Universal docking station for hard drives – USB 3.0 with UASP
The UNIDOCKU33 USB 3.0 Universal HDD / SSD Dock enables you to instantly access your 2.5 or 3.5in IDE
and SATA hard drives through two top loading drive slots, saving you the hassle of mounting the drives into a
computer or external enclosure or tray.
Enhanced with UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol), this hard drive docking station lets you get the most out of
the fastest drive technologies such as SATA III (6 Gbps), solid state drives (SSD) and hybrid, drives with
performance up to 70% faster than conventional USB 3.0 when paired with a UASP-enabled host controller. See
our UASP testing results below for further details.
The slot-loading design holds the SATA and IDE drives upright inside the docks, neatly keeping them off the
desk, for convenience and a clutter-free setup. For SATA drives, the HDD can be inserted and connected
directly through the designated dock slot, while the IDE drive slot is conveniently positioned near the rear panel
40-pin data and LP4 power connections, making it easy to connect to the dock using the included IDE data and
power cables.
A single USB 3.0 connection to your host computer, enables access to both the IDE & SATA hard drives
simultaneously - a convenient solution for migrating data from an IDE drive to a SATA drive or vice versa. The
dock can also be used to greatly increase the storage and backup capabilities of your computer system
with support for high capacity drives (tested with up to 6TB 3.5" and 2TB 2.5" drives).
The UNIDOCKU33 is backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.
Improved Performance with UASP
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UASP is supported in Windows 8, Mac OSX (10.8 or above), and Linux. In testing, UASP performs with a 70%
faster read speed and 40% faster write speed over traditional USB 3.0 at peak performance.
At the same peak in testing UASP also shows an 80% reduction in required processor resources.
Testing results were obtained using an Intel® Ivy Bridge system, a UASP-enabled StarTech.com Enclosure, and
a SATA III solid state drive.
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Transfer files directly between a SATA and IDE hard drive, without having to transfer to the host
computer first or use multiple devices
Access 2.5/3.5in IDE or SATA drives, for fast data retrieval
Recover data from drives on failed computers
Backup data quickly to an external drive for archiving
Test or benchmark multiple hard drives
Maximum versatility with support for SATA & IDE as well as 2.5in and 3.5in HDDs & SSDs
Optimal performance with support for SATA III & UASP
Hassle-free operation with upright slot-loading SATA and IDE drive bays
Compatible with USB 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1 (5 Gbps / 480 Mbps / 1.5 Mbps)
Compatible with SATA revision I/II/III (1.5/3.0/6.0 Gbps) drives
Compatible with PATA (IDE) 66/100/133 MBps hard drives
Supports 2.5" or 3.5" form factor hard drives (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD)
Compact, desktop-style form factor
Plug-and-Play and hot-swap compatible
Patented drive ejection mechanism for SATA drives
Combined power switch and status LED for each drive
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Technical Specifications
Chipset ID
Compatible Drive Types (Type
and Rate)
Drive Installation
Drive Size
Number of Drives
Insertion Rating
Max Drive Capacity
Maximum Data Transfer Rate
Type and Rate
Type and Rate
UASP Support
Drive Connectors
Drive Connectors
Drive Connectors
Host Connectors
Enclosure Type
Product Height
Product Length
Product Weight
Product Width
LED Indicators
Center Tip Polarity
2 Years
JMicron - JMS561U, JMD330
2.5in & 3.5in
USB 3.0
15,000 Cycles (SATA)
Currently tested with up to 6TB 7200 RPM 3.5" hard drives and 2TB 5400
RPM 2.5" hard drive
5 Gbps
30000 hours
USB 3.0 - 5 Gbit/s
SATA III (6 Gbps)
1 - IDE (40 Pin; EIDE/PATA) Male
1 - LP4 (4 pin; Molex Large Drive Power) Male
1 - SATA Data & Power Combo (7+15 pin) Receptacle
1 - USB 3.0 B (9 pin; SuperSpeed) Female
70 mm [2.8 in]
147 mm [5.8 in]
512 g [18.1 oz]
130 mm [5.1 in]
2 - Power and Drive Activity
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Input Current
Input Voltage
Output Current
Output Voltage
Plug Type
Power Source
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Shipping (Package) Weight
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
1.3 A
110 ~ 240 AC
12 DC
AC Adapter Included
8% ~ 90% RH
5°C to 80° (41°F to 176°F)
-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
1.1 kg [2.3 lb]
1 - Universal Hard Drive Dock
1 - USB 3.0 Cable
1 - IDE 40 to 40 Pin Cable
1 - LP4 Power Cable
1 - 40 Pin + LP4 to 44 Pin IDE Cable
1 - Universal Power Adapter (NA/UK/EU/AUS)
1 - Instruction Manual
Certifications, Reports and Compatibility
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