924781844280 Philips Halogen capsule lamps

Philips Halogen
Halogen capsule lamps
25 W
G9 Warm white
Superior halogen lighting
High-quality light in a small size
Provides bright, sparkling light with superior dimmability. Its compact size fits easily in
modern and open light fixtures, without requiring a transformer. This light bulb is perfect
for imaginative, styling lighting.
Create a cosy atmosphere
• Bright, sparking lighting to create your light scene at home
• Bright halogen light provides better contrast for more focus
Personal scene setting
• Best dimmability to dims and create a cozy atmosphere
Use in open light fixtures
• Small size easily fits in modern, style light fixtures
• Low filing and UV block for open light fixtures
Safe design
• Burner design ensures safety
Direct light when turning the button
• Provides light instantly from the moment you switch it on
Halogen capsule lamps
25 W G9 Warm white
Technical specifications
Shape: Capsule
Light effect: Frosted
Wattage: 25 W
Fitting/Cap: G9
Voltage: 230 V
Lifetime: 2000 hour(s)
Lifetime: 2 year(s)
Bright, sparkling light
Clear halogen is a sparkling light, giving beautiful
reflections where it shines, and sharp shadows
where it doesn't. Philips halogen lamps give
decorative light effect to your room, to bring your
room to life.
Halogen contrast for focus
With the bright light of these Philips halogen lamps,
contrasts get richer, letters become sharper and
visibility gets better. Bright light is more relaxing for
your eyes for a better focus.
Best dimmability
This Philips lamp can be used in combination with all
dimmers and will not only turn down the dim light to
1% but also create a cozy atmosphere as you are
used to with your incandescent.
Small size
The capsule gives high-intensity light with a clearly
directional beam in an extremely small size. It is
perfect for modern and stylish light fixtures at home.
Low filling and UV block
Safe to use in any open light fixture.
Safe burner design
Philips new super fuse design cuts off the light bulb
within 2ms. This is so short that the arc can not build
up. This results in a super safe light bulb, even at the
Instant start
Immediate light when switched on: that is the
promise of our instant starting energy-saving lamps.
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