Anti Vandal Backlit 3x4 PIN & Prox Reader
The new DVMIF features unique combination RFID proximity with metallic construction and
shiny blue illuminated metal keys. Ideal for high traffic and harsh environments, where PIN
code and RFID card access is required. This model is epoxy filled, designed to withstand the
rigors of the outdoor environment, and has advanced programming options. This attractive
looking yet robust model can easily interface with Rosslare’s or most third-party controllers.
General Description
For greater peace of mind, this sturdy access control
unit provides a rugged reader with advanced access
control features, in an aesthetically-designed housing.
The DVMIF offers programmable PIN and proximity
transmission formats, LED Control, and tamper
detection, in order to provide extra security and
Come rain or shine, this reader can handle the
challenge, with its rugged metal housing and waterproof
enclosure for maximum durability.
The unit has an attractive slim profile, free from sharp
edges, ideal for installations where style and rigidity are
Main Features
Supports 4-Digit to 8-Digit PIN codes
and RFID proximity card and tag
Smooth, attractive design, with allweather indoor and outdoor operation.
Large, metallic blue illuminated Keys.
User friendly menu system based on
keypad, LED and sounder indicators.
Back Optical tamper detection output.
2 tri-colored LEDs and an integral
sounder for programming and operation.
Door bell feature ('¿' key), when
operated with Rosslare controllers.
8 Selectable PIN transmission modes
including options for Key stream, Binary,
Parity, and 3x4 Matrix.
Selectable Wiegand 26/37 Bit or Clock &
Data output formats.
Programmable facility code.
60 cm (23.6 in.) shielded interface
Comes with a mounting and drilling
label, security screw, and tool set to
prevent unauthorized opening.
Anti Vandal Backlit 3x4 PIN & Prox Reader
Product Specifications
• Operating Voltage Range:
• Input Current:
LED Control:
Proximity Card Reader:
5-16 VDC, from a regulated power supply.
Standby: 80mA at 12 VDC
Maximum: 128mA at 12 VDC
Dry Contact, N.O.
Maximum read range*: 65mm (2.5")
Modulation: MFARE at 13.56 MHz
Compatible cards: All MIFARE
* Measured using Rosslare Prox Card AT-R14 or equivalent. Range also depends on electrical
environment and proximity to metal.
• Keypad:
Facility code:
Output Formats:
PIN Code formats:
• Operating Environment:
• Operating Temperature:
• Operating Humidity:
• RFI Protection:
Optical back tamper sensor, O.C. active low 32mA max sink current
3x4 Blue illuminated Keys for PIN codes entry and local programming
Door bell key ('¿') function (with Rosslare controllers only)
Selectable Wiegand 26/37 Bits or Clock & Data
8 selectable formats, from single to 8 digit PIN Codes, including:
- 6 and 8 Bits Wiegand, Nibble and Parity bit options, optional Rosslare Format
- 1-5 keys, fixed 4 keys and 6 keys BCD with facility code, Wiegand 26 bits
- 3x4 Matrix single key
- 1 to 8 keys BCD, Clock & Data
Two tri-color LED indicators, Built-in sounder
Epoxy potted, fully sealed in a rugged metal enclosure, highly strong
construction, blue backlit metallic keys. Suitable for extremely harsh
Water resistant, suitable for outdoor use (IP65)
-31˚C to 63˚C (-25˚F to 145˚F)
0 to 95% (non-condensing)
> 20 V/m up to 1000 MHz
120mm x 76mm x 27mm (4.72" x 3" x 1.06")
410g (0.9 lbs)
System Components
The DVMIF is compatible with
a variety of Rosslare's access
controllers (AC-215, AC-115, AC020, AC-015), as well as with
many third party access control
Additional Information
The DVMIF is covered by Rosslare’s 5-year Limited Product Warranty.
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