Newly Developed Air Bearing Used for θaxis Mobile Operation

Roundness and Cylindrical Profile
Measuring Instruments Series
Table-Rotating Type CNC Measuring Instrument
Maximum load capacity: 250kg
Maximum measurement diameter: Φ 580 mm
Maximum measurement height 900 mm (standard specification)
Optimum for measurement of large spindles and other applications
requiring ultrahigh precision measurement
RONDCOM 65A-LH is a reference machine for instruments of this size,
boasting the world's highest level accuracy.
It is a large roundness measuring instrument based on the design concept
of R65A having the world's highest class accuracy equipped with a platform
redesigned from scratch.
World best precision (Large-size table rotating type)
Offset CNC Detector Holder (Patented)
Rotation accuracy
Straightness accuracy
The offset CNC detector holder can change the detector direction
automatically, which results in complete CNC measurement,
enabling continuous automatic measurement of inner and outer
diameters and top and bottom surfaces. The holder is an offset
type and detector is long stylus specification, it does not have the
interference to R-axis arm, and it becomes easy to measure even
in frange or a thickness work.
0.08 + 6H/10,000 μm
Z = 1.0 µm/900 mm
Z = 0.2 µm/100 mm
Newly Developed Air Bearing Used for θaxis
Mobile Operation Panel for Easy Operability
The operation panel, which is independent of the instrument body,
can be arranged in a variety of layouts, making it especially convenient
for measurement of large workpieces.
Built-In Vibration Isolation Stand
Gabbro is used for the base, column and R axis.
As its secular change is very little, it can maintain the capability for
a long period of time.
Table Rotating Type: CNC
Measuring system
CNC and manual
Max. measuring diameter
Φ 580 mm
Right/left feed range (R-axis)
343 mm
Up/down feed range (Z-axis)
Measuring range
Rotation accuracy
Scale indication
Measuring speed
Φ 900 mm
Max. measuring height
900 mm
Max. measuring depth
(Throat height)
(Limited by size of measuring diameter and combination of detector and stylus)
Radial direction
JIS B 7451-1997
0.2 μm/100 mm
1.0 μm/900 mm
Radial direction (R-axis)
1.0 μm/200 mm
Up/down direction (Z-axis)
3.6 μm/900 mm
Radial direction (R-axis)
Radial direction (R-axis)
Rotational speed
Cutoff value
2, 4, 6/min
0.6 to 6 mm/s (At moving: Max 30 mm/s)
Radial direction speed (R-axis)
0.6 to 6 mm/s (At moving: Max 20 mm/s)
±5 μm
Table outside diameter
Φ 400 mm
Adjustment range of
±5 mm/±1°
250 kg
Measuring force
Stylus shape
14,400 points/rotation
Digital filter
Gaussian/2RC/Spline/Robust (Spline)
50 to 100 k
Low pass
15, 50, 150, 500, 1500 peaks/rotation,
settable any value in range 15 to 1500 peaks/rotation
Band pass
1 to 1500 peaks/rotation
Low pass
0.025, 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8 mm
(any value in 0.0001 mm units)
Rotational direction
Measuring items
Rectilinear direction
Analysis processing functions
Φ 580
Special function
17'' LCD
Measuring conditions, measuring parameters,
comments, printer output conditions, profile graphics
(expansion plan, 3D plan), error messages, etc.
Display items
Recording system
Color or laser printer can be selected
Power supply (Voltage to
be specified), frequency
Power consumption
Supply pressure
MZC (min. zone circle method), LSC (least square
circle method), MIC (max. inscribed circle method),
MCC (min. circumscribed circle method),
N.C. (no compensation), MULTI (multiple setting)
Roundness, flatness, flatness (compound), parallelism,
concentricity, coaxiality, cylindricity, diameter deviation,
squareness, thickness variation, run-out,
radius measurement, partial circle
Straightness (Z), straightness (R), taper ratio, cylindricity,
squareness, parallelism, diameter deviation,
axis straightness
Notch function (level, angle, cursor), combination of
roundness evaluation methods, nominal value collation,
cylinder 3D profile display (line drawing, shading, contour
line), real-time display, profile characteristic graph display
(bearing area curve, amplitude distribution function,
power spectrum), CNC automatic measuring function,
automatic centering/tilting adjustment function
Offset type CNC detector holder (option)
Display (color monitor)
30 to 100 mN (steplessly variable)
Φ 1.6 mm carbide ball, Length 90.5 mm
Roundness evaluation of form error
L: Moving length mm
0.6 to 6/min
(At moving: Max 6/min)
In automatic centering/tilting
Measurement magnification
External view
2 μm/200 mm
(2 + L/220) μm
Up/down speed (Z-axis)
Number of sampling
Type of filter
(0.08 + 6H/10,000) μm
(H: Height from table top to measuring point mm)
Wide range
190 mm
Narrow range
Auto stop accuracy Z-axis/R-axis
Rotary table
900 mm
Max. loading diameter
Air supply
Air consumption
Installation dimensions (W x D x H) mm
Weight (except options)
AC100 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz (grounding required)
Approx. 800 VA (except printer)
0.6 to 0.8 MPa
0.5 MPa
49 NL/min
2300 x 950 x 2235
1480 kg
We have experience in special customization in terms of expanding strokes
for each axis, load capacity, etc. Contact the sales personnel for details.