Emergency Reporting and Wide Area Mass Notification

Emergency Reporting and
Wide Area Mass Notification System
For municipalities, military bases, industrial sites,
academic institutions, and any location requiring
the most versatile and reliable emergency
communication network for the fastest and
most complete response to any situation
Sigcom TRX50 system offers a fully integrated solution for
reporting and managing major emergencies including
fire and security alarms, terrorist activities, hazardous
chemical releases, severe weather, and other situations
that may endanger the occupants of an area or facility. The
system provides a long range radio backbone to report
emergency incidents to a central dispatch location, and
the capability to respond, including initiating prerecorded
and live voice messages from the head end back to any
remote location. The TRX50 system meets the stringent
requirements of municipal fire protection systems and the
specific requirements of the U.S. Military for security and
force protection applications.
• Wide area coverage with long range radio transceivers – up to 25 miles
Applications for TRX50 system include municipal fire alarm
networks as well as fire alarm monitoring and wide area
mass notification at military facilities, college campuses,
oil refineries and production platforms, petro-chemical
plants, hospital campuses, and manufacturing plants.
TRX50 is a modular design giving users and designers the
ability to add functionality and to significantly expand the
system and the radio network.
– Longer range applications with repeaters
• Modular design supports both one way or two way radio
communication with full command and control
• Supports voice over radio network with Mass Notification System
• Integrates legacy hardwire municipal networks enabling transition to
long range radio
• Powerful Integrated embedded software platform saves room in the
dispatch center
• Sigcom’s private long range radio is the most stable and reliable
emergency and alarm communication technology – no risk of
technology sunset
• Ideal for fast and cost effective deployment of new alarm and
emergency reporting networks
• Enables cost effective managed transition for existing Telegraph and
other aging hardwire networks to modern long range radio
• Approved for both Public and Proprietary Alarm Reporting Systems
(NFPA 72 - Chapters 26 and 27)
• Easy deployment of wide area Mass Notification Systems for
communicating live and pre-recorded voice messages
• Supports full remote command and control functions through the head
end software to any radio location – turn anything on and off manually
or automatically
Alarm inputs are received from fire alarm panels, security alarm panels, gas or radiation monitoring sensors, or manual
activating devices by Sigcom DTX long range radio alarm transceivers and communicated back to the TRX50 over the radio
network. Signals can also be communicated to TRX50 from existing hardwire networks such as municipal Telegraph networks. The TRX50 System Processor software receives the signals and produces a visual and audible indication on a monitor
or touchscreen that there is an incident or alarm. The dispatch center operator can see information pertaining to the event
and respond. Command signals can be sent back to the radio transceivers. These commands can be manually activated by
the operator or configured to activate automatically and can trip pre-recorded or live voice messages and/or tones, activate
lights and strobes, initiate message signs, shut down HVAC or other critical systems, and more.
Block Diagram - TRX50 System
Control Panel
Alarm Inputs
DTX Series
Fire Alarm
Control Panel
Monitor or Touchscreen
Telegraph Module
Decodes signals
from existing
Telegraph network
TRX50-TM Telegraph Module
Supervised Two-way
Serial Connection
Mass Notification Module
Coded Message
Selection Inputs
Mass Notification
Delivers voice messages
anywhere and live all call
override with integrated
TRX50-MNS Mass Notification Module
Live Voice
Fire Alarm
Radio Module
1 2
TRX50-RM Radio Module
System Processor
High Power
TRX50 System Processor
Amplified Speakers
Strobes, Other Signals
Charger Module
TRX50 System Components
System Processor – TRX50-SP Series
The System Processor is a rack mount module that is the central component for the system and is used to process all data
and for system operation, configuration, and prog ramming. For user interface, a display monitor or touch screen, keyboard, and mouse attach to the System Processor via dedicated ports. Additional modules, such as the Radio Module, connect directly to the System Processor. The System Processor also contains the power distribution for all system components
and provides automatic switch over to a Charger Module in the event of an AC power outage.
Charger Module – TRX50-CM Series
The Charger Module is a rack-mount or wall-mount power source that serves as the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for
the system. The Charger Module includes the battery backup supply along with all circuitry and components necessary to recharge the batteries. The Charger Module and the battery size depend on the backup power requirements of each particular
installation. The batteries with the Charger Module will have capability to provide 24 hours standby power to the system.
TRX50 System Components (cont.)
Mass Notification
Module with Mic
Radio Module
System display
monitor or
System Processor
Primary System
Radio Module – TRX50-RM Series
The Radio Module is a rack mount module that can be configured for the individual application based on requirements for
the radio network - one-way supervised reporting, two-way command and control, or two way command and control with
Mass Notification System functionality. An integral radio receiver in the Radio Module is designed to operate in the 72-76 MHz
or 135-175 MHz bands. This receiver complies with FCC Part 15 and is narrow band compliant. The Radio Module transmits
frequency modulated (FM), Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) encoded radio signals that are compatible with the System Processor.
Remote Dispatch Stations – TRX50-RDS Series
The System Processor can support up to 5 remote dispatch workstations in the same physical building as the System Processor to allow multiple users to respond to and manage system events. The Remote Dispatch Stations connect via secure
dedicated LAN to the System Processor. Each Remote Dispatch Station includes user interface hardware – color monitor or
touch screen, keyboard, and mouse.
Telegraphic Module – TRX50-TM Series
The Telegraphic Module provides connections to legacy municipal hard wired systems through Form 4 decoders and allows
seamless integration with the new Radio system so all alarms and incidents can be reported and responded to by a single
user interface display. The Telegraph Module is a 3U plate that is installed near and is connected to the System Processor.
Mass Notification Module – TRX50-MNS Series
The Mass Notification Module is a rack mount module that provides the essential elements of a Mass Notification System.
It delivers live voice anywhere and provides centralized control of pre-recorded messages stored in MNS panels installed
in buildings. The module includes 2 live microphones. One is directly attached to the MNS module and serves as an ‘All Call’
microphone. The other is the primary microphone that is provided at the operator console and can be user selected to page
into a particular building.
System Processor
Mass Notification System Module
Power Supply:
110/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
0.97 Amps @ 115 VAC, Nominal
Operating Voltage:
24 VDC Nominal (from System Processor
or External Source)
Operating Voltage: 24 Volts, nominal
Standby Current: 0.85 Amps @ 24 VDC
Back-Up Battery Size: 24 V, 26 AH (24 Hour Back-Up)
Power Consumption:
Idle Mode: 1 W Tx: 20 mA @ 24 VDC
270 mA @ 24 VDC
Number of Channels: 1 Transmitter
Operating Temperature: 32° to 125°F
Maximum Number of Boxes: 500 / Frequency per NFPA,
expandable to 2 frequencies
Radio Decoding Channels: 2
Dimensions: 5.22”h (3U) x 12”d, 19” EIA Rack
Operating Temperature: 32° to 125°F
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Rack Mount: Desktop: 5.22”h (3U) x 14”d, 19” EIA Rack
11.75”h x 19.75”w x 18”d
Charger Module
Rack Mount: Desktop: 13 lbs
40 lbs
Radio Module
Operating Voltage: 24 VDC nominal (from System Processor
or External Source)
Power Consumption: 0.25 Amps (max.) @ 24 VDC
Frequency Range:
72-76 MHz
138-170 MHz
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:
1.5 Amps (max.) @ 110 VAC
Operating Voltage: 28 VDC nominal
Operating Temperature: 32° to 125°F
Rack Mount: Wall Mount: 10.47”h (6U) x 5.62”d, 19” EIA Rack
10.47”h (6U) x 5.62”d x 19”w
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Telegraphic Module
Narrowband Compliant:
Number of Channels: 1 Standard, 2 max.
Operating Temperature: 32° to 125°F
Rack Mount: Desktop: 5.22”h (3U) x 12”d, 19” EIA Rack
Can fit in with System Processor in a case
with dimensions 11.75”h x 19.75”w x 18”d
Weight: 15 lbs (max.)
Power Supply:
24 VDC nominal
100 mA @ 24 VDC
Operating Temperature:
32° to 125° F
15 optically isolated coded
dry contact inputs
6 coded re-transmission outputs
5.25”H x 19” W
Rack mountable; 1.5” depth
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