FAST-STAT Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long can the thermostat cable be?
A: With 18-gauge wire the maximum distance is 300 ft.
Q: The furnace doesn’t have a built-in fan relay. Do I need a fan center?
A: A fan center is not used when installing FAST-STAT into a furnace that does not have a builtin fan relay. Fan centers have their own transformer and only one transformer (furnace) can be
used with FAST-STAT. You will need a relay that has 24-volt coil with a contact rating suitable
for the fan motor (example: 120 volts/15 amps). Connect the green wire from the Receiver to one
of the relay coil terminals. The other relay coil terminal is connected to the transformer "C" or
common connection. Connect the motor power from the line through the relay to the motor in
accordance to local codes.
Q: Can I install 2 or more receivers side by side?
A: Yes, there is no restriction as to how close together they are installed or how many are
installed. FAST-STAT does not generate electromagnetic interference and generally is not
affected by it as well.
Q: How do I connect a Humidifier?
A: When used to control a humidifier, a relay is used to isolate the systems. On a call for
humidity, the humidistat (or a thermostat with built-in humidity control) would switch on the relay
and the relay contacts would close and start the humidifier (the humidifier has its own
Power Input:
Power Use:
Max. Switching Load:
Max. Switching Volts:
18 – 30 volts A/C
4 watts (4 VA)
2 amps (total of all loads)
30 volts A/C
Tech Support: 1-800-775-4750
Model 1000
• Adds 1-wire to any system.
Model 3000
• 4-wire control over a 2-wire cable or
• 6-wire control over a 4-wire cable
Model 5000
• 6-wire control over a 2-wire cable or
• 8-wire control over a 4-wire cable
Model 7000
For Heat Pumps