talking pocket calculator

LCD Screen Symbols:
• ALM: Alarm time
• ((.)): Chime
• SET: Time and alarm set mode
• M: Memory
• -: Negative
• E: Error
Key Description:
• CE: Entry correction key
• AC: System reset key (to clear the display and all registers including the
• 0-9: Numeric keys
• .: Decimal point key
• +-x÷: Calculation function keys
• =: Equal key
• %: Percent key
• REP: Audio result repeat key
• ALM OFF/ON M+: Memory plus and equal key or Alarm off/on key
• SET M-: Memory minus and equal key or Time/Alarm set key
• MIN MC: Memory clear key or Minute setting key
• HOUR MR: Memory recall key or Hour setting key
• TIME: Clock mode key
• ALM: Alarm time key
• VOLUME OFF…MAX.: Volume adjustment key
Installing the Batteries:
• Press down and slide out the battery compartment cover on the back of
the unit.
• Insert two UM4 (AAA) batteries into the battery compartment with the
polarity (+) in the direction as marked inside the compartment.
• NOTE: Each time when you change the batteries, make sure to press
'RESET' on the back of the unit to initialize the unit.
Enter Calculator or Clock Mode:
• Calculator mode: Press any key that is not related to the 'Clock' mode to
enter the 'Calculator' mode.
• NOTE: If no key is pressed for more than 8 minutes, the unit will return
to clock mode automatically.
• Clock mode: Press the 'TIME' key to enter the 'Clock' mode.
To Set the Time:
• In 'Clock' mode, press the 'SET M-' key to enter the time-set mode.
• Repeatedly press the 'HOUR' & 'MIN' keys to set the correct hour and
To Set the Alarm Time:
• Press the 'ALM' key to display the Alarm Time.
• Press the 'SET M-' key to enter the Alarm Time-Set mode.
• Repeatedly press the 'HOUR MR' and 'MIN MC' keys to set the alarm hour
and minutes.
• Turn on/off the alarm by repeatedly pressing the 'ALM OFF/ON' key.
• At the pre-set alarm time, the alarm will sound for 60 seconds. To stop
the alarm sooner, press any key.