5100WD/7140WD - Scott Technology Group

5100WD/7140WD - Scott Technology Group
Wide Format
A high-volume, high-speed system.
with built-in color scanning.
High volume, color scanning, fast output.
Everything you need for maximum productivity.
SAVIN® 5100WD and 7140WD Wide Format Digital Imaging Systems allow
for fast printing even as you capture, share and save all of your day-to-day
hard-copy document processes—color markups, edits, penciled-in
changes and as-builts—into your ever-changing project workflow. The
Savin 5100WD and 7140WD Wide Format Digital Imaging Systems are
truly high productivity tools that can help you work smarter, collaborate
easier, share faster and finish your projects on-time and on-budget.
The large, LCD touch-panel display makes operation simple and intuitive.
Built-In Productivity
Add up the fast output speed, user simplicity
and smart engineering of the Savin 5100WD and
7140WD Wide Format Digital Imaging Systems,
and you get systems that will be the workhorse
in your reprographic area for years to come.
• Jump-start your workflow productivity with output
speeds up to 10 or 14 documents per minute.
• Share the productivity from day one, thanks to the
redesigned, super-wide color LCD operation panel.
• Reduce paper and toner usage by previewing
document thumbnails before printing or scanning.
• Simplify and enlarge displays with the touch of a
button for easier walkup use.
• Change paper and toner in a snap—clear jams,
too—through the easy-to-use front-loading
drawers and clamshell engineering.
Streamline Your Workflow
Manage Your System Remotely
Whether you use the Savin 5100WD and
7140WD Wide Format Digital Imaging
Systems with a dedicated professional
operator, have walkup users or work
from a remote PC, you can configure
exactly the system you need to optimize
your unique workflow.
• Use WebImageMonitor to view documents
in the Document Server, monitor supply
levels, check job details, assign e-mail
notification to key team members,
remotely cancel jobs and reboot the
system from anywhere on the network.
• Eliminate tedious document updating by
capturing as-builts, handwritten, on-site
changes and color markups, and then
integrating them with satellite imagery,
photographs and maps to create complete
bid sets.
• Create and distribute documents with a
comprehensive selection of Scan-to options.
• Scan project documents directly into an
electronic plan room for easy viewing by
other architects, engineers or contractors.
• Simplify document access by temporarily
storing documents on the 320 GB (160 x 2)
“Document Server” and view them on
the control panel or your PC for reprinting,
as needed.
• Increase your ability to handle high-output
volume with optional front and back
• Use the Document Server to assemble job
sets—remotely or at the system itself—
from prints, copies and scans.
• Manage advanced security features,
including Windows Authentication and PDF
Encryption, to keep your documents safe
at every stage of printing and distribution.
Printer Controller Choices:
Simple, Versatile, Secure
A fast, powerful external print controller
supports a variety of file formats in the CAD
market. While the single footprint, embedded
printer option easily handles the most common
file formats and maximizes floor space.
Built-In Printing
• Driver support for Windows—PostScript,
HDI and a Web Print Tool to build job sets
from HP-GL, TIFF and CALS file formats.
• The built-in security features included with
the RPCS drivers provide piece of mind—
Lock print, Hold print and Stored print.
RW-7140 Printer Controller on
External PC: Advanced, Flexible, Fast
• Send print jobs securely with a host of
built-in security options.
• Minimize the learning curve with drivers
similar to standard print drivers.
• Print documents to any device on your
network, including inkjet printers.
• Monitor, calculate and analyze your
printing and scanning costs by user,
account and project.
• Enjoy secure, Web-enabled print job
creation right out of the box.
• Ensure consistent high quality output
on every printing device with Central
Management and Central RIP.
• Manage print jobs efficiently with the
PlotBase Print Queue.
Scanning: Built-In or External
Changes and additions or “redlines” are a
fact of life for architects, engineers and
contractors. The Savin 5100WD and 7140WD
Wide Format Digital Imaging Systems let you
capture and distribute these changes—in
color—through a built-in color scanner and
the standard Scan-to functions.
WebImageMonitor allows you to view documents in the
Document Server, monitor supply levels, check job details,
assign e-mail notification to key team members, remotely
cancel jobs, and much more—right from your desktop.
New Plotbase software improves functionality over
previous versions, including color calibration, account
tracking and printing to multiple output devices
including inkjet printers.
Wide Format Digital Imaging System
Client PC Drivers (Windows OS)
HDI (print directly from AutoCAD)
RPCS (Windows based)
Postscript (PDF and PostScript files)
Web Print Tool (CALS, HP-GL 1/2, TIFFs)
(Browser based)
Client PC Drivers (Mac OS)
HDI (print directly from AutoCAD)
RPCS (Mac based)
Postscript (PDF and PostScript files)
Web Print Tool (CALS, HP-GL 1/2, TIFFs)
(Browser based)
Built-In Color Scanner
• Minimize system footprint with the embedded color scanner.
• Scan documents of extensive sizes and types, including architectural drawings, sepias,
blueprints, detailed maps, folded or wrinkled documents, oversized drawings, photos or
posters with unrivaled speed and image quality.
• Scan your documents directly to e-mail, SMB, Folder, FTP, URL, NCP and Document Server.
Scanning with the Optional RW-7140 Controller
• Capture crystal clear B&W 600 DPI scans or enhance your color output from an inkjet
printer with closed-loop calibration, improving your scanning and printing workflow.
• Speed up the capture of changes and additions by scanning your marked-up drawings
in color, and then editing and merging to overlay on other files.
• Ensure easy retrieval of stored documents by scanning documents directly to archive
while immediately capturing key metadata, such as project name, account number,
customer name, page number, title block, etc.
• Scan single or multi-page documents directly to e-mail, FTP or NCP.
• Use the color editor to reduce noise, change alignment, optimize the histogram,
improve black & white point type, and crop or scale images—and then print to the
Savin 5100WD, 7140WD or an inkjet.
Built to Last
The Savin 5100WD and 7140WD Wide Format Digital Imaging Systems are tough and
durable Savin products, designed to be a long-term investment for your organization—
even in the most demanding environments.
• Count on the Savin 5100WD and 7140WD’s durable materials and reliable engine design
to handle monthly volumes comparable to much higher priced products.
• Maximize your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by investing in a system with an
exceptionally long life expectancy.
The Total Green
Office Solution
Savin continues its long-standing
commitment to developing office
solutions with environmentally friendly
and superior energy- and supply-saving
features, without compromising
Original output tray holds up to
50 D-size originals for minimal
interruptions when making copies
Built-in color scanner captures
color markups in-house
Color LCD touch-panel interface
makes walk-up operation easy
and intuitive
Clamshell design simplifies
system access
Toner cartridge and paper trays
are placed for easy, one-step
replacement or re-stocking
Front-loading drawers enable
system placement even in tight
quarters and facilitates rapid
clearance of paper jams
Front copy exit tray stacks
up to 99 D-size documents
for continuous copying
Optional front and back
multi-stackers expand
flexibility and high-volume
capabilities (not shown)
RW-7140 External Controller
Client PC (Windows OS)
PlotClient (Job submission tool to Plotbase)
PlotClient Web
WINPRINT (Send office documents through Windows driver to Plotbase)
PlotClient HDI (Send AutoCAD documents to Plotbase)
RW-7140 Server PC
(Printing software
for RW-Controller)
PlotClient Web
RW-7140 Scan Tool
Client PC Drivers with Mac OS
PlotClient Mac (Jobs submission tool
to Plotbase)
Wide Format Inkjet
Print and Manage 1 Inkjet
on Network
Copy/Printing Process Electro-photographic printing
Paper Source
2 roll paper feeder (standard)
2 roll paper feeder (optional)*
2 drawer paper cassette trays
*Cannot be installed simultaneously
Warm-Up Time
First Copy
Copying Speed
Less than 120 Seconds
10 seconds (D-size)
7140WD: 14 ppm (D-size);
5100WD: 10 ppm (D-size)
600 dpi x 600 dpi
Grayscale Scanning 256 levels
Grayscale Printing
2 levels
Reduction/Enlargement 18 presets; 25% to 400% by 0.1%
Multiple Copies
1 to 99 (ten key input)
Cutting Method
Synchronized, preset cut, variable cut
Memory Capacity
1,024 MB (Copy/Printer);
2,048 MB (required with scanner option)
Standard Hard Drive 320 GB (160 x 2)
PC Interface
Standard connection to external PC
for RW-7140 controller
Original/Copy Size
Maximum: 7140WD: 36" x 1180"
(98.4 ft.);
5100WD: 36" x 590" (49.2');
Minimum: 8.5" x 8.5"; 36" x 78" bypass
Original Exits
Rear (upper), Original rear exit (straight
through), Original upper exit
Copy Exits
Front: 99 Sheets (Plain Paper D-size LEF)
Back:10 Sheets (Plain Paper D-size LEF)
Power Source
208 – 240V 15A 60Hz (NEMA 6 – 20R)
Max Power
3kW per hour
Dimensions (WxDxH) 49.2" x 29.7" x 47.2"
507 lbs.
• 2 Drawer Cut Sheet Paper Tray (option)
• Auto Paper Selection (APS)
• Auto Reduce/Enlargement, User Auto Reduce/Enlargement,
Preset Reduce/Enlargement, Zoom, Size Magnification,
Directional Magnification
• Directional Size Magnification (percentage and mm/inch),
Fine Magnification
• Electronic Sort
• Image Overlay, Format Overlay, Negative/Positive, Mirroring,
Double Copy, Repeat Copy, Combine Images
• Job Interrupt
• Job Program (up to 10 jobs)
• Manage System and Security Settings, Document Server,
Printer and Scanner Features
• Margin Adjustment
• Preset Stamps, User Preset Stamps, Date Stamp, Page
• Standard 320 GB Hard Disk Drive: Store Up to 3,000
• User Tools, Manage System and Security Settings,
Document Server, Printer and Scanner Features
Paper Cassette Tray 2 drawer paper cassette; adjustable
up to 18" x 24". Holds up to 250
sheets x 2 (17 lbs. – 20 lbs.)
Roll Feeder
2 roll feeder option; holds an additional 2 rolls (4 rolls total)
Roll Holders
2 holders, max roll diameter 3" core
Controller Board
Print Speed
7140WD: 14 ppm D-size LEF,
7 ppm E-size SEF;
5100WD: 10 ppm D-size LEF,
5 ppm E-size SEF
Print Resolution
Up to 600 dpi
320 GB (160 x 2) (Shared with other
applications such as Copy/Scanner)
Supported File
PostScript/PDF, CALS, MS Office File
Formats, JPEGs
HDI Driver: DWG
Controller Board
Scan Speed
7140WD and 5100WD:
1.75 ips – 13 ips @ 600 dpi
Scan Resolution
150 dpi to 600 dpi;
Twain: up to 1200 dpi
Scanner Features
Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-Folder,
Network TWAIN, Scan-to-NCP,
Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-SMB,
Scan-to-Document Server
Erase Border, Positive/Negative,
Mirror Image
Full View: 18" x 24";
Section Preview: 36" x 48"
File Formats
Multi page TIFF, Single page TIFF,
Multi page PDF, Single page PDF,
Single page JPEG
Controller Type
External PC Server
(PC not included, must be purchased
separately from appropriate vendor)
Print Controller
7140WD: 7 ppm E-size SEF,
14 ppm D-size LEF;
5100WD: 5 ppm E-size SEF,
10 ppm D-size LEF
Standard: HP-GL, HP-GL2, HP-RTL, TIFF
Supported File
Calcomp906/907, WMF, BMP, CALS
(1&2), T6X, CIT, PCX, RLC, Intergraph,
Windows Metafile, Windows OS/2
Bitmap, DWG, JPEG
Option: DWG/DXF/DWF (with installation
of AutoCAD application), VIC, CGM,
Windows: Windows 2000, XP (32 and
Client PC OS
64 bit), Vista (32 and 64 bit)
Mac: From OS8.6-10.4 (client PC)
Linux: Redhat Linux 6.x-7.1
HP-UX 10.x/11.x
Sun Solaris 2.6/7.x/8.x
SCO OpenServer 5.0x
PC Requirements
Operating System
PCI Interface Slot
RAM Memory
Hard Drive
Network Interface
Network Protocol
Windows XP Professional 32-bit;
Microsoft Vista 32-bit
Recommended: Intel Celeron with
2GHz or higher
2.0 or higher x 1
2 GB
At least 100 GB free space
10/100 Base-T Ethernet,
TCP/IP configuration
At least 1,024 x 768 or higher/
Recommended: 1,280 x 1024
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, lpr/lpq, HTML, SMB or
Novell 6.5 SP6 with Novell Client 4.91
SP3, Unix
Bringing Savin Value to Your Organization
Savin technology offers a diverse portfolio of solutions to help your organization
stay competitive and move ahead. Let Savin show you how to empower your business
to improve critical processes, keep information secure, ensure compliance and promote
environmental sustainability while reducing the total cost of ownership.
Savin Five Dedrick Place, West Caldwell, NJ 07006
SAVIN® is a registered trademark of Ricoh Americas Corporation. All other
trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Print speed may be
affected by network, application or PC performance. Specifications and external
appearances are subject to change without notice. Products are shown with
optional features.
• Auto Paper Select
• Paper Remaining Level
• Collate
• Pen Settings Preview Print
• Color Editing Tools
• Print Queue Management
• Combine Images
• Reduce/Enlarge
• Cut Mode
• Sample Print Setting – Build Job
• Distributive Printing
Sets from Multiple File Formats
• Limitless Paper Feed
• Simultaneous Printing and
• Locked Print
• Output Tray Selection • Stamping
• Output to One Inkjet
• Title Block Setting
(Option to the RW-7140 Print Controller)
Controller Type
External PC Server
Maximum Continuous 14 spm D-size LEF (200 dpi, 1 bit)
Scan Speed
7 spm E-size SEF (200 dpi, 1 bit)
150 – 600 dpi
(1200 dpi with enhancement)
Scan Size
7140WD: Min: 8.5" x 8.5" –
Max. 36" x 98.4 ft;
5100WD: Min: 8.5" x 8.5" –
Max. 36" x 49.2 ft
File Format
Standard: TIFF (single/multi page,
uncompressed/G3/G4), T6X, BMP,
Option: PDF (single/multi page),
Scanner Software
SCANTOOL Color Editor
Controller Type
Same as printer controller spec.
150 – 600 dpi
(1200 dpi with enhancement)
• Authentication Modes • RGB (24 bit), Grey, B&W
• Closed-Loop Calibration • Rotation
• Color Editing
• Scan Modes
• Contrast Setting Integrated• Scan-to-Archive
• Continuous Input
• Scan-to-Email
• Invert
• Scan-to-Folder
• Mirror/Positive/Negative • Scan-to-FTP
• Multiple Scan Settings • Scan-to-NCP
• Preview While Settings • Scan-to-SMB
• Reading Area Setting
• CGM (Computer
• Scan Option
Graphics Metafile)
• Scan to DWF (w/scan option)
• PostScript 3
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