Getting Started with
Daylite Delivery
(Dec 09, 2011)
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About Daylite Delivery
Setting up Daylite Delivery
Help and other resources
The purpose of this document is to introduce you to Daylite Delivery and provide
information about installing, configuring, and working with the application.
This document is for Daylite users who wish to have reports generated automatically
and delivered to them by email for making important business decisions.
Getting started with Daylite Delivery
About Daylite Delivery
Daylite Delivery automates the process of generating and delivering reports. Instead
of you manually running a report, Daylite Delivery schedules reports for automatic
delivery to your inbox. Whether you are at home or on the road, you can have reports
emailed to you, sent to your iPhone, or other smart phone. Daylite Delivery enables
you to share reports with other Daylite users.
Important: Daylite Delivery works in a shared database environment only and requires
Daylite Server 3.9.x which is available from our website as a free download. Delivery
must be installed on the same computer where your main Daylite database resides. If
you're currently using a personal database, then you should consider moving to a
shared environment for using Delivery. Click here for more information about moving
from a personal to a shared environment.
At a given time, Daylite Delivery can only connect to 1 Daylite database. The number
of reports you can schedule and share with other Daylite users is limited to the number
of reports you have licenses for. However, you can schedule a report unlimited
number of times.
Any user with administrative powers can add and schedule a report on a daily, weekly,
or monthly basis. Daylite Delivery can be configured to send reports to any number of
valid email addresses. The visibility setting of a report is completely customizable to
either public (where everybody can view a report), private (where only you can view a
report), and custom (where only a few select users can view a report).
System Requirements
✴ Daylite Server 3.9.x
✴ Mac OS X Leopard (minimum of 10.5.6 or later versions) is recommended as the
server. If you use Mac OS X Tiger, please use Mac OS X 10.4.11 at minimum.
✴ 1 GHz G4 or higher Universal Binary supported (Server may require a faster
✴ 1 GB RAM and 200 MB hard-disk space. Hard disk space requirements may vary
depending on the size of your database.
✴ 1024 * 768 or higher screen resolution.
Downloading and Installing Daylite Delivery
Important: You must download, install, and set up Daylite Delivery on the same
computer that hosts your Daylite database, i.e., your server machine.
You can download Daylite Delivery from our website.
To install Daylite Delivery
✴ Mount the Disk Image by double-clicking it (if it's not automatically done).
✴ Double-click on the Installer icon and follow the instructions to proceed.
✴ When done, quit the Installer.
Once Daylite Delivery has been installed and set up, please keep the application open
and running to be able to use it.
Getting started with Daylite Delivery
Setting up Daylite Delivery
Launch Daylite Delivery and do the following:
Step 1: Specifying Daylite database settings for report delivery
This step is to acquire information about your Daylite database and identify which
database you want Daylite Delivery to connect to and also the admin username and
password for accessing the database. Keep in mind that only a Mac OS X server
administrator is able to specify the database settings.
To specify Daylite database settings
1. Click the General tab.
2. In the Local Database pop-down menu, enter the name of the database that
Daylite Delivery should connect to.
3. Enter the admin username and password.
The Daylite Delivery main window
Step 2: Configuring email settings for Daylite Delivery
The email settings for Daylite Delivery include setting up the outgoing mail server,
login and password (if necessary for authentication), and an admin email from which
reports will be sent. Keep in mind that you should configure the email settings on the
server machine while logged in as a Mac OS X server administrator.
To configure email settings for Daylite Delivery
1. Click the General tab.
2. By default, a built-in mailer called Delivery Mail is the mechanism for sending
messages. However, if the built-in mailer is not able to deliver messages, then you
can select Apple Mail as a delivery option. This requires that Apple Mail is
configured and working on the computer running Daylite Delivery.
3. Enter the name of the outgoing mail server and the port that you wish to use. By
default, the port is set to 25.
4. If you wish to use SSL, select Use SSL. Click here for more information about SSL.
5. If your mail server requires authentication, provide the following information.
✴ In the Authentication User field, enter the user name of your email account.
✴ In the Password field, enter the password of your email account.
6. In the Admin Email field, enter the email address of a Daylite administrator. The
Admin Email should be a valid email address. Reports will be sent from this account;
for reports that could not make it to their destination, a delivery failure message will
be sent to the address specified in Admin Email.
Step 3: Adding licenses
The number of reports you can add and schedule using Daylite Delivery depends on
the number of licenses you add. For every license you add, you can schedule only 1
report; however, you can schedule it unlimited number of times. Keep in mind that you
should be adding licenses on the server machine while logged in as a Mac OS X server
Getting started with Daylite Delivery
To add a license to Daylite Delivery
1. Click the License tab.
The License tab of Daylite Delivery
2. To add a new license, click Add License.
3. Enter the serial number and license key in their respective fields. Click Add License.
Adding your Daylite Delivery license code
Note: Once you are done specifying the necessary information about your Daylite
database, email settings, and license, turn Daylite Delivery On. This is very important.
Before you start doing any work (such as adding reports, scheduling reports, etc) in
the Daylite Delivery pane of Daylite Preferences, you should make sure that Daylite
Delivery is turned On.
Step 4: Adding and scheduling a report for automatic email delivery
Working from Daylite, you can add and schedule reports for automatic delivery to your
inbox. You must be logged into Daylite as an administrator to be able to do this.
Before you add and schedule a report to run, it is recommended to run the report in
Daylite to see if you are getting the appropriate output. Once you are satisfied, you
can add the report to Daylite Delivery and schedule it.
To add and schedule a report
1. Launch Daylite and log in to the same database you have set up Daylite Delivery to
run against.
2. Choose Daylite > Preferences.
3. Click Daylite Delivery.
4. To add a report:
✴ Click the + button at the bottom-left corner of the window. In the sheet that
opens, select your report template and click Add.
✴ If the report you wish to schedule is not listed, click Other. Navigate to the
location of the report, select it, and click Open.
5. Specify a schedule for report delivery. Click Save.
6. Enter a valid email address to identify the recipient. Specify all other information as
necessary. At any point, you can change the report delivery schedule by clicking
Getting started with Daylite Delivery
Adding and scheduling reports in the Daylite Delivery pane of Daylite Preferences
7. To do a test run, click Test Run. Daylite Delivery will be sending off emails within 5
minutes to all the email addresses you have entered.
Test run of a report
In order to speed up this process, go to Daylite Delivery and choose
Daylite Delivery > Run Reports Now.
If you have further questions about Daylite Delivery or need assistance with
troubleshooting, please visit this link.
Getting started with Daylite Delivery
Help and other resources
There are a number of resources available to help you to learn more about Daylite
Delivery and provide answers when you have technical questions.
We have certified partners who can provide product training and other
specialized services. For more information, click here.
Apple Help offers step-by-step instructions and tips for making the most
out of Daylite. While using Daylite on your Mac, choose Help > Daylite
Delivery Help.
The support website and knowledge base has up-to-date articles and
movies that can help you solve technical difficulties. Visit http://
Visit to share ideas, tips, and
questions with other Daylite Delivery users. Marketcircle engineers,
designers, and support staff also share their knowledge on the forums.
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Getting started with Daylite Delivery