Presentation Products
Wireless LCD Projector with
SD Memory Card Slot
Super Bright,
Light and Easy to You
√ Wireless PC-to-projector image transfer for dynamic, cable-free presentations
(special file-management software included)
√ Easy operation thanks to advanced auto setup; wireless remote control via a
Web browser; and SD Memory Card for PC-free presentations
√ Powerful performance with 2,200 ANSI brightness, extra-short throw lens, and
loop-through monitoring
Cable-Free. Trouble-Free.
In developing its class-leading
Wireless Image Transfer
projectors, Panasonic’s goal is
simple: to make it easy for anybody to deliver advanced, highquality presentations. Now the
new, easy-to-use PT-L730NTU
extends this tradition.
The PT-L730NTU uses wireless
want. And there’s
no need to change
cables when sevProjector
eral presenters are
Cable-free presentation
involved, so the
presentation flows smoothly and the audience remains attentive. In rooms where a
PT-L730NTU is permanently installed,
simply bring in your PC — or an SD
Memory Card with presentation data —
and you’re ready to present.
networking technology and SD
Memory Card compatibility to
bring you an entirely new level of
presentation performance.
It provides you wireless remote
control via your Web browser.
And it offers advanced digital and
optical technologies that assure
outstanding image quality.
PC LAN card and SD memory card slots
Wireless Presentation Capability
The PT-L730NTU incorporates wireless
LAN technology* for super-easy wireless
networking. You can transfer presentation
data from a PC (equipped with an optional
wireless LAN card) directly to the projector — no cables required, no connections
to make.
*IEEE802.11b compliant
With the PT-L730NTU, you’ll see
just how easy a presentation
No Need to Change Cables
can be.
With no cables to worry about, you can
position the projector and PC anyway you
Collaborative Presentations
A PT-L730NTU can receive data from several PCs without switching input settings.
This lets you conduct collaborative presentations. For example, a new presenter
can display information in the middle of a presentation, or a presenter can display his
or her PC screen
as part of a quesProjector
tion and answer
Multiple “collaborative”
presentation capability
Wireless LCD Projector with SD Memory Card Slot
Image Creator and Wireless
Manager Software
The PT-L730NTU comes bundled with
Image Creator and Wireless Manager
software. Image Creator converts
Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation files to
PNG or JPEG images. The compression
format is selectable from JPEG, PNG, and
Auto (in Auto, the software determines the
optimal format for each slide). Wireless
Manager is used to transfer images to the
projector. These two applications work
seamlessly, making it easy for you to
deliver great presentations.
Wireless Manager functions:
• Adds or deletes slides, or changes their
• Switches between slide display in list
format and enlarged views during
• Presentation mode: Blocks data transfer from other PCs during the presentation.
• PC screen capture: Lets you select the
capture range.
Wireless + SD Memory
Card Synergy
“PC-Free” Presentations with
SD Memory Card
It’s easy to deliver a sophisticated presentation without having a PC on hand. Just
use Image Creator to prepare the presentation images, then transfer them to the
SD Memory Card in the PT-L730NTU. You
can bring the projector anywhere you like
— whether or not there’s a PC present.
Presentation is easy, too, with features
like Auto Slide Show. You can set the slide
interval between 5 and 60 seconds in
5-second steps. You can even choose
from one to 10 repeat cycles or endless
display. You can also use the PT-L730NTU
to project images
SD Card
that have been
transferred directly
to an SD Memory Projector
Card from a PC or
can be transmitted to
digital camera.
SD memory card
Netscape Navigator). You can control most
basic projector operations and change
settings from the browser. Presentations
are super-easy — there’s no additional
software to install and you can use the
browser you’re accustomed to. Both
preparation and operation are simplified.
This universal design from Panasonic is
especially a boon to physically-challenged
The One-Touch Auto Setup function features digital keystone correction with a
built-in gravity sensor.
Manage Multiple Projectors
from a Single PC with
Wire-Free Ease
By first assigning a
distinct IP address
to each projector,
you can transfer
data or adjust setPC
tings on a particular projector withProjector
out affecting the
Presentations on a sinother networked
gle PC can be sent to a
particular projector
projectors. For
example, use this
advanced feature in a car showroom to
present a unique demo on each of 20 or
more projectors. Prepare the demos in
advance on your PC, then transfer the
appropriate data to each projector. The
PC doesn’t need to be continually
accessed for projector control, and the
wireless design eliminates the need to run
a host of cables from the projectors to the
PC. This saves you considerable time,
trouble, and labor costs in setting up and
maintaining a presentation system.
Versatile terminals
Centralized Control and
Security Features
Security was a high priority in the design
of the PT-L730NTU. Projector settings,
basic operations, and operating conditions
all can be monitored from a single PC,
giving you centralized, wireless control
over multiple projectors. You can check
and adjust the operating mode and check
how many hours the lamp has been used.
A locking function (with a control key) lets
you “lock” projector operation. You can
also set a Web password to prevent unauthorized wireless operation.
80-inch diagonal image at about 8 feet
for large images even in small rooms
Two computer inputs (RGB1 and
RGB1 accepts component (YPBPR)
video signal
RGB2 doubles as a monitor loopProjector
through output:
images can still be
monitored on the
computer display
while the projector
is switched to
standby mode
3000-hour lamp life in low lamp power
Advanced 10-bit digital gamma correction
Digital Cinema Reality (DCR)
3-dimensional comb filter (NTSC only)
Color temperature selection
Image mode selection
Full compatibility with sRGB color management (in natural mode)
HDTV compatibility
3x digital zoom
Freeze function
Advanced shutter function for image
Selectable 7-language on-screen menu
(English, German, French, Spanish,
Italian, Japanese, Chinese)
VGA expansion on/off selectable
Video expansion on/off selectable
Ceiling mountable (option)
Control via Your Web Browser
The PT-L730NTU gives you wireless
remote control via your
PC’s Web
Explorer or
Projector Control Window
sRGB Standard Color Space
Advanced Performance
• Bright 2200 ANSI lumens and a high
400:1 contrast ratio
• Advanced one-touch auto setup with
digital keystone correction (vertically
and horizontally adjustable)
• Extra short-throw lens displays an
sRGB is a new standard that assures
uniform color expression among scanners, monitors, projectors and other
imaging equipment. Applying the sRGB
standard minimizes hue deviations to
ensure the same high level of color
reproduction in each device.
Native Resolution:
(W x H x D):
Contrast Ratio:
Display Technology:
Lamp Life:
Brightness Uniformity:
Keystone Correction:
Lens Shift
Input Sources:
XGA (1024 x 768 pixels)
2200 ANSI lumens
245 x 118 x 341 mm
(9-5/8˝ x 4-5/8˝ x 13-4/16˝)
4 kg/8.8 lbs
LCD (0.9˝ polysilicon panels)
786,432 (1024 x 768) x 3
AC 220 W UHM™ lamp
3000 hours (in low lamp power mode)
2000 hours (in high lamp power mode)
Digital, vertically and horizontally
adjustable (optically fixed)
9:1 (fixed)
Ceiling/desk, front/rear (menu selection)
2 W (mono)
Computer (D-sub HD 15-pin x 2)
Component video (D-sub HD 15-pin x
Composite video (RCA x 1)
S-Video (Mini DIN 4-pin x 1)
Audio line in for computer (mini x 1)
Audio line in for video (RCA, L/R)
USB mouse
Output Sources:
VGA monitor out (D-sub HD 15-pin)
Audio monitor out (mini x 1)
PC Card Slot:
SD Memory Card Slot: JPEG/PNG compliant
Computer Compatibility: VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, Mac
Video Compatibility:
NTSC, M-NTSC, YPBPR (525i/480i,
625i/576i, 525p/480p, 750p/720p,
Full color (16.7 million)
Number of Colors:
4:3 (16:9 compatible)
Aspect Ratio:
31– 91 kHz, 50– 85 Hz
H-Sync/V-Sync Range: Manual zoom/focus lens (1:1–1:1.3),
F 1.75, f 28.7–36.0 mm
40˝–300˝ (1.0 –7.6 m)
Image Size (Diagonal): RS-232C (D-sub 9-pin)
100 –240 V AC (auto-voltage), 50/60 Hz
Power Supply:
300 W
Power Consumption:
0°– 40°C (32°–104°F)
Operating Temperature: 20%–80%
Operating Humidity:
UL1950, C-UL, FCC class B, EN60950/
Safety Regulations:
IEC60950, EN55024, N55022 (B),
EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, VDE,
GOST, MIC, CB, C-tick
Supplied Accessories
Optional Accessories
Full-function remote control
Batteries (AAA x 3) for remote control unit
Power cord
RGB cable
AV cable
Carrying bag
IEEE802.11b compliant wireless LAN card
8 MB SD memory card
Software CD-ROM (Wireless Manager, Image
User-replacement lamp unit
Ceiling mount bracket
IEEE802.11b compliant wireless LAN card
D-sub 15-pin/BNC adaptor
Wide conversion lens
Wireless Mouse Receiver
Photo shows the
PT-L730NTU mounted on
the ET-PK730 bracket.
Projection Distances
Diagonal image size
1.0 m / 3.3´
Distance to screen
With supplied lens
With optional wide conversion lens
1.2 m / 4.0´
1.5 m / 5.0´
1.1 m / 3.5´
1.3 m / 4.4´
1.5 m / 5.0´
1.9 m / 6.3´
2.3 m / 7.7´
1.6 m / 5.3´
2.0 m / 6.7´
2.0 m / 6.7´
2.5 m / 8.1´
3.1 m / 10.3´
2.2 m / 7.1´
2.7 m / 9.1´
2.5 m / 8.3´ (100˝)
3.1 m / 10.2´
3.9 m / 12.9´
2.8 m / 9.2´
3.4 m / 11.4´
3.0 m / 10.0´ (120˝)
3.7 m / 12.2´
4.7 m / 15.5´
3.3 m / 10.7´
4.1 m / 13.7´
4.1 m / 13.3´ (160˝)
5.0 m / 16.3´
6.2 m / 20.5´
4.4 m / 14.4´
5.5 m / 18.0´
5.1 m / 16.7´ (200˝)
6.2 m / 20.5´
7.8 m / 25.7´
5.5 m / 18.0´
6.9 m / 22.7´
6.4 m / 20.8´ (250˝)
7.8 m / 25.6´
9.8 m / 32.3´
6.9 m / 22.8´
8.6 m / 28.5´
7.6 m / 25.0´ (300˝)
9.4 m / 31.0´
11.8 m / 38.9´
8.3 m / 27.3´
10.4 m / 34.3´
Photo shows the PT-L730NTU
with the ET-LEC701 wide conversion lens attached.
Image sizes and distances are approximate.
Panasonic is the brandname of Matsushita Electric.
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Weights and dimensions shown are approximate. Specifications subject to
change without notice. Product availability differs depending on region and
country. This product may be subject to export control regulations. UHM is a
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