iTacX – Intelligent Tactical Xchange
Tactical communications are vital to the success of critical missions in defense
operations. During combat and emergency situations, tactical communications are the link
between command centers and the field personnel who will carry out the mission or relief effort.
A break in communications could be life threatening. Those in the field depend on sturdy
equipment that can withstand harsh environments and still keep operating.
Rapid advances made in the field of information and communication technology has
encouraged the deployment of newer technologies in defense communication systems which
help to improve operational capabilities and cost efficiency. In the military environment, a
network must transmit data, voice, and video to multiple participants, reliably and flexibly. It
needs to be resilient and easy to manage, require little maintenance, and allow for mobility. A
converged network meets these requirements of the tactical communication network.
IP networking has become the foundation for converging voice, video, and data
applications into unified communications. This unique combination enables disparate
defense communities to connect and collaborate in ways previ ously unavailable. Unified
communications on an IP infrastructure provide unique global accessibility with the potential
to reach anyone, anywhere, using any communications device.
Providing innovative telecom solutions has been the hallmark of Coral Telecom. With
a rich experience in the field of telecom, Coral's products provide cutting edge technology to
the customer in a cost effective manner. The iTacX is one such technological innovation from
the Coral stable, which has been designed to meet the exacting demands of the Tactical
Communication Network.
The iTacX is a versatile system which incorporates several functionalities required in
the Tactical Communication arena.
Superior Design
The iTacX is a highly scalable solution based on the concept of software communication
server platform that provides multimedia call processing. This rich call-handling application delivers
world-class telephony features from the Corps down to the Unit level. The system, based on a fully
distributed architecture not only allows faster processing but also optimum utilization of main CPU
time. The iTacX is based on Linux and incorporates several latest technologies. It also offers several
open standard interfaces like QSIG, H.323, SIP and CSTA which can be used for various networking
applications. A highly reliable platform, the iTacX system offers broad scalability with users spread
across multiple geographical sites.
The system provides the following functionalities from the same platform:
Intelligent Networking
The iTacX offers intelligent networking which delivers consistent communication system
features, services and applications over any media or transport to all users across the enterprise,
regardless of their location. The networking feature allows the iTacX to be connected to or operated
via the public or private network. Standard protocols such as QSIG and SIP and open interfaces like
CSTA are employed to enable the efficient and economical operation of communication networks.
Hybrid IP PBX
Versatile PCM Multiplexer
Access Router
CNR Gateway
The multiple usage of the iTacX platform virtually makes it as the swiss knife of the
tactical communication portfolio.
The iTacX is a hybrid switch, based on IP architecture which provides support for both
traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and VoIP. The switch is capable of handling media
and data services over any type of interfaces such as LAN or ATM. Being a hybrid switch, the
iTacX offers the same set of capabilities to TDM phones and to IP phones and enables a smooth
transition from TDM to VoIP.
cutting edge technology
The iTacX has powerful Least Cost Routing (LCR) algorithms, which deliver route efficiency
and cost savings by intelligently routing calls in accordance with business policies. The policies can
be based on route availability, cost, connection voice quality, user class of service and calendar. The
LCR can also be used for implementing a traffic load balancing for multi-site applications.
Powerful Management Functions
The iTacX has a management system that supports industry standards such as SNMP,
TCP/IP, Telnet and PPP. Remote management of the system is made possible using IP links and also
using inbuilt dial up modems in the system. A graphical user interface is also available for easy
configuration using standard web browsers. The centralized network management system has
several tools for managing and controlling all aspects of a unified voice and data network, from a
single location.
Rich telephony features
iTacX delivers feature rich and user friendly telephony across the entire voice network.
Some of these features include automatic call distribution, least cost routing, call budgeting, dynamic
locking, user class of service, phone book, multi-party conferencing, voice guides, operator
attendant consoles etc. The telephony feature of the system can be accessed by all types of user
endpoints like analog phones, digital key phones, IP phones, soft phones.
Access Router
The iTacX system has an inbuilt plug-in router card. This card provides the functionality
of an access router for the tactical communication network. The card provides Ethernet
interfaces, which can be used for interfacing with an IP network or any IP ready device like
Wireless systems, gateways etc. Being a plug-in card in the iTacX system, the router card can
provide routing functionality between any of the interface cards of the system and the IP network.
Several routing protocols including RIP and OSPF are supported by the card. The card also
supports VLAN and QoS.
CNR Gateway
The iTacX system also provides the functionality of a CNR gateway. This is done by
installing Radio Interface cards in the iTacX system. Each interface of the card has inbuilt DSP
resources which supports VOX and VMR operations. COR signal detection circuitry is also
provided for each circuit, which will be used for detecting any incoming calls in the radio nets.
Apart from this, each interface also has PTT activation circuitry, which will be used for making
outgoing calls.
The CNR gateway of iTacX provides seamless integration with multiple types of radios,
operating over different frequency ranges. Since the system is based on IP, the CNR gateway
Unified Communication
supports Radio over IP (RoIP) for transmitting the voice in the radio network to the IP network.
The Unified communication system in the iTacX system is a software suite
providing a full set of IP-based unified communication applications allowing
subscribers to tailor, control and manage calls, messages, directories, collaboration
tools and information from any location using any device and any interface. The
Unified communication Application makes it easier for the user — regardless of
whether he is in the office, at home, or on the road — to access the people and the
information he needs
The CNR gateway functionality of the iTacX system enables its users to call a radio set from their
desktop phone or vice-versa.
The CNR gateway can be deployed as an operator-less system. The call routing can be
pre-programmed and the system will handle the call routing, automatically. The calls can be
routed either statically or by use of a voice guidance. The system has an in-built voice guidance
system, which can be programmed for providing various voice prompts for handling incoming
calls, thereby acting as an Interactive Voice Response system.
Versatile PCM Multiplexer
The iTacX system can be configured as a versatile Digital Multiplexer
platform that provides a high performance solution for wide area interconnectivity.
The intelligent iTacX provides a cost-effective solution for the interconnection of a
wide range of voice and data interfaces into communication networks which may
include microwave radios, higher order multiplexers and optical transmission
equipment. The unit provides full featured, Drop-and-Insert capability for each voice
frequency circuit or any signal that can be transmitted in a 64kbps channel.
As a multi-service solution, the iTacX can be used for voice or data access in
public and private networks. You can configure the iTacX system in a variety of ways,
from simple primary multiplexer for drop and insert functionality to sophisticated
digital cross-connect for concentration and grooming.
The unit supports a wide variety of interface options including Voice cards
(FXS, FXO, E&M), Data cards (64kbps co-directional, V.24, V.35, X.21, Ethernet,
nx64kbps) and Network cards (E1, E2, E3). All cards are fully configurable and have
remote diagnostics through the user interface of the system. Using these flexible
configuration options, the iTacX can be deployed in integrated voice and data
applications of the Tactical communication network.
Intelligent Networking
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