750539-001 Rev B - X-Mag Flyer (for web)

High-Magnification Workstation
▪ Adaptable and ergonomic design integrates
an HD camera, monitor, and flexible LED
lighting in one inspection/rework station
▪ Adjustable camera tilts 315° and rotates
180° to view various sized objects at the
station or across the room
▪ Intuitive and easy-to-use remote
▪ Manual focus override for easy examination
of all surface variations
▪ Flexible LED lighting surrounds and highlights
the viewed object to eliminate shadows and
reduce glare at varied angles
Increase operator accuracy and improve productivity
with FSInspection’s cost-effective, ergonomic solutions.
High-definition image
Flexible LED lighting
Manual focus override
Magnify up to 96x
Rotating, auto-focus camera
Advanced • Accurate • Affordable
Ample Workspace
With over 16 inches of working space under
the camera, the operator has free range
of motion to rework or inspect objects of
varied sizes.
Flexible Lighting
Multiple built-in LED lights with adjustable
brightness eliminate glare and shadows on
the object in view.
Versatile Design
Every operator has different needs for
comfort and productivity. The X-Mag's
advanced design allows the operator to
adjust the camera and lighting to fit the
specific inspection and rework requisites.
Add an XY table to easily navigate between
components or across the assembly. Include
an ESD mat for additional protection. Create
a portable inspection station by adding a
convenient carrying case.
Easy to Use, Ergonomic, and Efficient
Auto-focus 720p HD camera
Working Height Under Camera
16.4 in / 41.6 cm
20-in monitor: 1.4x to 78x
22-in monitor: 1.5x to 87x
24-in monitor: 1.7x to 96x
14.1 lbs. / 6.4 kg
15.1 lbs. / 6.8 kg
16.5 lbs. / 7.5 kg
XY Table
17.2 in x 17.3 in x 1.83 in
437 mm x 439 mm x 47 mm
X-dimension travel: 16 in/406 mm
Y-dimension travel: 10.5 in/266 mm
Variable braking mechanism
Power Supply
Input voltage 100-240V
AC Frequency 50-60 Hz
Single wall plug
Rolling Carrying Case
Available for all monitor sizes
Designed and Assembled in the USA
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750539-001 Rev. B
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