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starting the game
wireless (wlan)
Complete Controls
Setting Up the Game
Career Mode
Game Modes
Practice Arena
Ad Hoc
My FIFA 14
Total Footballer
Team Management
consent to use of data
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starting the game
XMB™ menu
Set up the PSP™ system according to the instructions in its
instruction manual. Turn the PSP™ system on and the POWER
indicator will light up green. The XMB™ Menu will be displayed. Open
the disc cover and insert the FIFA 14 disc with the label side facing
the rear of the PSP™ system and then securely close the disc cover.
Select the Ç icon from the XMB™ Menu and then select the Å icon.
An image of the software will be displayed. Select the image and
press the S button to commence loading.
PLEASE NOTE: the information in this manual was correct at the
time of going to print, but some minor changes may have been made
late in the product’s development. All screenshots for this manual
have been taken from the English version of this product, and some
screenshots might have been taken from pre-completion screens
that differ slightly from those in the finished product.
memory stick duo™
To save game settings and progress, insert a Memory Stick Duo™
into the Memory Stick Duo™ slot of the PSP™ system. Saved game
data can be loaded from the same Memory Stick Duo™ or any
Memory Stick Duo™ containing previously saved game data.
PSP™ system
wireless (wlan) features
Software titles that support Wireless (WLAN) functionality allow the
user to communicate with other PSP™ systems, download data and
compete against other users via connection to a Wireless Local Area
Network (WLAN).
ad hoc mode
Ad Hoc Mode is a Wireless (WLAN) feature that allows
two or more individual PSP™ systems to communicate
directly with each other.
Complete Controls
Once you’ve created your profile (see p. 10) go to
MY FIFA 14 > GAME SETTINGS > CONTROLS to set up your
preferences. Select one of six controller configurations to use and
turn Casual Control ON to learn at your own pace (see p. 8).
Note: The controls in this manual refer to the Classic Analog Dribble
Move player
Basic Controls
analog stick
> button (hold)
< button + > button +
analog stick
Stop ball/Shield ball
analog stick (release) + >
Send teammate on run
> button (double tap)
First touch (before receiving
< button + analog stick
the ball)
< button + analog stick
Pace control ON/OFF
< button (tap and then hold)
Knock on (while running)
passing and crossing
Short pass (assisted)
S button
Through ball
D button
Chipped through ball
< button + D button
One-two pass
< button + S button
(double tap)
F button
(hold for increased power)
Ground cross
F button (double tap)
Early cross
< button + F button
Early ground cross
< button + F button
(double tap)
Finesse shot
Chipped shot
Fake shot
Fake cross
A button
< button + A button
A button + < button
(tap while power bar fills)
A button (hold) + S button
(as power bar fills)
F (hold) button + S button
(as power bar fills)
Note: Unless stated, the controls listed below assume that the
controlled player is moving vertically upwards.
standing moves
Step-over left, kick right
< button +
analog stick Z, X
Step-over right, kick left
< button +
analog stick X, Z
Fake kick
< button +
analog stick C, C
Fake left
< button +
analog stick Z, Z
Fake right
< button +
analog stick X, X
Pull back
< button +
analog stick V, V
Pull back, go left
< button +
analog stick V, O, Z
Pull back, go right
< button +
analog stick V, U, X
jogging moves
< button +
analog stick C, C
Lane change left
< button +
analog stick Z, Z
Lane change right
< button +
analog stick X, X
Lane change left, cut right
< button +
analog stick Z, X
Lane change right, cut left
< button +
analog stick X, Z
360 left
< button +
analog stick V, O, Z
360 right
< button +
analog stick V, U, X
Rainbow left
< button +
analog stick Z, Y, C
Rainbow right
< button +
analog stick X, I, C
Flip ball up
< button +
analog stick C, V, C
Switch player
Sliding tackle
Call secondary defender
S button
A button
F button
A button (hold)
< button (tap and then hold)
< button (hold)
Move/Aim kick or throw
analog stick
S button
F button/A button
(hold for increased power)
Drop ball
D button
Control goalkeeper
D button
(when opposition has
possession near your goal)
Goalkeeper charge
D button (hold)
Set Pieces
Lob cross
Driven cross
Low cross
Short corner
Call short corner receiver
F button (hold for increased power)
A button (hold for increased power)
< button + A button
S button
> button
free kicks
analog stick
A button (hold for increased power)
< button + A button
S button
F button (hold for increased power)
> button
> button (hold) + A button
> button (hold) + F button
(hold for increased power)
Lay-off pass into space
> button (hold) + S button
(ready for primary kicker’s shot)
Lay-off man switch sides > button + analog stick Z/X
Select player in wall
S button
(defending team only)
Move wall
analog stick Z/X
(defending team only)
Jump wall
F button
(defending team only)
Charge kick
A button
(defending team only)
Driven shot
Short pass
Lob pass
Call lay-off man
Lay-off man shot
Lay-off man lob pass
Note: When taking a direct free kick, check the distance indicator
to judge whether a shot at goal is the best option with the
selected player.
Move receiver
Switch receiver
Leading throw
Direct throw
Quick throw-in
analog stick
S button
D button
F button
> button
analog stick
A button
(hold for increased power)
Placed shot
< button + A button
Squat (goalkeeper)
analog stick V
Wave arms (goalkeeper)
analog stick C
Move/Dive (goalkeeper)
analog stick Z/X
Aim kick
Driven shot
Casual Controls
If FIFA 14 is a completely new experience for you, then try using
casual controls to level the playing field. The smart controls and AI
assists provide everything a new player needs to embark on
their career.
Note: How quickly you pick up the pace is up to you. All the more
advanced controls are available for use throughout the game.
Smart Pass
Engage auto-pilot
S button
A button
analog stick (release)
Switch player
Slide tackle
Charge ball carrier
Engage auto-pilot
S button
A button
A button (hold)
analog stick (release)
Coaching Tip: Even when in auto-pilot, you’re still in charge
of passing, shooting, and tackling!
Setting Up the Game
User Profile
Before heading out onto the pitch, it is recommended that you
create a user profile. This step is required to save your progress
in various game modes to your Memory Stick Duo™. Your
profile is available from the main menu (A button).
Select KICK-OFF to get straight onto the pitch and take on any club
or national team in the game. Control the entire team, or get personal
as either a pro or the keeper.
Kick-Off – Be a Pro
Be A Pro lets you take control of a specific player on the field and
follow all the action with the player-focused 3rd Person Cam.
Player Camera
Live every game with the Player Camera, which provides you
with a player-focused view of the action as it unfolds.
Be A Pro Controls
If you’re going to play as a pro, you’ve got to think like one. When
your team is on the attack, time your runs and call for the ball at
the right time. When defending, ensure you cover any dangers
posed by your opponents. Teamwork is everything in football
and communication with your teammates is the key to success.
Wherever you are on the field, make sure you use the following
controls to increase your chances of victory.
Ask for pass
Ask for high pass/cross
Ask for through ball
Ask for shot
Defensive pressure
(when defending)
S button
F button
D button
A button
< button
Be A Pro provides many of the same challenges faced by real
players. Use the indicators provided to make sure you’re in the right
place at the right time.
Knowing where to be on the pitch at any given moment
is a must, whatever position you’ve adopted. In order to
improve your positional sense, use the arrows as a guide.
Follow them until they disappear to make sure you’re in
the right place at the right time.
To ensure the assistant referee doesn’t bring a swift
end to another attacking move, make sure you keep an
eye out for his flag. When you stray offside, a flag icon
appears. To avoid being pulled up, and losing valuable
XP, run back past the last defender to get into an
onside position.
Goals are often scored when opposing players are left
unmarked, and it is your responsibility to make sure
that doesn’t happen. A red ring appears underneath any
player with open room that you should be marking. Close
in on them as soon as possible!
Performance Meter
Whether your team is winning or losing, your performance
matters. Use the performance meter at the bottom of the screen
to measure the success or failure of your hard work. If there’s
more green than red, you’re doing well!
Kick-Off – Be A Keeper
Keeper is one of the most important positions on the pitch. In
Be A Keeper, you take control of the keeper and must keep your
team’s net secure! Maintain good positioning in front of the net,
make saving shots, cut off crosses, and distribute the ball to your
teammates after saves. Stay alert! You cannot afford to fail.
Note: There are two camera modes in Be A Keeper. One allows you
to follow the ball as the action takes place on the pitch. The other
allows you to focus on the goalkeeper and prepare for oncoming
attacks. Press the < button to switch between them in order to
maintain appropriate positioning on the pitch.
Be a keeper Controls
Save attempt (jump)
S button
Save attempt (dive)
F button
Toggle camera
< button
Game Screen
Match clock
Player Status Bar
Kick Power
When the substitution icon appears beside a player’s name, it’s
probably best to sub him out of the game.
Saving and Loading
If you’ve enabled the Autosave feature (via your Profile) your files
are saved automatically to the Memory Stick Duo™ when you begin
playing, start a management career, enter a Tournament, or exit
a match.
`` To save your progress manually, access the save option in the
mode’s main menu and follow the on-screen instructions.
To save squad changes, select SAVE SQUADS from the
`` To load a saved file, select the load option in the relevant mode.
Career Mode
Career Mode is an immersive experience that offers you the chance
to play through a lifelong football career. Career Mode is split into
three different eras: Player, Player Coach, and Manager. Start as a
player and play through all three or start later as coach or manager.
Your success in each mode is tracked through the Fame system, so
the better you perform the more famous you will become!
Player Career
Create your own player, or take control of a single professional
footballer as you play in multiple leagues, cups, and continental
competitions to boost your form rating and ultimately represent your
national team.
Player Coach Career
Player Coach is the perfect stepping-stone from being a player to
being a manager. Take control of the entire team whilst still playing
as your individual footballer. Your main focus will be on the team
having full control of everything from the formation, playing style,
and training, to who is on the bench. As a coach, you do not have to
worry about the financial side, such as transfers and ticket prices.
The manager is in charge of your team’s finances.
Manager Career
Take control of the financial side of your favorite club and please
the Board. Rise to prominence with the Fame system by keeping the
team in top form by winning prestigious cup matches and
your League!
Throughout Career Mode, Fame is the measure of how well known
you are in the football world. Fame points are needed to progress
through the eight levels of Fame. Meet challenges and perform well
to earn points. Rising to the occasion will also give you benefits.
Check out the Fame screen in Career Mode for your current level and
its benefits.
Game Modes
The Season
The Season allows you to guide your favorite club through an
entire season. Over the course of your game calendar, play through
multiple domestic and continental competitions. This mode tracks
statistics for each individual competition and rewards match-based
objectives. There is no need for finances or training, just pick up
and play.
Test your skill in a featured tournament or customize one of
your own.
Put yourself in the boots of some well-known players in a variety of
testing scenarios.
Football IQ
Prove you’re as skilled with your mind as you are with your feet to
unlock new game content.
Note: Local Game questions are all about your team and the league
they’re in. National Cup focuses on the country your team is from,
and International Championships cover the entire world of football.
How to play:
`` Once the first question has been thrown at you, select DRIBBLE
to take the question or PASS to pass the ball and get a new
question. Note that passes go to an open teammate who is behind
you, so passing a lot moves the ball slowly back toward your
own goal.
`` Select the button corresponding to your chosen answer onscreen. If you answer incorrectly, the opposition takes control
of the ball and moves it closer to your goal. Answer a question
correctly and you’ll move the ball up the pitch toward the
opposition’s goal.
`` When you’re close enough to the goal, you can try to score by
answering two questions in a row—one to shoot and one to get
it past the keeper. The difficulty of the questions depends on the
level of knowledge you display.
Practice Arena
Select TEAM PRACTICE to perfect your skills in Free Practice,
Corners, Free Kicks, or Penalty Shoot-Out, or select KEEPER
PRACTICE to hone your skills as the team’s last line of defense.
Ad Hoc
Team up with or compete against friends in FIFA 14’s Ad Hoc mode.
Nearby players with a PSP™ system and FIFA 14 can select AD HOC
to join the Ad Hoc Lobby. From here, press the F button to create a
game, adjust game options, and then select DONE. Once everyone has
joined the Ad Hoc Room and are ready to play, select START GAME.
`` To make any last minute adjustments, press the F button while
in the Ad Hoc Lobby to return to the Change Settings screen.
My FIFA 14
Customize your football experience and view your FIFA 14 career
history in My FIFA 14. From here, you can manage your team,
adjust various game settings, create a unique player, and purchase
various items at the My FIFA 14 Store using points earned in-game.
You can also admire your achievements by viewing trophies and
accomplishments. Lastly, this is the place to go to create, edit, and
load profiles.
`` Take note that changes in My FIFA 14 cannot be saved or loaded
without an active profile.
Select FIFA 14 FAQ if you are curious about the series, or want to
find the answers to the game’s design and functionality. The
EA™ Media Center returns, allowing you to add custom tracks to
your playing experience, and you can view the talented team
behind the title by viewing the game’s credits.
Total Footballer
While in the main menu, press the A button to check out the
Total Footballer graph and view your usage of the various modes
in FIFA 14. Play more modes to gain a more complete profile.
Additionally, while in this screen you can press the SELECT button
for help and advice on obtaining a more complete profile.
Team Management
Before heading out to the pitch use this option to ensure your squad
is at its best. Here you can view and adjust your Starting 11, review
and reset your Kick Takers, set your Formation and choose from
over a dozen Team Styles. This menu is available in the My FIFA 14
main menu options and prior to every match no matter which mode
you are playing. If Auto-save is disabled, you will need to manually
save your changes by selecting SAVE SQUADS in the
Custom Formations
Create your own formation to pull off that tactical masterstroke.
To build a formation, select MY FIFA 14 > TEAM MANAGEMENT >
CUSTOM FORMATION and follow these instructions:
1. Choose an empty save slot.
2. Select a formation to use as a base.
3. Select a position (the green box shows the area it currently covers).
4. Use the analog stick to move the selected position within the
formation, and then select DONE (if you move a position outside
the green box, it will turn into a new position).
Note: A position’s color changes according to which part of the
pitch it’s in: red for strikers, green for midfielders, blue for defenders,
and goalkeeper is always indicated in yellow.
5. To define a position’s attacking runs, select a position from the
list, use the analog stick to choose a direction, and press the
S button to confirm each one (you can assign up to two
directions to each position).
6. Select DONE and then assign defensive runs in the same way as
attacking ones.
7. Name your custom formation and press the START button. Select
the team you wish to assign this formation to and select DONE.
consent to use of data
EA knows that you care how information about you is collected, used
and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully
and sensibly. Information about our customers is an important part
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Electronic Arts Customer Warranty, P.O. Box 6301, St Kilda Rd
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Returns After Warranty
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