Brochure - Xerox® 4112™/4127™ Copier/Printer (PDF, 1.5

Xerox® 4112™/4127™
Xerox 4112/4127
Your choice to do more
and finish first!
Fast, Flexible and Easy. Our 4112 /4127 Copier/Printer is here to help you grow
your business. You can use it to expand your offerings to your customers, to build your
customer base and to boost your revenues. It puts a broad range of features and
capabilities right at your fingertips. All offer you new opportunities to produce
innovative, more complex, diverse and professional output quickly, flexibly and in
higher volumes, including applications targeted at customers in specific industries.
Right at your point of need, our
copier/printer offers you:
• Outstanding image quality and output
with excellent registration.
• High print speeds, up to 125 pages per
minute (ppm)—one of the fastest in its
class—as well as a highly productive
110 ppm.
• A robust set of in-line finishing options to
expand your applications capabilities.
• High-performance copying/scanning
at up to 100 simplex/duplex images
per minute (ipm).
• Your choice of three powerful servers
designed to meet your individual needs,
including our advanced, feature-rich
Integrated Copy/Print Server.
• Exceptional productivity so you can do
more within a shorter print window.
• Ease of use—everyone can be
comfortable using this copier/printer.
• Multiple feeding and paper-handling
options to boost both your productivity
and your ability to produce attentiongetting output.
• Proven reliability.
• Conveniently small footprint and
high-value pricing.
Innovative production solutions to
ensure a greener today and tomorrow.
For more information about our commitment to environmental sustainability
please visit
Innovative EA Toner technology plays
a key role in our copier/printer’s high
imaging quality:
• It enables finer lines for the highest
levels of detailing, sharp text, halftones
and deep solid blacks.
• EA Toner renders even the most
difficult line work, razor sharp.
• Higher rated toner yields let you
undertake longer print runs with less
operator intervention.
• Longer photoconductor life and lower
toner requirements per page contribute
to environmental friendliness.
Applications and Environments
Tabs and
Color Inserts
Bi-Fold, C-Fold, Z-Fold
Hole Punch
Our copier/printer lets you do more.
You’ll have the capabilities you need to
create an array of in-demand applications today—and to develop innovative
and business-generating applications in
the future. Here are some examples of
the types of applications you can easily
create and the businesses you can serve
with our copier/printer.
• Achieve consistently high productivity
with high speed.
Quick, Franchise or
Enterprise/In-plant Printers
• See professional results with in-line finishing.
Applications include complex jobs, manuals,
collaterals, newsletters, forms.
• Produce the high-quality output your
customers demand.
• Meet aggressive turnaround times.
• Offer more applications and services
(optional Full Color Scan Enablement Kit).
• Offer personalization using oneto-one software.
• Supports coated/extra-heavyweight media.
Legal, Insurance and Healthcare
Applications include evidentiary, discovery
and case management documents, schedules
and newsletters.
• Built-in Bates Stamping lets you generate
copies with customized 16-digit alphanumeric descriptors on each page.
• Easy document management.
• Increase productivity when you work
with Document Processing, Archiving
and Stamping software, like RSA, iPro,
Law and Ribstone.
• Communicate faster and more effectively
via scan to email.
• Flexibility to create both office publications
and transactional print documents.
Applications include teacher curriculum
materials, workbooks, student directories,
coursepacks, yearbooks.
• Teachers and others can create
uncollated sets with slip sheets for
classroom handouts; sets can be finished
with hole-punch or staple.
• Fast copy speed and broad media capacity
give teachers and assistants more time in
the classroom.
• Create envelope-ready correspondence
using the folder.
• Achieve better, more effective
communications with full-color scanning
and scan-to-email capabilities.
Staple and
Engineering Z-Fold
Service Bureau, Data Center
or Distributed Print
Applications include statements,
bills, schedules.
• The optional FreeFlow® Print Server
delivers native transaction (IPDS/LCDS)
publishing and personalized data stream
printing support.
• High reliability ensures you are able to
meet tight deadlines.
• Create high-value, high-impact applications
on the spot using color insertion, personalization, and in-line finishing.
Office Workgroup
Applications include newsletters, handouts,
presentations, reports, correspondence.
• Ease of use ensures copying, scanning and
printing are no-stress activities for everyone
in your environment.
• Expansive media capacity, more pick points,
and in-line hole-punch, stapling, folding
and booklet-making options reduce labor
requirements and ensure consistent results.
• Security features protect your data;
copy, scan and print data can be encrypted
or overwritten to meet your corporate
security standards.
Choice of Print Servers
Integrated Copy/Print Server
Optional Xerox FreeFlow Print Server
You’ll get a simple workflow with an easyto-use touch screen, FreeFlow® functionality,
excellent features and a small footprint:
You’ll get unmatched power and synergy
across our entire monochrome, color and
highlight color portfolio on top of a superior
feature set:
• Copy and Save Mode. Select “copy and
save” on the touch screen and, as you copy,
document images and settings are saved to
a mailbox/folder on the internal server.
• Thumbnail Preview. See a thumbnail view
of your copy/scan job right at the touch
screen. Allows you to merge jobs and delete
unwanted pages.
• Extensible Interface Platform (EIP).
This software platform enables you to
shape our copier/printer to fit the way you
work. Using standard web-based tools, your
developers can quickly build and access
applications that can be customized for
the user interface.
• Exception Page Programming. Easy
programming of your jobs right at your
PC print driver, for example, color covers
and inserts, tabs and Z-folds.
• Security. A large set of security features is
packed into one compact device, including
data encryption/overwrite capabilities and
removable hard drives.
• Bates Stamping. Built-in Bates Stamping
feature generates copies with customized
alpha-numeric descriptors on each page.
• You can now copy originals and get a
stack of uncollated copies with separators
for efficient distribution. Added benefit
includes the ability to staple and hole
punch these copies.
• The integrated copy/print server
supports our powerful FreeFlow Digital
Workflow features.
Integrated Copy/Print Server
• Process Speed and Capacity. Simultaneously receive, RIP, and print several jobs
at once or one long streaming job.
• Familiar Graphic User Interface.
Minimizes training and learning curves
and maximizes agility.
• Submit Jobs from Anywhere. For example,
desktop applications, host-based channel
connections, the Web, CD-ROMs, portable
USB devices and optional FreeFlow
Suite components.
• Scalability. You begin with production power
and a familiar workflow at a great price, add
only those feature licenses that you need to
meet your application requirements.
• Automated Job Ticketing and Customized
Job Workflows. Queues and hot folders let
you streamline your workflow with minimal
operator intervention.
• Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse.
They’re standard so you have out-of-thebox productivity.
• Print What You Want, When You
Want and Where You Want. Native
acceptance of most transaction data
streams, including IPDS, LCDS and VIPP.
Optional Xerox EX Print Server,
powered by Fiery®
Fits seamlessly into your Fiery workflow:
• Familiar Fiery Features. Easy access
to all of our copier/printer’s capabilities
in a familiar interface.
• Manage One or All of Your Fiery-Driven
Printers Across Your Enterprise. Color
and monochrome, via the popular Fiery
Command WorkStation™.
• Security Ensured. Internet Protocol
filtering and Port Blocking.
• Enhanced Productivity. Advanced
Queue Management capabilities reduce
bottlenecks and minimize downtime.
• Job Composition, Exception Page
Programming, Late-Stage Editing
and Personalization. With the Xerox
EX Print Server’s powerful processing
capabilities and print features.
• Insert Tabs. Gives you the flexibility to
build tabs for any job in the last possible
stage of the print process.
• Optional Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse.
• Optional EFI Impose, Fiery Edition.
Advanced and customizable
imposition features.
• Optional EFI Compose Package.
Visually-based job preparation, layout
and composition tasks.
• Remotely Manage Jobs and
Administration Tasks. For one device
or a fleet of monochrome, color and
highlight color devices.
• Strong Security. Provided via UNIX-based
platform and flexible control to define
settings for users and groups.
Xerox FreeFlow Print Server
Xerox EX Print Server, powered by Fiery
Speed and Productivity,
Image Quality and Ease of Use
Ease of Use
So simple to operate
Everyone from walk-up and casual users to
experienced operators will feel comfortable
using our copier/printer:
• Straightforward graphic user interface
(GUI) is rich in accessible features.
–– Full color touch screen lets you quickly
make your selections with intuitively
placed buttons.
–– Most commonly used functions
appear on main screen.
–– Look and feel matches your other
Xerox copiers and printers, reducing
learning curve.
Meet your tightest deadlines. Take on
more jobs and get them out the door
faster. Create high-quality output easily.
Make the most of your investment.
The 4112TM /4127TM Copier/Printer’s
exceptional speed and productivity,
image quality and ease of use put these
goals and more well within your reach.
Speed and Productivity
Our copier/printer runs fast
so you don’t have to
These speed and productivity advantages
make the most of every minute to ensure
you achieve an excellent return on
your investment:
• High-speed print engines deliver output up
to 125 and 110 pages per minute.
• Single-pass, dual head scanner scans up to
100 images per minute for both single- and
double-sided originals—you’ll spend less
time waiting at the copier.
• Concurrent scan/receive, RIP and print
processing provide maximum throughput.
• A 250-sheet document handler ensures that
large or complex jobs go faster and easier.
• Complete complex jobs, no manual
collation required, with the easy
Job Build feature.
• Convert hard copy pages to electronic
files in TIFF, JPEG, PDF formats that you
can store in folders for fast reprint or
send directly to an FTP location or an
email distribution list.
• Optional full-color scan capabilities mean
you can communicate in full color via email
or digital file distribution (JPEG, TIFF, PDF)
for fast, inexpensive communication—
without the high cost of full color.
Image Quality
It makes you look good
We know you expect excellent image
quality for all of your output, whether it is
for internal use in your business or for your
customers’ eyes. Our copier/printer delivers
consistent, high-quality reproduction of
text, solids and images and exceptional
registration for polished, professional
output with:
• 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution.
• 600 x 600 dpi with 8-bit gray
(256 shades) scan resolution.
–– Supports multiple languages.
–– Effortless programming of
sophisticated jobs.
• Load-while-run, unload-while-run and
change-while-run capabilities mean
you can load paper, unload finished
documents, or change toner cartridges
while the copier/printer is running. This
ensures more continuous operation and
higher productivity.
• With multiple scan-to destination options,
you can scan and save or scan and send
documents in one easy step. Only one
step is needed because the system uses
Job Flow sheets to automatically email
or distribute jobs to designated locations.
• Engineering Replaceable Units (ERUs)
make it easy for service technicians to
replace key components, like photoreceptors, for efficient maintenance
and more uptime.
• Accepts any data stream, anytime,
including Adobe® PostScript®, PDF,
• Small footprint means you can place
our copier/printer conveniently close
to users.
Feeding and Finishing
Like You, It Does It All
You can create a wide variety of
applications that speak to the requirements of many industries with our
copier/printer. It offers a combination
of powerful media and feeding and
finishing capabilities to ensure you can
produce dynamic applications—right
at your point of need—that will answer
your internal requirements, appeal to
your customers, and drive new business
and revenues your way.
• Booklet Maker Finisher delivers large
booklets—up to 25 sheets (100 imposed
pages)—and offers excellent handling
of approved coated stocks. With saddlestitch and bi-fold capabilities, it is ideal
for booklets and calendars. The user
interface on the booklet maker provides
easy communication with the operator
to keep your jobs moving along.
You can make the most of your applications
by choosing from a broad range of stocks
in an array of weights and sizes, including
approved coated stocks.
• Interface Module acts as a “communications hub” whenever you elect to have
more than one finisher connected to
the 4112™/4127™ Copier/Printer. It enables
essential functions such as media
cooling, decurling and finisher module
• High-capacity Stacker neatly stacks up to
5,000 letter-size sheets. Removable cart
included for easy transport and unloading.
This stacker can handle even your
largest jobs.
Xerox Service: All the support you’ll need
Feeding and paper handling
highlights include:
You can rely on our world-class service to support
you in many capacities:
• Enjoy increased productivity with uninterrupted long runs by adding an optional high
capacity feeder or oversized high capacity
feeder to accommodate your standard,
oversize and custom stock requirements.
• F
or 24/7 support, turn to our Welcome Center
(1-800-ASK-XEROX) and Online Support Assistant
• W
e’ve made it easy for you to perform routine
maintenance and tune-ups yourself and
maximize your uptime via the Xerox Productivity
Plus Integrated Maintenance Program.
• Attract attention and maximize the impact
of your high-value documents by adding
full-color covers or inserts (up to 200 sheets)
via the standard post-process inserter.
• A
utomatic Meter Reads (AMR) ensure
accurate billing (where available).
• Run multiple sizes and weights of up to
250 sheets with bypass tray.
Robust in-line finishing options further
expand your on-the-spot applications
capabilities, for example:
• Collating helps you quickly organize
your jobs.
• Variable length stapling (up to
100 sheets)—24 staple choices
yield top-quality stapled sets.
• Hole punching—2 and 3—saves
time and costs.
• Bi-folding, C-folding, Z-folding and
engineering Z-folding (tabloid folded to
fit into letter document sets) saves time
and enhances your productivity.
Xerox Paper and Specialty Media
See the difference quality makes™
Our digitally optimized papers and specialty media products have been specifically
engineered in concert with the Xerox 4112/4127 Copier/Printer to provide you with superior
productivity, reliability and flexibility. Choose from a broad selection of paper and specialty
media, in a full range of weights and sizes, to create a variety of print applications and finished
documents. For more information, visit us at, call 1-800-822-2200 in the U.S.
or 1-800-668-0199 in Canada or contact your Authorized Xerox Reseller.
100 ipm dual-bar
scanner (100 ipm
simplex and
duplex) 250 sheet
handler capacity
200 sheet
standard post
process inserter
1,100 sheet
letter size tray
1,600 sheet
letter size tray
2-550 sheet trays
standard and
custom sizes to
13 x 19.2 in.
Print resolution
up to 2400 x 2400 dpi
Optional folder
C-fold, Z-fold,
engineering Z-fold
Booklet maker finisher
2-100 sheet, 3-position
variable length stapler
Hole punch
500 sheet top tray
25 sheet booklet
maker (100 pages)
Interface module
High capacity
stacker (5,000
sheets letter size)
250 sheet
bypass tray
Finishing Options Tailored for Your Business Needs
Feeding Options
high capacity
feeder (2,000
sheets up to
13 x 19.2 in)
2-tray high
capacity feeder
(2,000 sheets
letter size each)
2-tray high
capacity feeder
(2,000 sheets letter
size each)
Interface module
and high capacity
stacker (5,000 sheets
letter size)
finisher with
C-Z folder
Booklet maker
finisher with
C-Z Folder
Specifications for the Xerox 4112 /4127 Copier/Printer
Print Engines
• Xerographic Engine
• Print Speeds
–– 110/125 ppm (8.5" x 11"/A4)
–– 69/78 ppm (8.5" x 14"/B4)
–– 55/62 ppm (11" x 17"/A3)
–– 34/34 ppm (12" x 18"/SRA3)
• First Copy Out Time: 3.5 seconds
• Simplex or duplex printing
• Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi RIP resolution and up
to 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution with halftone screen
106 lpi (default) or 150 lpi (high quality mode)
• Front to back registration +/- 0.7mm
(customer adjustable)
• Automatic Meter Read (AMR) capable
(where available)
Document Storage
• 40 GB Hard Drive with 14.6 GB for document storage
Scanner/Document Handler
• Dual Head Scanner
–– 100 ipm black and white scanning,
–– Optional Color Scan Enablement Kit
• Optical 600 x 600 dpi 8-bit Gray (256 shades)
scan resolution
• Scans in industry standard PDF, JPEG, TIFF or
multi-page TIFF
• Scan to Email with Mail Delivery Notification
• Supports LDAP
• Scan to Network File Server
• 250 sheet Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
• Throughput sizes: 5" x 8" to 11" x 17"/A5 to A3
• Throughput weights:
–– Simplex or duplex: 16 lb Bond to 110 lb Index
(52 gsm to 200 gsm)
• Optional PDF Scan Kit
Paper Handling
Stock weights and capacity (at 20 lb/80 gsm):
• Tray 1: 1,100 sheets (8.5" x 11"/A4);
16 lb Bond to 80 lb Cover (52 gsm to 216 gsm)
• Tray 2: 1,600 sheets (8.5" x 11"/A4);
16 lb Bond to 80 lb Cover (52 gsm to 216 gsm)
• Tray 3-4: 550 sheets each 5.5" x 7.2"
(140mm x 182mm) to 13.0" x 19.2";
(330mm x 488mm/A5 to SRA3);
16 lb Bond to 80 lb Cover (52 gsm to 216 gsm)
• Tray 5 Bypass Tray:
250 sheets (4" x 6"/102mm x 152mm to
13" x 19.2"/330mm x 488mm);
16 lb Bond to 140 lb Index (52 gsm to 253 gsm)
• Standard Post Process Inserter:
Inserts pre-printed offset or digital color documents
in a post fuser manner; 200 sheets (8.5" x 11" to
11" x 17"/A4 to A3); 16 lb Bond to 90 lb Cover
(52 gsm to 220 gsm)
• Optional High Capacity Feeder:
2 trays, 2,000 sheets each (8.5" x 11"/A4);
16 lb Bond to 80 lb Cover (52 gsm to 216 gsm)
• Optional Oversize High Capacity Feeder:
1 Tray; 2,000 sheets (8" x 10"/B5 to 13" x 19.2"/
SRA3); 18 lb to 110 lb (64 to 253 gsm) enables
use of more approved coated stocks*
• Coated Stocks:
Refer to the Xerox 4112/4127 Copier/Printer
Customer Expectation Setting Document for
approved Xerox coated stocks
Standard Finisher
• Multi position single or dual 100 sheet variable
length stapling
• 2 and 3 hole punch North America; 2 and 4 hole
punch Europe and South America ; 4 hole
Swedish punch
• Built in bi-directional de-curler
• Stacker capacity of 3,000 sheets (20 lb/80 gsm)
–– Top tray capacity of 500 sheets (20lb/80gsm)
Optional Booklet Maker Finisher
Includes features of the Standard Finisher plus:
• Automatically creates booklets of up to 25 pages
(100 imaged sides with saddle stitching)
• Creates booklets from 12" x 18"/SRA3, 11" x 17"/A3,
8.5" x 14" and 8.5" x 11"/A4
Optional High Capacity
Stacker with rollaway cart
• 5,000-sheet offsetting output stack tray;
7.2" x 8.3" up to 13" x 19.2" (B5 LEF to SRA3)
• 500-sheet top tray
• Includes one rollaway cart; additional carts available
Optional Folder
• C-fold and Z-fold of 8.5" x 11"/A4
• Print on inside or outside of folded paper
• Folds 11" x 17"/A3 Z-fold for insertion into letter/A4
document sets (engineering Z-fold)
Data Security
Secure Print
Image Overwrite up to 3 times
Data Encryption (SSL/TLS)
Security white paper available
Electrical Requirements**
• Print Engine:
–– 208–240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 15/13 amp service
–– KVA Rating: Max Power Consumption:
2.8–3.1 KVA
–– Agency certification: Energy Star®, CSA,
Europe: CE, NEMKO, WEEE compliance
• Optional Feeding/Finishing:
–– Each module requires 100 – 240 VAC,
60/50 Hz. power
*Refer to Customer Expectation Setting Document for
approved coated stocks.
** Refer to the Install Planning Document for installation details.
Print Controllers
Copy/Print Server
Optional Xerox
FreeFlow® Print Server
Optional Xerox EX Print Server,
powered by Fiery®
Hardware Specifications
Hardware Specifications
Hardware Specifications
• 40 GB Hard disk drive, 1 GB RAM
• 10.4" color, touch screen flat panel display
• Ethernet interface (10 MBTX/sec and
100 MBTX/sec)
Client Environments Supported
• Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP and NT 4.0, Vista
• Macintosh® OS 8.0x/8.5x/9.0x/10.1/10.2/10.3,
10.3, 10.3.9 – 10.4.8
• IntelMac 10.4.4 – 10.4.8
PDLs and Data Formats
Adobe® PostScript® Level 3
PCL 5e and 6
Native network environments
• TCP/IP, SNMP, SMB, Novell® IPX, AppleTalk®, IPP
• Copy and Save to mailbox/folders
• Preview documents from mailbox before printing
• Mailbox backup and restore
• iPV6 compliant
SUN® Ultra 20 M2 platform
2 GB memory
160 GB, SATA Hard Drive
DVD Writer/CD Writer
Color flat-panel monitor, keyboard and mouse
Client Environments Supported
• Windows® 2000 SP4/XP SP2/Server 2003, Vista
• Macintosh® OSX (10.3 or later)
FreeFlow Print Server Stand
FreeFlow VI Interpreter (VIPP®)
Imposition License
Productivity Pack – delivers multiple queues,
stock library and more
LCDS enablement
IPDS enablement
Online CUP Kit (Channel-to-Universal PCI
for online channel connectivity)
Removable Hard Disk Drive
Disk Overwrite
Native network environments
• TCP/IP, SNMP, Novell® IPX, AppleTalk®, IPP
©2008 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and the sphere of connectivity design, FreeFlow®,
VIPP®, See the difference quality makesTM and 4112TM/4127 TM are trademarks of Xerox Corporation
in the United States and/or other countries. 06/08. ­­
2.8 GHZ Celeron® D CPU
1 GB Memory
Two 80 GB SATA Hard Drives
DVD/CD-RW drive
Client Environments Supported
• Windows® 2000 SP4/XP SP2 (32-bit &
64-bit)/2003 Server (32-bit & 64-bit)/Vista
(32-bit & 64-bit)
• Macintosh® OSX (10.3 or later)
• Sun™/Linux/SGI Unix Printing via LPD
Fiery Optional Hardware/Software
Fiery Compose, Fiery Impose Package
FACI Kit (flat panel monitor, keyboard, mouse)
FACI Furniture
External Hard Disk Drive Security Kit
FreeFlow VI Interpreter (formerly VIPP)
Native network environments
• TCP/IP, AppleTalk®, SNMP, SMB, IPP, NDPS,
NetWare, Novell® Certified, Bonjour Support
• iPV6 compliant