LB-101X & LB-101X-C
Line Balancing Input Modules
For P-1000 Series Amplifiers
Balanced inputs using XLR, 1/4" tip/ring/sleeve (TRS), or screw terminals.
Electronically buffered insert (send/return) jack, 1/4" TRS.
Reversible XLR input polarity.
LB-101X-C module incorporates a 10:1 compressor circuit for speaker protection.
Easy to install, tamper-proof design.
Economical and versatile way to increase system reliability and flexibility.
Suggested dealer net: $89 (LB-101X) and $98 (LB-101X-C).
TOA’s LB-101X and LB-101X-C are single
channel, plug-in input modules for use
with P-1000 Series dual channel power
amplifiers. Using the three most popular
connectors — XLR, 1/4" TRS and screw
terminal — the modules provide balanced
connections. Because the connectors
are paralleled, unused connectors can
provide convenient “loop through”
The unique insert jack can be used
several ways for better signal interfaces in
an amplifier rack. It can be used to
connect a signal processor, particularly
unbalanced processors in remotely
located amplifier racks. Instead of the
unbalanced processor’s input, the signal
can be fed directly to the balanced LB101X or LB-101X-C input. The signal
processor is inserted in the signal path
using the module’s insert jack. This jack
can also serve as a buffered output for
slave amplifiers or other equipment,
TOA Electronics, Inc.
eliminating the need for additional
external balancing transformers. It is also
a very convenient jack for testing and
troubleshooting a system without
disturbing any equipment connections.
The polarity of the XLR connector on
either module easily can be changed by
an internal jumper cable to make either
Pin 2 or 3 “hot”. This allows the system
designer considerable flexibility in
matching TOA’s P-1000 Series power
amplifiers to other equipment already in
the system.
The LB-101X-C incorporates a 10:1
compressor circuit that limits the input
signal from driving the amplifier into
unwanted clipping. Since the
compressor sensing circuit is taken
directly from the amplifier output, the
compression threshold is unaffected by
setting the amplifier’s input controls.
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0 dB = 0.775 V RMS
Input – Sensitivity:
Insert Send – Level:
Insert Return – Sensitivity:
Noise Level:
Compression (LB-101X-C):
Power Requirements:
+4 dB (max. +20 dB)
10 k Electronically Balanced
+4 dB (max. +20 dB) Unbalanced
>2 k ohm
+4 dB (max. +20 dB)
10 k Unbalanced
0.05% 1 kHz / +4 dB
Below -90 dB (20 Hz — 20 kHz unweighted)
Fixed 10:1 — Auto-adjusts to any P-1000 model
±15 V 12 mA (24 mA LB-101X-C) — Supplied by a
4.2" H x 1.8" W x 3.8" D
TOA Electronics, Inc. 6/94 (rev. 1)
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