Product Preview
Wide Area Rotary Mower
Only the new Jacobsen HR700 wide area rotary
has the ability to cut up to 25% more grass (12.7
acres/hr) than a traditional 11-foot rotary mower
thanks to its ultra-productive new decks and
superior maneuverability, making it the ideal
mower for sports fields, parks and green spaces,
schools, airports, and commercial grounds.
65.2 hp (48.6 kW) Kubota® diesel Tier 4 Final (Stage IIIB)
Cutting Units: Three individually controlled rotary
decks (60 in front and two 60 in
Height of Cut: 1.0-4.5 in (25–114.3 mm)
Width of Cut: 168 in (4.27 m)
Weight: 3974 lbs (1803 kg) without cab
Length: 143 in (3.62 m) front deck down
Height: 92 in (2.34 m) ROPs and decks up
Width: 65 in (1.65 m) at 2 in (50 mm) height of cut
Product Preview
Wide Area Rotary Mower
•14-foot width of cut increases productivity by up to
25% (up to 12.7 acres/hr) over traditional 11-foot
wide area rotary mowers
•New SureStrength™ decks constructed with high
strength, high performance steel deliver greater
durability in a lighter more sustainable design
•Unparalleled nimble platform delivers
zero uncut circle for effortless
180 degree turning, leaving no
uncut grass and easier mowing
around obstacles. And, with
a transport width within
the front deck, the HR700
mower will go places others
simply can’t go
•Q Amp™ variable rate steering provides
optimal response to operator input to
effortlessly mow between obstacles
• New AdaptiCut™ system automatically
adjusts mow speed to ensure consistent
cut performance even through the thickest grass
•Independent deck control allows mowing with 1, 2, or all 3 decks to trim around obstacles, varying terrain and wide
spans of turf
•Individual hydraulic deck motors with self-lubricating integral bearings deliver reliable cutting power to each blade
and require no tensioning or greasing maintenance of belts and pulleys
•In Command™ control system provides on-board diagnostics for quick and easy troubleshooting and displays
maintenance reminders on-screen to aid in proper service and increased up time.
•Maintenance free, integrated wet parking brakes deliver safe braking on even the steepest slopes with no linkages or
pads to service or adjust
•Iso mounted operator platform , full suspension seat, and cruise control offer unparalleled comfort and superior
productivity for long hours of operation
•Ergonomic cockpit with optimal seating position, wing decks set forward of operator, and armrest located individual
lift/lower deck joysticks for superior unobstructed views
•Factory installed climate controlled (A/C and heating) cab option for increased uptime in all seasons
•Tilt Sensor Technology (TST) ensures operator safety by automatically monitoring slope angles and alerting operators
when nearing unsafe working conditions
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