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Letter Frequency
Charts & Solutions
For 2-4 players, ages 8 to adult
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The object of WHEEL OF FORTUNE is to earn money by spinning the Wheel and
solving a series of word puzzles on the Puzzle Board. The player with the most
money after four rounds is the winner.
Spinner Assembly: Separate the spinner from the collar and remove and discard
the plastic nib. Press the collar completely onto the spinner card from the bottom
side. Snap the spinner into the top of the collar.
1 WHEEL OF FORTUNE Spinner Card and Spinner – Divided into 24 spaces
made up of various dollar amounts and special spaces; Lose a Turn, Bankrupt
and Free Spin.
NOTE: The spinner=Wheel (spinner will be referred to as Wheel throughout these
1 WHEEL OF FORTUNE Puzzle Board – Divided into 3 rows, each row featuring
11 squares featuring a sliding cover. Squares are numbered from 1 to 33.
2 Legs
1 Set Display
1 Backing Board
24 Puzzle Cards – Each card features four word puzzles. Words used in each
puzzle are surrounded by arbitrary letters to make it more difficult to decipher a
puzzle without benefit of the Puzzle Board.
10 Free Spin Tokens – Players earn these on the Wheel.
Play Money
Called Letter Chart and Crayon – Used to keep track of letters called out by
players during each round.
Instruction Booklet – Featuring letter frequency charts and puzzle solutions.
Avoid looking at these pages until necessary.
1. Locate the Puzzle Board Frame, the 33 covers and the legs. Carefully insert
one end of a cover into the center slot of each space of the Puzzle Board Frame
so that the two tabs slide easily into the track (see ill. 1).
2. Continue to slide the cover down gently so that the other end slips into place
(see ill. 2). If a cover does not fit securely, try another in its place.
Push down
center slot blue cover
Before continuing and before the start of each and every round of WHEEL OF
FORTUNE, make sure that all the covers are slid into their UP position. This
will prevent accidentally revealing the puzzle to the players (see ill. 6).
Illus. 2
Illus. 1
Wheel of Fortune
Set Display
Gently Press
Onto Tab
Illus. 6
Up Position
Illus. 3
3. After all the covers have been inserted into the Puzzle Board Frame, gently
press the Wheel of Fortune Set Display
onto the four tabs bordering the front of
the Puzzle Board Frame (see ill. 3).
4. Turn the Puzzle Board Frame over, and
from the bottom, slide each leg into place
Illus. 4
(see ill. 4).
5. Take the backing board provided and
insert it in between the slots in the
back of the Puzzle Board Frame (see
ill. 5). This board will conceal the
puzzles on the flipsides of the Puzzle
Cards used during the game. It
remains part of your Puzzle Board
and should not have to be
removed.Your Puzzle Board is now
Illus. 5
Each Puzzle Sheet features four word puzzles, two on one side and two on the
other. Puzzles take the form of either a familiar phrase, place, person (real or
fictional), title or thing.
Since a complete game is made up of four rounds, one Puzzle Sheet may be
used per game, or, if you prefer, you may use different Puzzle Sheets for each
round, or any combination.
Select a Puzzle Sheet at random and, with the covers slid into the UP position,
slide it into the space between the backing board and the back of the Puzzle
Board Frame. When you finish a round, you may remove the Puzzle Sheet,
turn it upside down and reinsert it for the next puzzle. However, be sure to
reposition all of the covers into their UP position before reinserting any
Puzzle Sheet into the Puzzle Board.
After assembling the Puzzle Board and inserting a Puzzle Sheet, place the
Puzzle Board on a table or other secure level surface. Place the Spinner Card
(Wheel) within easy reach of all players.
Select one player to be the “Banker.” He or she will be in charge of distributing
money to players as they correctly identify letters in the word puzzle.
Select one player to be the “Host.” He or she will be in charge of checking the
letter frequency charts in this booklet to see if specific letters are part of a particular puzzle, how many times they appear in that puzzle and in what locations
on the Puzzle Board. He or she will also mark off the letters on the Called
Letter Chart as they are used in a round.
Each player spins the Wheel. The player who spins the highest dollar amount
goes first and play proceeds to the left. You are now ready to play WHEEL OF
Before the first player spins the Wheel, all players should note the following
information on the Puzzle Board.
Puzzle Type: There are many different puzzle types including: Person, Place,
Phrase, Proper Name, etc.
Puzzle Number: The “Host” will use this information to check letters on the
letter frequency charts in this booklet.
Black Spaces: Once a Puzzle Sheet has been placed in the Puzzle Board, you
will be able to locate letter positions and tell how many words are in a puzzle by
looking for the black spaces below the sliding covers. All other spaces may be
A few puzzles use apostrophe’s (’). You will be able to tell which ones by
looking in the title area once you insert a puzzle sheet in the board. If, for
example, the puzzle sheet says “BEFORE AND AFTER” ’ = 14 then you know
that there is an apostrophe underneath cover 14. Before starting the round,
move the cover down to reveal the apostrophe.
The first player spins the Wheel. The spinner must make at least one
complete spin around the Wheel in order for it to be declared a valid spin. If
the spinner stops on a line between two spaces, the player spins again.
If the spinner stops on a dollar amount, the first player will be able to name a
letter he or she believes may be in the puzzle. This letter must be a consonant
(vowels may only be purchased). The “Host” then turns to the correct letter on
the frequency chart. Once there, he or she locates the puzzle number and reads
off any position numbers that might be next to it. The Puzzle Board squares
corresponding to those numbers are uncovered (slide cover DOWN) to reveal
the selected letter in the puzzle. The “Host” should check only the chart that
contains the frequency of the letter in question and should avoid looking at
any information besides that pertaining to the puzzle being played.
If the letter selected by the player is in the puzzle, the player receives the dollar
amount spun on the Wheel from the “Banker.” If the letter appears in the
puzzle more than once, the dollar amount on the Wheel is multiplied by the
number of times the letter appears and that amount of money is given to the
player by the “Banker.”
For example, suppose you are trying to solve Puzzle #7 which may be a fiveword phrase. Player One spins the Wheel and the spinner stops on $900.
Player One then says “Is there a B?” The “Host” flips to the frequency chart
that corresponds to the letter B and looks next to #7. What he or she sees is
“4-9-16.” This means that the Letter B appears three times in the puzzle at
positions 4, 9 and 16 on the Puzzle Board. Those squares are uncovered and
Player One receives $2,700 from the banker - $900 for each appearance of the
letter B. The “Host” then marks off the letter B on the Called Letter Chart using
the crayon.
The player continues to spin and ask for letters until he or she:
■ asks for a letter not in the puzzle,
■ asks for a letter already revealed in the puzzle,
■ spins Lose A Turn or Bankrupt on the Wheel,
■ asks for a vowel without purchasing it,
■ purchases a vowel not in the puzzle,
■ makes an incorrect guess as to the solution of the puzzle.
Should any of the above occur, the player’s turn ends and the next player takes
his or her turn.
After the first player takes his or her first spin, all players may choose one of
the following:
*Spin the Wheel
*Buy a Vowel
*Solve the puzzle
Spinning the Wheel
Should a player decide to spin the Wheel, he or she does so in the same
manner as the first player above. The Wheel is spun, a letter is asked for and,
if the letter appears in the puzzle, dollars are awarded to the player. The only
exceptions to this rule occur when a player spins Lose A Turn, Bankrupt or
Free Spin.
Lose A Turn: If a player spins Lose A Turn, he or she ends his or her turn and
forfeits his or her next turn.
Bankrupt: If a player spins Bankrupt, he or she ends his or her turn and
returns to the “Banker” any money won so far during the round.
Free Spin: If a player spins Free Spin, he or she takes a Free Spin Token and
continues with his or her turn. A player may use a Free Spin Token at any point
in the round when he or she selects a letter not in the puzzle, spins Lose A
Turn or spins Bankrupt. However, Bankrupt still results in a player losing all of
his or her money won during the round. A player should announce his or her
intention to use a Free Spin Token to the other players before actually doing so.
Buying a Vowel
A player may buy a vowel during his or her turn provided he or she has at least
$250. This amount is to be paid to the “Banker” before the “Host” checks to
see if the vowel appears in the puzzle. If the vowel does appear, the player
continues. If the vowel does not appear, the player ends his or her turn. The
$250 is paid regardless of whether or not the vowel actually appears in the
puzzle. In the case of multiple appearances of the vowel asked for, the player
does not have to pay the “Banker” any more money than the initial $250.
Solving the Puzzle
Many players will continue to ask for letters even after the answer to the puzzle
becomes obvious so that they can continue to win money before solving. A
player should announce his or her intention to solve the puzzle to the other
players before actually doing so.
After a player gives his or her solution to the puzzle, only that player should
check the WHEEL OF FORTUNE solutions which appear in the back of this
booklet. The player should locate the number of the puzzle and quickly glance
at the correct solution before putting the book down.
If the player’s solution is correct in every detail, including word order, the
player wins and the round is over. All the squares above black spaces are
uncovered to reveal the complete word puzzle.
If the player’s solution does not match exactly the solution printed on the page,
that player loses his or her turn. The player may choose to use a Free Spin if he
or she has one available. The round then continues until a player solves the
When the round ends, only the player who has solved the puzzle may keep his or
her winnings for that round. All other players must return any money won during
the round to the “Banker.” Players may keep their free spin tokens until the game
is over. These tokens may be used anytime during a player’s turn.
Players do not have to return any money won from previous rounds. Be careful
to keep money won during previous rounds in a separate pile.
After four rounds, the player with the most money is declared the winner.
In general, players should take no more than five seconds to ask for a letter and
no more than 10 seconds to solve a puzzle.
If a player wins a round with less than $500 in his or her possession, the
“Banker” awards the player the difference.(brings the player’s winnings up to
Any extra word or words added to the puzzle will not be accepted and the player
will be disqualified.
If a player begins to solve the puzzle and makes an error, the player must correct
the error and solve the puzzle correctly. This correction must be made before the
entire answer is given.
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