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You’ve just purchased one of the most advanced strobe units on the market. The ECL series is class
leading thanks to its 2.4GHz Radio Control, lightning fast recycle times and robust build quality. Your
Strobepro ECL flash will last you for years to come.
This manual provides answers to most of the questions you’ll have. We want you to be fully confident in
using your new strobe, so if you have any questions please send us an email and we’re happy to help.
Safety Tip
To prolong the life of your strobe and bulbs, never put them away hot. The ECL is fan cooled. After
using the strobe, turn off the modelling light and let the strobe run for 5 minutes to cool. The built in
fan will cool the bulbs. Always store with the protective cover on.
Happy Shooting!
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
ECL Strobe Reference
1) Flash Tube
8) Handle
15) Recycling Indication Button
2) Modeling Lamp
9) Control Dial
16) Modeling Lamp Button
3) Reflector Bowl
10) Lock Handle
17) Power Switch
4) Accessories Release Button
11) Optical Slave Button
18) Power Socket
12) Flash Test Button
5) Umbrella Lock Screw
13) Flash Sync Cable Socket
6) Stand Lock Screw
7) Umbrella Hole
14) Built-in 2.4GHz Receiver
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
ECL Specifications
Guide Number
Recycling Time (s)
Flash Power Variation
Charging Indication
Flash Duration t=0.5
LCD Display 6 f-stop Power Range 1/1-1/32
Beep, Modeling Light Dimmer
Color Temperature
5500K +/- 200K
Modelling Lamp
Modelling Lamp Output
Trigger Method
250W E27
Proportional / Full / Independent Adjustment / Off
Slave Switch / SYNC / Built in 2.4GHz / Test
Sync Voltage
Operating Voltage
AC 110V 10A Fuse
Dimensions (mm)
Fan / Temperature Alert
373L x 133W x 195H
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
Mounting the ECL and Modifiers
Stand Connection
Back out the Stand Lock Screw (6). Place the strobe over the stand spigot. Tighten the Stand Lock Screw
(6) back up to secure.
Adjust Angle
You can easily adjust the tilt of the ECL strobe by turning the Lock Handle (10) to the left to loosen and
to the right to tighten.
Attaching Modifiers
All Strobepro strobes use a Bowens S Mount style
speedring. Simply align the three male blocks of the
speedring with the 3 female blocks of the strobe.
Ensure the alignment is flush. Twist the speedring or
modifier to the right. You will hear a “click”. The
modifier is now locked to the strobe. To remove, push
the Accessories Release Button (4) and turn speedring
to the left. Carefully remove the accessory.
Using Umbrellas
The ECL Series is equipped with a built-in umbrella mount. Strobepro recommends using the 55° 7”
Standard Reflector (sold separately) with any umbrella. Mount the 55° reflector. Slide the umbrella
shaft through the reflector cut out notch and into the Umbrella Hole (7). After you have set your
desired distance, turn the Umbrella Lock Screw (5) to secure the position.
Power connection
Insert the power cable into the Power Socket (18). Turn on the Power Switch (17) and press the
Modeling Lamp Button (16) if desired. The LCD Screen is now on and the flash is ready to fire.
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
ECL Operating Instructions
The Control Dial
Think of the Control Dial (9) as your computer mouse for navigating the LCD screen. Rotating the dial
cycles through the various adjustment modes on the screen. Pushing the control dial in locks into that
function, just like clicking your mouse or pushing the enter button on your keyboard. Rotate to select
function, press to enter function, and rotate again to change the number within that function.
Setting the Power Level
Rotate the Control Dial (9) to move the cursor to "FLASH". Press the Control Dial (9) until the Number
begins to blink. Rotate the Control Dial (9) to select your desired power level, then push the Control Dial
(9) again to save the setting.
About Power Level Numbers
The LCD Screen displays power level digits from 1-6. 6 is full output power. This also represents 1/1 as
full output power and 1/32 as minimum. This controls 1/10 aperture accurately in each power level.
Output precision accuracy is within 1 %.
Auto Flash Dump
If you turn the power level down, the flash will fire automatically after 2 seconds to maintain output
accuracy. Other brands may not have this function. Imagine you take a picture at full power and then
decide to take the same picture at the lowest power setting. All that flash energy is store in the flash
capacitors and needs to get out, otherwise your picture will be over exposed. The ECL does this
automatically so you don’t have to remember to dump the power manually.
Modelling Lamp Modes
Push the Modeling Lamp Switch (16) once, the flash will enter Proportional Mode; Push it one more
time, and it will be 100% Full Power Mode; Push it a third time, and it will enter Independent
Adjustment Mode. Push (16) another time and the modeling lamp will be shut off.
Proportional Mode
The modeling lamp power matches the flash power output giving you an accurate representation of
where your shadows will fall. This mode is normally used.
100% Mode
This mode turns the modelling lamp power to 100% regardless of the flash power setting. This mode is
used for continuous lighting.
Independent Adjustment Mode
You can adjust the modelling lamp independently from the flash power. This mode is sometimes used in
very precise studio setups or continuous lighting setups.
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
Flash Test
Press the Flash Test Button (12) to test the flash. If you have turned on the Optical Slave Button (11) on
other strobes and they are in line of sight, they will also fire.
Flash Recycle Sound
When the power is switched on, the strobe will beep to indicate it is ready to fire. After each flash firing
there will be a beep indicating the flash has recycled and is ready to fire again. During this time the LCD
screen shows "OK' from blinking to still. You can turn off the beep by pressing the Sound Button (15).
With the Sound Button off and the modeling light on, the modeling light will dim during recycling and
come back on to indicate the flash has recycled.
Triggering the ECL
Remote Triggering
ECL series studio flash units include built-in 2.4GHz remote receivers. You can control most functions of
the ECL with the TR-X 2.4GHz controller/trigger (sold separately). You can also use any other radio
trigger by placing a transmitter into the camera hot shoe and plugging a receiver into the strobe Flash
Sync Cable Socket (13).
Sync Cable Triggering
Insert one end of sync cable into the Flash Sync Cable Socket (13) and the other end into the PC Sync
Socket of the camera. The strobe will now flash in sync with the camera shutter. (Not all cameras are
equipped with a PC Sync Port)
Infra-red Flash Trigger
The ECL flash is equipped with an infra-red inductor. This means that when enabled, any other strobe,
speedlite, or pop-up camera flash will trigger all enabled strobes instantly. Press Slave Button (11) to
enable or disable.
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
Strobepro TRS TR-X Controller/Trigger Function
The following instructions are only necessary if you have purchased the Strobepro TRS/TR-X 2.4GHz
Remote Control/Trigger.
The ECL/ECX has a built in wireless antenna designed to work with optional Strobepro
compatible radio triggers such as the TRS/TR-X.
You need to be sure the strobes are in triggering mode. Hold Buttons 11 and 15 on
the strobe together. You will see the Channel Indicator on the strobe LCD default to 5.
You will also see a Lightning Bolt icon appear on the LCD. You are now in the correct
On the strobe, scroll to the ID and set your desired number. On the TRS/TR-X trigger,
match the channel of the radio trigger dip switch to the one you just set on the strobe.
Use the following chart as a guide. You can now control the strobe wirelessly.
Upon first use of the remote please remove the plastic tab inside the battery cover. This
will prevent the trigger from turning on. To power on, hold Button 2 for 3 seconds. The
light on the remote will now blink every 3 seconds to let you know it is on. To power off,
hold Button 2 for 3 seconds.
TRS/TR-X Remote Channel
1. ON = 0
2. OFF = 1
3. Channel 15 is universal
Remote Button Layout
Channel switches
Power on/off/flash test
Adjust power down
Modelling lamp on/off
Adjust power up
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
Thank you for choosing STROBEPRO.COM products. We believe in excellent customer service. We will
make every effort to service our products for as long as you own them.
Please read the operating instructions and warranty policy to understand your service coverage before
1. STROBEPRO.COM implements a North American warranty.
2. Two years free manufacturer’s defects warranty from purchasing date. The strobe must be used
correctly according to the manual. If improper use is determined the warranty will not apply.
3. The guarantee time limit is two years (not including flash tube). Heimann Germany flash tubes are
guaranteed for one year. This does not include accidental breakage.
4. No warranty coverage for the following conditions:
Damage caused by incorrect operation.
Damage caused by impact, liquid, tampering, improper voltage.
Damage caused by maintenance, alteration, disassembly in maintenance shop which is not
authorized by STROBEPRO.COM
The product does not match with model or serial number in factory records.
Damage caused by accessories or spare parts (rechargeable battery, modeling lamp, flash tube,
accessories etc.) which are not recommended by STROBEPRO.COM.
Fault caused by disaster, incorrect voltage etc.
5. Accessories (power cable, sync cable), and parts are included in warranty coverage.
6. This guarantee is only valid in Canada and the USA.
7. Shipping charges to and from the Calgary, Alberta, Canada warranty center are the customer’s
Warranty Inquiries
To request warranty work please email Strobepro first at
If you are advised to do so, please mail or drop off the product to:
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc.
4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2E 6N6
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
The first time using a new studio flash, please ensure the flash body is in good condition. Make sure the
lock system is operational and the flash tube and modelling lamp are secured. If an issue is detected
please correct or contact STROBEPRO.COM for assistance.
1. Flash should be put in dry place to ventilate, please store with protection cover after using and the
flash has cooled off.
If flash is not in use, turn off power switch and disconnect power cord.
2. The flash tube and modelling lamp must keep clean. Use rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth to
carefully clean the flash tube if necessary. Always switch off and unplug the power cable. Never handle
with bare fingers or while power is on.
3. For best performance please operate the flash 2 times per month to avoid capacitor degeneration.
4. Working in high humidity or cold environments, the surface of flash can accumulate moisture. Please
turn on modeling lamp for two minutes to dehumidify before operating.
5. The modelling lamp should only be equipped with the OEM bulb. DO NOT use unapproved bulbs. It
will void your warranty.
6. Please keep the device away from water and excessive exposure to direct sunlight and fire.
7. The flash body may heat up to high temperatures. Do not use near flammable materials. NEVER use a
snoot with the modeling light on.
8. Prior to replacing lamps or performing maintenance, low power to minimum, test fire flash and
disconnect from power! Take off protection cover before operating.
9. For flash units equipped with a cooling fan, don’t block the ports of the fan.
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
No matter what happens, don’t open the case and attempt repair by yourself. You risk electric shock
strong enough to kill you!
1. Turn on power switch, no response.
Please check if the power cord is firmly connected with the power socket.
If the joint between plug and power socket is loose.
If flash tube is loose.
If fuse is in good condition.
2. Modeling lamp does not turn on.
Please check if modeling lamp switch has been turned on.
If modeling lamp is loose or tungsten filament is broken.
3. Device does not flash.
Press flash test button to test flash.
Flash tube is secure and filament is not broken.
Adjust flash output power to maximum, press flash test button to test flash.
4. Strobe does not respond to sync.
Please check if the remote control switch has been turned on.
If sync cable is connected.
If channel address between transmitter and receiver is the same.
If battery of transmitter or receiver is dead.
If transmitter is inserted in proper position on camera hot shoe.
Strobepro Studio Lighting Inc. | 4, 1247 36 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada |