Mobile Audio Jack MSR and Smart Card Reader
Compact Magnetic Stripe and Smart Card Reader
ID TECH’s UniPay is the latest addition to the audio jack family of mobile card readers.
UniPay incorporates contact chip, smart card reading, with proven and reliable magnetic
stripe decoding which results in a compact mobile reader. Its small form factor and audio
jack interface is ideal for mobile applications where either magnetic stripe and/or smart
card reading are required.
Mobile Form Factor and Audio Jack Interface
ID TECH’s UniPay communications to the host via the audio jack port and is supported
on Apple and Android platforms with a SDK, to allow for simple and easy integration
into mobile payment applications. Also featured, is a USB port which can be used for
charging or communication with a PC. The UniPay’s efficient design minimize power
consumption to the host device battery life.
Payment Certifications
UniPay is EMV Level 1 approved and uses DUKPT Key management and TDES/AES
encryption to ensure magnetic stripe and smart card transactions are encrypted and
transmitted securely to the host device.
Features and Benefits:
• Audio headphone jack communication for
the latest Apple iOS and Android platforms
LED Indicator
Smart Card Reader
• EMV Level 1 approval
• RoHS 2 and REACH compliance
• TQM Label
• Low power consumption when reader is in
standby mode
• Compact and ergonomic design to integrate
with a variety of mobile devices
• Encrypted MSR and chip card reader with
DUKPT key management
• Micro-USB port for pass-through charging
and PC communication
• 1 year manufacturer warranty
MagStripe Card Reader
Specifications IDMR-AJ80233B
Interfaces: Environmental
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature: Humidity: United States Sales Office
Audio headphone jack
Corporate Headquarters
10721 Walker Street
Cypress, CA 90630
Phone: (714) 761-6368
Toll Free:(800) 984-1010
Fax: (714) 761-8880
32°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)
-22°F to 158°F (-30°C to 70°C)
Maximum 95% non-condensing
International Sales Offices
+866-3-496-6988 (Taiwan)
Operating Life:
MagStripe Reader: 300,000 card swipes minimum
Smart Card Reader: 100,000 card cycles minimum
Warranty: One year, parts and labor
Approvals: EMV Level 1, ROHS, FCC/CE
Dimension (L)x(W)x(H):
5.20 inches(132mm) x 2.83 inches (72mm) x 1.46inches (37mm)
Media Thickness:
0.027 inches (0.6858mm) minimum
0.035 inches (0.8382mm) maximum
Card Seated Switch: ICC fully-seated sensor
Color: Black
South America
Germany & United Kingdom
ISO 9001 Certified
©2013 International Technologies & Systems Corporation. ID TECH & ViVOpay is a registered trademark of International Technologies & Systems Corporation.
UniPay and Value through Innovation are trademarks of International Technologies & Systems Corporation. All specifications subject to change without notice.
80121502-001 R09/13
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