DTX CableAnalyzer TM Models: DTX-1800 INTL, DTX-1800-M

DTX CableAnalyzer TM
Models: DTX-1800 INTL, DTX-1800-M, DTX-1800-MS
DTX CableAnalyzer™
significantly reduces
your total time
to certify.
The DTX CableAnalyzer™
Series from Fluke Networks
is the testing platform for
today – and tomorrow. This
revolutionary platform significantly reduces total time to certify by
improving every aspect of the
testing process. It all starts with
a Cat 6 Autotest time that’s several times faster than other testers – and fiber testing that’s five
times faster. DTX also gives you
a complete solution for 10 Gig
testing over copper, Basic Tier 1
fiber testing, and Extended Tier
2 fiber testing with the industry’s only modular OTDR. The
DTX makes you ready for whatever
the world throws at you – today
and tomorrow.
Time is money. DTX saves you both.
The DTX CableAnalyzer Series delivers superior performance that can reduce your total certification costs by as much as 33% per year. This dramatic reduction is the result of not just faster
testing, but also improved accuracy, superior diagnostics, longer battery life, simple user interface, and fast setup and reporting. DTX – it’s all about time.
DTX CableAnalyzer Series
Product Features
Cat 6 Autotest time (seconds)
Maximum bandwidth (MHz)
Accuracy level
Color display
Stores graphical results data
Internal memory capacity (graphical Cat 6)
Removable memory card interface
Cat 6 graphical results for each of 32 MB multiple
Lithium ion batteries – battery life
Advanced diagnostics
AC Wire Map capability
USB interface
Serial interface
Cat 6A permanent link adapter
Cat 6 channel adapter
Accepts resident fiber module
Start autotest at smart remote
Talk between main and smart remote
Standard Accessories
DTX Compact OTDR Module
Fiber Loss/Length Test Module (multimode, singlemode,
or gigabit multimode)
Fiber Compact OTDR Module
DTX 10 Gig Kit
Network Service Module
Patch Cord Test Adapters
Class F Adapters
Coax Cable Test Adapters
Multimedia memory card
USB cable
Serial computer interface cable
Talk headset
Carrying case
12 hours
• Feature or accessory is available in the standard product configuration.
n/a The feature is not available; the accessory is not applicable.
option The accessory can be purchased as an optional item.
The DTX Series gives you a clear and simple upgrade path from any of the models to any higher performance model,
including the DTX-1800.
Get more done in less time with fiber on-board.
Deliver Basic Tier 1 fiber
Find faults faster
The DTX fiber modules accelerate testing
through exclusive technology and an easy-
Our comprehensive Tier 1 certification
identifies breaks in the fiber link, connec-
to-use interface. Press the Autotest button
and you get standards compliant certifica-
solution includes loss, length, and polarity tions or splices with excessive loss. The
measurements for singlemode and multi- fiber loss/length modules as well as the
tion automatically – test two fibers, each
mode fiber. You can validate fiber
Compact OTDR module offer an integrated
at two wavelengths, measure length, and
link performance and installation quality.
visual fault locator (VFL) – a tool that
determine the pass or fail status – all in
Measure optical loss at multiple wave-
makes troubleshooting simple link problems
about 12 seconds. Our fiber modules let you
lengths. Measure fiber length and verify
fast and incredibly easy. The bright laser-
test more fibers in less time, cutting testing
costs and freeing you up for other tasks.
polarity. And bi-directionally test fibers at driven VFL helps you locate many near-end
fiber faults and can be used to verify contitwo wavelengths without swapping near
You can easily save more than 100 hours
and far-end units.
Record-fast fiber certification
per year.
Test copper and fiber with a
touch of a button
Only the DTX platform offers optional
on-board fiber modules – so you’ll never
lose time searching for your fiber adapter.
And fiber certification is always ready when
you are. No other solution lets you switch
The optional DTX Compact OTDR module
nuity and polarity. Our exclusive integrated
Deliver Extended Tier 2 fiber
design ensures that the VFL is always onhand when you need it.
The DTX Compact OTDR shoots traces to
measure the loss and reflectivity of connectors, splices and other events on multimode
and singlemode fiber links. With it, you can
ensure high quality workmanship of fiber
between copper and fiber with a touch of
a button.
DTX copper/fiber kits available
If you certify twisted pair copper and fiber optic cabling, we have a kit for you.
These kits bundle a DTX CableAnalyzer with DTX Fiber Modules and/or a DTX Compact
OTDR so you have all you need to certify both copper and fiber media.
DTX Copper/Fiber kits
The DTX advantage:
speed, performance and accuracy.
Significantly reduces total time to certify.
The DTX Digital CableAnalyzer Series gives
The DTX CableAnalyzer’s powerful
you a complete solution that streamlines
features, speed, and revolutionary
platform make you more efficient and productive – and you can see the results on
every aspect of the certification job –
from setup, to record-fast testing and
troubleshooting, to reporting results
the bottom line. It’s all
to the customer. All told, DTX can save
about time – and no other tester
you considerable time and money –
delivers like DTX.
up to four hours a day.
• Increase productivity from day one.
spend less time in training and more
Cat 6 certification in
9 seconds
time testing.
The DTX-1800 perform Cat 6
whether the problem has been resolved –
certification tests in just 9 seconds –
the technician knows exactly where to look
in full compliance with industry standards
and what to do to fix the failing link. Even
and with superior accuracy. That’s several
if only two percent of the cables certified
times faster than existing testers. This
in one shift fail Autotest, you’ll save as
incredible speed means you can test up
much as two hours of labor time per day
to 170 more links in an eight-hour shift.
of certifying.
Intuitive interface means your techs
• Certify 10 Gig Performance.
The DTX-1800 with DTX 10 Gig Kit
measures the performance for 10 Gigabit
Ethernet and Alien Crosstalk (ANEXT and
AFEXT) in full compliance with industry
standards to 500 MHz.
Troubleshoot faults
This unheard-of Cat 6 test speed lets you twice as fast
• Zero to certified in 9 seconds.
These directions not only tell you the
move from link to link three times faster
When a link fails, the DTX Series provides
than with previous testers.
quick, easy-to-understand directions to
problem, but also identify corrective actions
identify the point of failure (distance from
your test technicians can take to solve the
the tester) and the possible reason(s) for
problem quickly – all without having to
the failure.
consult the project manager. Instead of
• Level IV Accuracy. Get the most
accurate test results in the shortest possible time.
• 900 MHz frequency range. Prepares you
spending time executing trial and
corrections – and re-testing to find
for future applications, such as
10 Gigabit Ethernet, Class F and CATV.
• Advanced time-saving diagnostics.
Complete the job 33% faster with DTX
Pinpoints the location of a failure
and is the only tester that suggests cor-
rective action, saving troubleshooting time.
• Complete fiber certification
(Extended) specifications using DTX Fiber
Modules and the DTX Compact OTDR.
• 12-hour battery life. Gives you the
power to complete any job.
DTX saves 2 hours in
troubleshooting time
Certifies fiber to Tier 1 (Basic) and Tier 2
DTX is
3x faster
Today’s Testers
Total Time To Certify 300 Links
The DTX CableAnalyzer:
a visionary approach to testing.
Level IV Accuracy –
Exceeds spec requirements for
Cat 6 and beyond.
Bandwidth support to
900 MHz – supports video
distribution, Class F, and
10 Gigabit Ethernet.
Fiber ready at all times –
optional fiber loss/length test
modules and Compact OTDR
module fit snug and protected
in DTX module cavity.
9-second Cat 6 Autotest –
speeds you through testing
three times faster than any
other tester.
Large color display with
bright backlight for easy
12-second fiber Autotest –
performs dual fiber, dualwavelength certification test.
Advanced time-saving
diagnostics pinpoint
problems anywhere on the link
and suggest corrective action
to help you get the job done
on time.
Save full graphical test
results to Fluke Networks‘
LinkWare PC software.
Field tough Permanent Link
Adapter delivers repeatable
accuracy and Cat 5e, Cat 6 and
Cat 6A interoperability.
USB Port for high-speed
test data downloads.
Portable, lightweight
ergonomic design for
easy field use.
12-hour battery life –
Lithium ion battery provides full
day of testing.
Rotary knob makes learning
easy and operation simple –
you always know what test
mode is selected.
Internal memory stores up
to 250 graphical Cat 6 test
results or up to 2000 reports in
text format.
Memory Card for instant
data hand-off –
each multiple of 128 MB stores
2000 Cat 6 graphical link test
Talk feature saves time by allowing
you to communicate with your test
partner at the other end of the link
over both copper and fiber.
Rugged overmold bonded to
case stands up to tough field
Enhance the power of DTX.
Test and certify 10 Gig Ethernet over copper
The DTX 10 Gig over Copper Test Solution enables testing and certification of twisted pair
cabling for 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments – whether it is a Cat 6 or Augmented Cat 6
cabling system. The DTX-10GKIT, together with DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer, is the first field test
solution that measures performance for 10 Gig and Alien Crosstalk (ANEXT and AFEXT) in full
compliance with the industry standards to 500 MHz.
Test and certify 10 Meg to 10 Gig Ethernet over fiber
With optional on-board fiber modules and the DTX Compact OTDR, complete fiber certification is ready whenever you need it. Our certification solution includes loss length, polarity
measurements and fiber traces. You can validate fiber link performance and installation quality
as well as locate sources of loss and reflectance. Measure optical loss at multiple wavelengths
without swapping near and far-end units. Perform a single-end OTDR test to identify latent
problems in a fiber link. The only cable tester that lets you switch between copper and fiber
with the touch of a button or perform a comprehensive suite of tests from one platform.
Verify network service availability
Improve the services you offer your customers with the DTX CableAnalyzer and Network Service
Module (DTX-NSM). Simply plug the DTX-NSM module into the back of the main unit and you’re
ready to verify network service availability and link connectivity up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet.
Verify if a link is active, identify its data rate, duplex capabilities and whether power is available for PoE. Then document all the network connectivity tests executed as an integrated part
of the cable certification documentation provided by LinkWare.
Test cabling with Midspan PSEs for POE applications
Midspan power sources block DC power from traveling to the Ethernet switch or other active
equipment in the wiring closet. This prohibits Wiremap tests of the link with conventional DC
test methods. The DTX Series CableAnalyzer has the capability to test cabling using AC signals.
This unique feature allows full certification to ISO and TIA standards where Midspan Power
over Ethernet supplies are used.
Certify patch cord performance
Test patch cords to ensure optimal network performance with greater channel throughput and
greater system margin. Attach the optional DTX Patch Cord Adapters (DTX-PCU6S) to the DTX
main and remote units and you’re ready to certify patch cord performance to TIA Cat 6/5e
specifications and also ISO class D/E.
Made in U.S.A