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The use of object-oriented technologies has led to a gap between object-oriented
applications and legacy relational databases. A persistence framework can fill this gap by
providing services to convert and store objects in relational databases and other forms of
storage. A persistent object lasts beyond the execution of the application and can be retrieved
at a later time. This project involves the development of an object persistence framework in
the Java language to work with different storage mechanisms, while concentrating on
transparency and reusability aspects. The persistence framework is made up of reusable and
extendable sets of classes that provide services for persistence objects such as for translation
of objects to records to be saved in a certain type of patient relational database and translation
of records to objects when retrieving from the database. It supports storage in relational
databases, flat files, e-mail servers, and the ObjectStore object database. The framework was
found to be successful in providing basic persistence services while maintaining transparency.
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