SmartNode™ Open Gateway Appliance

SmartNode™ Open
Gateway Appliance
This open hardware platform, with its integrated VoIP Gateway, is ready for the operating system, IP-PBX, or
Unified Communications software of your choice.
Integrated miniITX PC Board
• 1.91 GHz Intel Quad Core Atom Processor
• 4GB of DDR3 RAM
• 250GB hard drive
Supports Any Operating System
Windows or Linux based.
atton’s SmartNode Open Gateway Appliance (SNOGA) enables industry
peers or integrators to simply buy the unit and install their software of
choice, or partner with Patton to create a custom OEM solution for any number of applications. With the ability to run any IPPBX, soft switch, router, SBC, call
recorder, or call accounting software, alongside any one of Patton’s robust
Gateways, the SNOGA opens the door to endless possibilities and customer satisfaction, every time.
Fully Customizable
Useful for a variety of communication
software IP-PBXs, softswitches, routers,
session border controllers, call recording, or call accounting.
Monitoring and Management
Leverage the Patton EMS system together with your preferred software on the
SmartNode Open Gateway Appliance to
be monitored and managed.
Using the Patton Redirection Service,
the Open Gateway Appliance can
be provisioned with zero touch at the
customer site.
Fits Your Network
BYOP (Bring your own phone)—
Choose your own hardware, whether it
is IP phones or softphones, computers,
tablet computers, mobile phones; no
vendor lock-in..
Keep Your Existing Equipment—Builtin gateway connects existing
analog/ISDN equipment.
SIP Trunks or PSTN—Save on monthly
call costs using SIP Trunks or receive
and make calls via the standard PSTN.
*Requires third-party USB module.
The Open Gateway Appliance is a convenient “one box” solution. With the built-in
VoIP Gateway, the Open Gateway Appliance eliminates the interoperability obstacles for companies that want to keep their legacy equipment including PBXs,
phones, fax equipment and POTS lines. Configuration options include a range of
analog FXS/FXO and/or ISDN BRI/PRI gateways coupled with the industry standard
miniITX PC board.
SmartNode™ Open Voice Gateway
64 calls with Transcoding
128 calls with RTP Relay
20 cps
100 CAPS
Gateway Capacity
Up to 120 (PRI), 16 (BRI), 8
(FXS) simultaneous VoIP or
T.38 fax calls (depending on
the model).
BRI Voice Connectivity
• 2/4/8 BRI So ports, RJ-45
• NT/TE configurable per port
• Built-in line power on each
port (total 4W)
• DSS1, Q.921, Q.931. NTT64
• Point-point and point-tomultipoint
• Optional QSIG support*
• Up to 4 FXS and FXO ports
• 2-wire Loopstart on RJ11/12
• Short haul loop 1.1km
• EuroPOTS (ETSI EG201188)
• Programmable AC impedance, feeding, ring and onhook voltage
• Caller-ID FSK and
ITUV.23/Bell 202 generation
• FSK & stuttering dial tone
PRI Voice Connectivity
• 1 or 4 T1/E1 PRI port(s)
• Signaling support (ISDN
Robbed bit loop and
ground start, E&M, immediate, wink, double wink)
• ISDN speech, audio & data
(Fax Gr 4, UDI 64, RDI64)
• ISDN supplementary services
• CAS protocols: RBS (Loop
start, ground start, E&M
wink, intermediate, doublewink) and R2/MFC-R2
(Q.400–Q.490 and
Configurable country profiles)
LAN/WAN Connectivity
• 2 x 10/100/1000 TX
Ethernet ports
• 4 x 10/100Base-T Ethernet
ports (depending on the
• Auto-MDI-X • DHCP Client
• PPPoE Client (multi-session)
• IP Multi-Netting access
control lists • DMZ port
Voice Processing
• Codec G.711 a-law/mu-law,
G.723, G.729ab, G.726,
G727, T.38 fax relay (9.6 k,
14.4 k)
• G.711 transparent fax and
• Transcoding for up to 12
Call Routing and Services
• Regular expression call
routing and manipulation
• Number blocking
• Short-dialing
• Digit collection, distribution
and hunt groups
IP Quality of Service
• Voice priority
• Traffic management
• IEEE 802.1p, TOS, DiffServ
• IEEE 802.1Q, VLAN tag
insertion/deletion 4,096
• Web/HTTP, CLI with local
console & remote Telnet
• TFTP configuration &
firmware loading
• SNMP MIB II and product
• Secure auto provisioning for
firmware & unit/subscriber
• Built-in diagnostic tools
(trace, debug, call generator)
Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-I E3845
Quad Core 1.91 Ghz
• 4GB of DDR3 RAM
• 250GB hard drive
2 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports
External Power Supply
12 VDC, 8.5 A (102 W max)
Operating Environment
• Operating Temperature: 32
to 104° F (0 to 40°C)
• Operating Humidity: up to
90%, non-condensing
• 19W x 1.7H x 12D in.
(48.3W x 4.4H x 30.5L cm)
• Rack mountable chassis
• EMC: EN55022 and
• Safety: EN 60950
• CE
• FCC Part 15 Class A; Part
68; CS-03
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