UHF Ch (28-51) TV Antenna Instructions

UHF Ch (28-51) TV Antenna Instructions
Step 1
Pull smaller boom with X Elements away from
the larger boom till the it reaches the end of the
bracket. Tighten wing nuts to hold it in place.
Step 2
Attach your antenna down lead. Feed cable through narrow end
of boot seal so that it protrudes into the wider opening.
Step 3
Strip coax cable as shown in d
iagram. Fold
shielding braid b ack over cable jacket.
Step 4
Select connector provided. (Suitable for RG6 or semi airspaced cable only)
Place “F” connector on back to front and twist to ensure that all braid is flat.
See diagram. (For other cable types you will need to purchase the corresponding connector)
Step 5
Then insert cable into rear of connector and twist
connector clockwise until dielectric is flush with
the bottom nut. See diagram. Ensure that 1-2mm
of centre core conductor protrudes past the nut.
Plastic Outer Case
Metal Braid
Metal Sheath
Knurled Surface
Step 6
Attach nut of connector to the balun and tighten, (finger tight).
Slide boot seal onto balun lid for weatherproofing. See diagram.
Step 7
Attach mast to antenna
boom using clamp and
wing nuts provided.
Step 8
Position antenna towards transmitter. Rotate antenna to achieve
best r esults.Attach cable to mast with UV grade insulation tape or
UV grade cable ties to support cable weight and avoid damage to
connection from wind whipping cable from side to side.
To Transmitter
Step 9
For vertical mounting, unbolt the 2 screws on the mounting bracket and rotate the
bracket 90º ensuring to leave the clamp that attaches directly around the antenna element
in the same position.Then tighten the bolts again for a secure vertical mount.
4G Filter
New 694MHz LTE filter allows you to reduce 4G interferance.
Our products now have a 4G 694MHz Low Pass Filter to reduce interference.
In our new antenna range, the 4G filter will reduce 4G phone interferance by
allowing you to receive UHF Channels Aust (28-51) NZ (25-48).
For any technical enquiries, please call Matchmaster TV Reception Systems on
Toll Free Aust: 1800-AERIAL (1800-237425) or Toll Free NZ: 0800-AERIAL (0800-237425)