» Infotainment «
» POS Terminals
» Banking & Financial Terminals
» Kiosk & Self-Service Terminals
» POI Information Terminals
» Ticket Terminals
» Vending Terminals
» Digital Signage & Advertising
If it’s embedded, it’s Kontron.
» POS/POI (Point of Sales/Information) «
Kontron is a full-service OEM/ODM solutions provider offering highly
integrated application-ready embedded computer platforms for your
individual application in POS/POI (Point of Sales/Point of Infomation).
Your application is our target
Graphics performance
Processor power
Data security
System integration
We know your requirements
We support:
» Cashless Payment Systems with
Credit Cards and Bank Cards
» Cash Management and Cash Handling
» Money Handling Peripheral Device Support
» Bill/Note Acceptor and Recyclers
» Coin/Token Acceptor and Hoppers
» ccTalk, HII/HI², ID003, MDB
» Bio-metrics (e.g. Fingerprint, Image and
Signature Capturing)
» RFID and Wi-Fi Support
» SmartCard (ISO 7816) Support
» Barcode Reader and OCR Scanner
» 1-wire Bus® and iButton® Support
» Self-Service Printing Technology
(e.g. Bank Statement and Ticket Printer)
» TITO (Ticket-In / Ticket-Out)
» Security Cryptography (e.g. RSA, AES,
Triple-DES, SHA-1)
» POS Datalogger
(e.g. for tax/government authorities)
» Security BIOS Customization
» TPM (Trusted Platform Module)
(incl. low-battery monitoring)
» Multiple independent Display Support
(e.g. Quad independent Display Support)
» Dedicated Project/Program Management
» System Integration and Assembly Services
» Longevity, …
» Your POS/POI Applications «
Design & Manufacturing Services for OEMs
Banking Terminal
Ticketing Terminal
Self-Service Terminal
Systems /
Box PC
Standard Box PC
Embedded Motherboards
/ SBC and opt.
ADD2 Cards / PEG Cards*
Rear/Wall-mounting Box PC
Full customized
opt. ADD2 Cards
POS/POI specific
Carrier Board
opt. I/O Board*
*(typically Customer owned Design
or 3rd Party Solution)
Innovative Custom OEM/ODM Services
» Engineering expertise
through long-time and
proven experience
Customized POS/POI
Carrier Board Design
» Confidence through
competent project
» Large number of POS/POI interfaces
» Investment security
through continuous
Life Cycle Management
» COM based POS/POI Carrier Board
» Multiple RS232
Full custom POS/POI
Board Design
» Full custom ODM board level development
» Cost optimization
» High volume projects
Computer-on-Modules (COMs)
High performance COM Express™ module
with Intel® energy saving 45nm
Intel® ultra mobile processor Atom™
platform is a highly integrated,
2- chip solution
» Up to Intel® Core™2 Duo, 45 nm
» New Intel® GS45/GM45/GL40 and ICH9XX
» Based on Intel® Atom™ Processor
Z5XX and Intel® SCH US15W
» DDR3 SO-DIMM up to 8 GB,
dual channel
» COM Express™ compatible module
(55mm x 84mm, credit card-sized)
» 4x Serial ATA with RAID, DirectX® 10
» COM Express™ COM.0 Pin-out Type 1
» Integrated Intel GMA 500
(DirectX® 10, PS 4.0, DVMT 4.0),
1x PEG x16
» Serial ATA, USB 2.0 and USB client
» Support for HDMI, DisplayPort,
Blu-ray and HD movies
» Integrated Intel® Graphics, Intel®
GMA 500, HDTV/HD capable, decoder
for MPEG2 (HD) / H.264
Also available as microETXexpress®
form factor (95 x 95mm)
Also available as microETXexpress®
form factor (Pin-out Type 2;
95 x 95mm)
Small economic Intel® Atom™ solution
ETX®-DC with energy-saving 45nm
technology for ETX 3.0
» Intel® Atom™ N270 processor
in 45 nm with Hyperthreading
» Only 95 x 95 mm
COM Express™ compatible
» Intel® Atom™ N270 processor
with latest 45 nm technology
» Fanless use
» Fanless use
» 2x Serial ATA
» Integrated with Intel® Graphics
Media Accelerator (GMA950,
DirectX® 9, PS 2.0) LVDS, SDVO and
TV out
» Up to 2 GB DDR2 memory
» Economic Power-Off S5 Eco < 1mA
» Integrated with Intel® Graphics
Media Accelerator (GMA950,
DirectX® 9, PS 2.0), SDVO and
TV out
Motherboards & ADD2-Cards
» Intel® Core™2 Quad & Intel® Core™2 Duo
desktop processor support incl. Q9650
» AMD M690T + SB600 Embedded
» Long term available embedded
FLEX-ATX Motherboard
» Cost effective
» Intel® Q45 + ICH10DO Embedded
Chipset (45 nm)
» 2x GbE incl. 1x AMT 5.0 support
» PCIe x16 Gen2 support
» 2nd DVI-D + HDMI available via
» Firewire and TV-OUT optional
» ATI RADEON X1250 Graphics
» Also available as ATX
» Intel® GMA 4500 MHD graphics
ADD2 Cards
» Intel® Core™2 Quad & Intel® Core™2
Duo support incl. T9400
based graphic extension
cards for motherboards
» Long term available embedded
mITX Motherboard
» Multi independent display support
» Intel® GM45 + ICH9M-E Embedded
Chipset (45 nm)
» 3x GbE incl. 1x AMT 4.0 support
» 2x DVI-D, 2x LVDS, 2nd CRT
and HDMI
» Resolution up to 1600x1200
optional 1920x1080
» Also available as FLEX-ATX and ATX
» Intel® GMA 4500 MHD graphics
Single Board Computers (SBCs)
MSM945P incl. SMX945
First full featured 2.5" SBC
including micro SD card boot support
» PCI/104-Express Baseboard
» Pico-ITX™ Small Form Factor
100 x 72 mm
» Core™ Duo 2x 1.6 GHz
» Intel® Atom™ Z510 / 530 processors
» LAN Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T
» Intel® System Controller Hub US15W
» COM1-2, LPT1
» Dual SATA, PATA44 and microSD support
» Standard for stackable PCIebus
3.5" SBC with AMD turion 64
mobile CPU or AMD sempron
mobile CPU
3.5" SBC with Intel® Atom™ N270
processor with 1.6 GHz and energy
saving 45 nm technology
» PC-104™ bus compatible expansion
» PCI-104™ compatible expansion
» FULL featured embedded SBC (USB,
COM, 2x LAN, 2x SATA II, etc.)
» Intel® 945GSE, Intel® ICH7M Chipset
» High CPU and Graphics performance
» 6x USB 2.0, Dual LAN, Dual SATA
and PATA 44
» Intel® Core™ Duo L2400
» 6x USB V2.0
» Up to 2 GByte DDR2 SDRAM
Design & Manufacturing Services for OEMs
Tens of thousands of indoor and outdoor installations, e.g. established bank terminals,
check-in terminals and self-service and digital signage terminals demonstrate the impressive number of proven variations of Kontron POS/POI systems.
Banking Terminal
Ticketing Terminal
Info / Self-service
Robust designed self service
terminal for banking transaction
and information
Optimal solution for parking
Individual terminal system
for every application and
every market
» Compact design
» Accepts credit card and cash payment
» Ergonomical design
» Flat screen with excellent reading
(from 6 o’clock)
» Payment with discount and time
» Designed for non-stop operation
» All modules top or front accessible
» Card reader options
» Multilingual information display with
TFT monitor
» Scanner with OCR and handwriting
» Optional magnetic card reader /
» Thermal printer 300 DPI
» Optional configuration, e.g. RFID
Reader, receipt printer, Webcam,
barcode reader
Systems/Box PC
Concept Box
Rear/Wall-mount Box PC
Unique concept to design
your specific Box PC
Fanless, slim wall- mountable
Box PC
» High performance with low
power consumtion
» Intel® Core™ Duo
» All standard I/Os: USB, DVI,
LAN (4), VGA, sound
» Future ready with Intel® Atom™
» Extremely thin (42 mm)
» Variable in form and function
» Extended temperature range
» Fanless
OEM/ODM Benefits – Working with Kontron
mechanical &
Global supply chain
Manufacturing &
time logistic grants
Repair and EOL
Cost effective quality
Industry state-ofthe-art standards
High availability of
customer products
Longevity usage
Kontron Supports Customers as a Full Custom ODM Partner with Value Added Services
Short time-to-market
Simplified development
Scalable performance
Secure functionality
Customer -specific Carrier Boards
Full Custom Designs
x86 processor architectures
Kontron, the global leader of embedded computing technology, designs and manufactures
standards-based and custom embedded and communications solutions for OEMs, systems
integrators, and application providers in a variety of markets. Kontron engineering and
manufacturing facilities, located throughout Europe, Americas, and Asia-Pacific, work
together with streamlined global sales and support services to help customers reduce their
time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage. Kontron’s diverse product portfolio
includes: boards and mezzanines, Computer-on-Modules, HMIs and displays, systems, and
custom capabilities.
Kontron is a Premier member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance.
For half-a-decade now, Kontron has been named a VDC Platinum Embedded Board Vendor. Based
entirely on user feedback, industry professionals evaluate vendors on over 45 non-product
related criteria. Kontron is only one of two companies to receive the Platinum award 5-years
Kontron is listed on the German TecDAX stock exchange under the symbol “KBC“.
For more information, please visit: www.kontron.com
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North America
Asia Pacific
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