Medeco XT
The Medeco Solution for Controlled
Access and Accountability
Medeco XT is a powerful Intelligent Key System that uses
innovative technology to deliver a flexible, cost-effective
solution for access control and accountability on every
opening. The XT system installs quickly and easily without
the need for wiring, a power supply, or changes to existing
door hardware. Cloud-based hosting services ensure that
a facility’s database is always secure, always accessible and
always up-to-date.
The Medeco XT System Provides:
Controlled Access
Keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks during a designated schedule. Schedules may
also contain an expiration point to completely disable the key until it is audited and reprogrammed.
Audit information recorded in both the lock and key shows a time- and date-stamped record of every event,
including authorized accesses and unauthorized attempts. This data can be viewed in the conventional
spreadsheet fashion using the Audit Report or can be displayed graphically using Visual Audit that greatly
enhances your ability to see issues quickly.
Electronic Rekeying and Scheduling
Respond quickly to security threats, lost or stolen keys or personnel changes without the added cost
of changing your locks and keys.
Easy Installation
Medeco XT keys provide all power to the cylinder, eliminating the need for any hard wiring or power supply.
Simply remove the existing mechanical cylinder and install the Medeco XT cylinder.
Physical Security
Medeco XT products add a wide variety of intelligent features without compromising on physical security.
Attack-resistant design and tamper-proof features provide strong protection against forced entry.
Cloud-Based Security and Convenience
Online access to all programming, analytics and full audit reports are offered with the convenience of
cloud-based software.
Efficient System Management
Medeco cloud-based XT Web Manager Software contains tools that will help you manage your security
more efficiently. Flexible programming, scheduled access and full audit reports are offered with the
convenience of cloud-based software.
Wide Variety of Cylinders
Medeco XT cylinders are available to fit nearly any application or hardware type for enhanced security
and accountability.
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Eliminate Costly Rekeying
The Medeco XT system eliminates the expense of physically rekeying locks and
replacing keys. All rekeying is done electronically through the programming of the keys.
Providing Accountability to Sensitive Information
Audit records can identify which employees have access to sensitive information, such
as employee documents, healthcare records or student transcripts.
Grant After-Hours and Temporary Access
Electronic scheduling gives you the flexibility to control access around the clock,
including providing temporary access. Both cylinder and key retain records of when
all accesses occur.
Control Inventory Loss
With audit records in both the lock and the key, you can easily identify which
employees have accessed storage areas for greater inventory control.
Achieving Physical Security Regulatory Compliance
Medeco XT offers an easy-to-deploy access control solution to address physical
security compliance requirements in many industries. Because it is a simple cylinder
retrofit, Medeco XT is also ideal for providing access control in remote locations that
utilize padlocks as part of the overall infrastructure.
Manage Employee Turnover
Electronic rekeying and remote-access programming lets you respond immediately to
personnel changes, even if keys are not returned.
Simplify Key Control
Simplify key control by assigning employees a single intelligent key that gives them
access to all the locks they need to open.
Respond to Missing Keys
With electronic scheduling and rekeying, you can respond immediately when keys
go missing.
Prevent Copied Keys
Medeco XT Intelligent Keys cannot be copied like traditional mechanical keys.
Medeco XT Can Be Installed in Minutes, Eliminating
the Need for Wiring or Other Expensive Infrastructure
Medeco XT Intelligent Keys Allow You to
Reach 90% of Openings That Might Otherwise
Be Considered Cost Prohibitive
Lightweight and rechargeable
Power is in the key
Rechargeable battery
Water-resistant design
Key stores up to 16,000 cylinders
Key stores up to 10,000 rolling audit events
Dynamic memory
Customizable activation and expiration periods
Key status indicated by two-color LED display
Available XT Bluetooth key for wireless updates
via smartphone
Medeco XT Provides Access Control
to Any Opening
Hundreds of cylinder formats are available including SFIC
Quick, easy installation
Simple retrofit for mechanical cylinders
No power or wiring required
No changes to existing door hardware
Non-volatile memory
Stores up to 2,000 audit events
Rated for -40˚F to 140˚F
Break-away stainless steel plug face means lock
will fail-secure
Drill resistant inserts for higher security
Key System Security Managed Anywhere
in the World, Through the Cloud
Medeco XT Web Manager Ensures That a Facility’s
Database Is Always Accessible, Secure and Up-to-Date.
XT Web Manager is powerful cloud-based software used by the administrator to
manage the Medeco XT system from anywhere with internet access.
Available features include:
• Data analytics provide a visual audit of suspicious activity
• Program keys to control who has access to what and when access is allowed
• Pull time/date-stamped audits from keys and cylinders and generate reports
• Create and quickly change key access rights
• Create and quickly change schedules that define when access may occur
• Program keys to expire at a specific time and date and no longer operate until
revalidated; this enhances key control and reduces risks if key is lost or stolen
• Access profiles and cylinder groups speed programming for larger installations
• Web services for seamless integration with other software
• Eliminates the cost and maintenance of on-site servers and support, such
as anti-virus software, patches, updates, backup and HVAC/cooling
Access Control in the Cloud
Cloud services have become an integral part of our daily lives. In fact, we have come to
rely on the convenience and power of cloud computing for many daily activities, such
as smart phone usage, file sharing and media storage. And, just as they have changed
our personal lives, cloud services are also changing the way we do business. From IT
and marketing resources to collaboration and HR services, there are tools available for
businesses of every size and industry.
Now we can leverage the power of secure cloud-based subscription services to
change the way that we manage access control. Learn how you can use this innovative
technology to deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions help your customers increase
security, accountability and compliance on every opening.
Update Keys on the Go
Hosted by trusted and secure
Amazon Web Services
Medeco XT Air meets the
needs of an increasingly mobile
workforce. With the XT Air
App, users can quickly and
easily update keys via their
smartphone. The Bluetooth
wireless connection sends key
audit data automatically to the
XT Web Manager Software,
through the Cloud.
Medeco XT Programming Devices —
Bringing Your Key System Online
Medeco XT Programming devices are used to program keys and update access rights locally and remotely.
XT Air App:
For iOS and Android smartphones.
Allows your key to be programmed
anywhere using your smartphone.
Standard USB Programmer:
Used for programming and/or
charging a single XT key using a
standard micro-USB connection.
Network Programming Device:
Provides additional user
identification with PIN to
remotely program XT key
updates, key revalidation, key
firmware updates and audits.
Mobile Programming Device:
The Medeco XT Mobile Programmer
allows XT Keys to be programmed
remotely via Bluetooth when
connected to an Android Mobile
device running the Medeco XT Go App
(iOS not available).
Medeco XT Charging Devices —
Flexible Options for Rechargeable Keys
Medeco SPC Key Cabinet
The Medeco XT Secured Programming and Charging (SPC) device is a robust
metal key cabinet that secures up to 64 individual Medeco XT Intelligent Keys
with a special lock-in place feature — only an assigned user is able to retrieve the
key(s). While stored, each key recharges so it’s always ready to be used. For greater
scheduling flexibility, the Medeco XT SPC key cabinet contains an intuitive LCD
touch-screen device that conveniently programs the keys upon removal.
Multi-key Charger:
Used for charging and storing
multiple XT keys at a time.
USB Bullet Charger:
Charges XT keys when plugged
into a PC, AC adapter or car cord.
Enhance Your Medeco XT System With Valuable
Tools and Supporting Products
Medeco XT Safe Lock
The Medeco XT Safe Lock is a direct replacement for physical
security devices that utilize standard mechanical dial
combination locks or digital keypad locks. The Medeco XT
Safe Lock includes a Reader with Key Port mounted on the
outside of the safe door, and is available in one of three XT lock
configurations designed to meet a variety of retrofit needs:
Deadbolt, Spring Bolt and Swing Bolt.
Medeco XT Access Interface Module (AIM)
AIM allows the user to insert their Medeco XT key to
trigger actions in other systems. Using both authorized
and unauthorized event conditions, users can unlock
doors with electric strikes or maglocks, initiate video
cameras and bring attention to unauthorized events by
triggering access control or alarm panels.
Simplify the Installation of Medeco Products With the BILT App
BILT is a revolutionary new way to assemble and install Medeco products. Download the free BILT App on your phone or other
mobile device. BILT removes the guesswork for a trouble-free installation. The BILT program features easy-to-navigate screens in
a three-dimensional format. Zoom in, zoom out or rotate the image to see the installation from all angles.
The BILT App has installation instructions for various Medeco technologies and cylinders, including Medeco XT SFIC and
Mortise cylinder installation.
* Use BILT's step-by-step illustrations to help you install other Medeco cylinder technologies that use the same formats as above.
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