is because your system is using shared memory for your video.
What can you do about this?
You can actually configure this shared memory through your computer’s BIOS settings. However,
this is a setting best left alone, since it is typically optimized for display performance, and making
changes may impact display resolutions, and other video capabilities.
The simplest solution is usually to either: increase your system memory; or to upgrade the video
hardware. By upgrading to a new video card with built-in video memory, then turning off shared
memory, you will free your system to use it's maximum potential memory, and provide your
system with much more robust video features.
Click Here for our Memory Options » Click Here for the latest Video Cards »
How Much Memory Do You Really Have?
When you look at the specifications for a computer, it will display the installed memory, and
typically the maximum memory that can be installed. However, while these are real values, they
represent a potential useable memory. The actual useable memory may be different from these
values. The reason is simply that a computer may configured to use shared memory, which reduces
http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4251730&sku=M975-150006[11/28/2008 11:40:06 AM]
HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11bg WLAN, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, eSATA, HDMI, Webca...
the amount of RAM that is available to the CPU by using some of it for other purposes, such as for
video memory. In some cases, you can control the maximum useable memory through system
settings, and by upgrading to a video card that has internal onboard video memory.
But always remember, that the amount of memory that your system reports, is not always the
amount of actual installed memory. If you find that you need more memory, we suggest expanding
your system memory, since this is the most effective performance increase, and the one that is
easiest to perform .
Click Here for our Memory Upgrade Options »
Most computer systems no longer include "Recovery Media" (Disks or CDs or DVDs used to restore
your computer system to its factory shipped state). This is not specific to systems purchased from
one company, but now standard practice throughout the entire industry.
Click here to read more about creating your own Recovery Media »
What Is USB 2.0?
USB 1.1 was great when it was introduced almost a decade ago. But the newer USB 2.0 transfers
data dramatically faster - up to 40 times quicker. Plus, USB 2.0 provides additional bandwidth for
multimedia and storage applications, which are growing larger every year. Also to your advantage is
the fact that USB 2.0 is forward and backward compatible with USB 1.1, which means that cables
and connectors made for the original USB configuration will also work perfectly in a USB 2.0 port,
though some newer devices are specifically designed for USB 2.0. It is always a good idea to verify
the version of USB supported by each device you want to use.
Limited Warranty
This Item's Warranty is:
- 3 Months Parts
- 3 Months Labor
Warranty provided by
- HP
- View Warranty Info
HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion
X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11b/g WLAN, 4GB
Webcam, Windows Vista Home Premium
Manufactured by: HP
Mfg Part No: RB-HPFE765UAR
UPC No: 884420402237
Box Size: ( Length: 19, Width: 5, Depth: 14 )
Shipping Weight: 8.4000 pound(s)
Limited Warranty:
3 months parts; 3 months labor
Click here for full warranty and support information
Limited Warranty: A full text version of the limited
warranty may be obtained by mailing a self addressed,
stamped envelope to the address below and requesting
the warranty for item number: M975-150006
Warranty Information
7795 W. Flagler St. Suite 35
Miami, FL. 33144
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http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4251730&sku=M975-150006[11/28/2008 11:40:06 AM]
HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Refurbished Notebook PC - AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Ultra ZM-80 2.10GHz, 802.11bg WLAN, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA, eSATA, HDMI, Webca...
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