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Erasmus MC, Rotterdam NL
BETAflam® and BETAfixss®
Providing secure connections for the future
Safety and capacity are given the highest possible priority at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Not only did the clients for the comprehensive new build and extension
work at this hospital in Rotterdam use tried-and-tested BETAflam® safety cables
Cable Masters n.v.
and the BETAfixss® cable laying system, they were also able to take advantage of
Offizieller LEONI Partner Infrastructure & Datacom
the long-term experience of the LEONI Infrastructure & Datacom business unit.
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Erasmus MC in Rotterdam was built in 1840 and became a university clinic in 1967.
With a capacity of more than 1,320 beds, this is the largest UMC in the Netherlands.
The recently-completed new construction/expansion project at the clinic has
released more capacity and brought the infrastructure up to date.
LEONI projectreport 8/2011 1
projectreport Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC, University Medical Center, Rotterdam (NL)
High demands on the infrastructure
cabling system
The optimum, secure, complete
networking solution
The project management for the fire alarm and voice alarm
This use of the BETAflam® safety cable as the major backbone
system was entrusted to a local firm of safety experts, in con-
for a problem-free energy supply, and as the carrier for the main
junction with Cable Master, which is a LEONI partner company.
brunt of the data flows, places an important responsibility upon
The overall project involved more than a simple new build,
LEONI Kabel. The choice of power cable is backed up by many
and the demands on the cabling and the need for a flexible
years of experience, continuous development and full certifica-
solution were therefore also correspondingly high. Faultless
tion. The hospital sector requires cables that are free of halogen,
supply at the maximum level of performance is absolutely vital
as well as non-toxic and low-smoke if a fire occurs.
in the clinical area in particular, and security of supply must be
maintained for as long as possible, even if a fire should occur.
Having featured in our range for over 20 years and been
Only quality products with the highest possible safety specifi-
subjected to further development in the LEONI Infrastructure
cations could therefore be considered for this application.
& Datacom business unit’s own fire labs, BETAflam® safety
cables meet all the internationally-recognised regulations and
In order to be ready for any future expansion of the networks,
standards. The corresponding cable-laying systems and fixing
and the increase in the use of digitalisation in medicine (e.g. in
materials have also been tested and certified in various combi-
relation to imaging processes using X-rays, MRI, CT etc.), the per-
nations under practical and standardised conditions. The
formance of the solutions used here also had to be future-proof.
approval and installation regulations are documented by a
To meet these demands in full, and to maximise the efficiency of
DIN 4102 Part 12 test certificate.
the project, the designers used two particular LEONI products:
the well-proven BETAflam® safety cable and the BETAfixss® cable
In practice, the priority is to use an approved fixing system that
laying system. Used together, these provide an adaptable instal-
provides a range of installation options and can be modified to
lation module that can be used very flexibly.
suit the varying situations encountered around the building.
2 LEONI projectreport 8/2011
projectreport Erasmus MC
BETAfixss® Insta-Clic cable duct
BETAfixss® Insta-Clic System E30-E90
2-in-1multiple cable holder and cable duct
The LEONI Infrastructure & Datacom business unit aims to be
Take a glance inside the Insta-Clic cable duct to discover these
ready to meet the demands of the future flexibly right now. At
important details:
the Erasmus MC, the new BETAfixss® Insta-Clic cable duct was
chosen as a basic support because it satisfied the requirement
for cable ducts that could be flexibly installed, and gave a per-
The open bracket greatly simplifies the cable laying process,
but still retains the cable perfectly in every situation, even
fect finish.
during a fire.
The cover works with a single click – no costly screws.
Unlike clip fixings, the BETAfixss® Insta-Clic cable duct acts
like a multi-cable holder – no need for a particular diameter
for each individual cable.
Out of sight, but still important: functional endurance to
DIN 4102-12, tested at levels E30, E60 and E90. The complete
installation, with cover (cable duct) is also tested and approved for use as an individual support for open cable laying.
Thanks to its metallic cover, Insta-Clic cable duct protects the
installed cable from external damage. The standard set of
shaped parts can span joints between buildings and protrusions
without costly modification work, and they produce a visually
clean solution for an immaculately-laid cable.
LEONI projectreport 8/2011 3
projectreport Erasmus MC
LEONI’s Infrastructure & Datacom
Business Unit…
…supplies complete networks for the power and data
sector, with the emphasis on safety and performance.
The Infrastructure & Datacom Business Unit has successfully met the challenge of the growing demand for band-
While the new challenges presented by ever more complex
width and increased standards in product lifetime and
applications certainly threaten the infrastructure, it is impera-
tive that the highest level of safety is guaranteed everywhere
else too. Our BETAflam® products meet all the relevant inter-
These days, building and traffic infrastructure poses consider-
national standards for both high-rise and underground con-
able challenges with regard to fault prevention and fire protec-
tion. Contractors and consultants take these challenges seriWe aim to exploit our commitment and our consulting
complexes are equipped with higher-order safety technologies.
services to reach optimum solutions, in collaboration
This ensures that people will be able to save themselves in the
withour customers – but, more importantly, we want to
event of a fire, and enables the damage resulting from success-
build confidence. We have pleasure in giving you a
ful fire-fighting interventions to be minimised.
glimpse of our achievements in the references.
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