Audio & Video Intercept:
The Rock Cam
The Rock Camera is a remote controlled camera and
audio listening device with special a power supply,
motion activator, and digital storage drive that can be
accessed wirelessly on demand!
We combine several technologies for the
Law Enforcement investigations, empowering remote
video and audio intercept for real time mission critical
monitoring as well as post mission evidence collection.
Option: Configuration also available in a Pelican Case (outdoor use, camo or black)
In order to watch and listen, the system interfaces a camera and microphone with a wireless network (Wi-Fi).
If no Wi-Fi is available, the system can use its GSM
processor or Satellite Network processor to broadcast audio and video to your operations command. Our system is
capable of streaming live audio and video data, in real-time, for Police Agents to witness events while they are
happening. [The access network used is also able to handle burst transmissions of the data, should Police require
some or all segments to be broadcast hours, days, or even months after the surveillance operation took place.]
Using a GSM SIM card, the system is able to be accessed from anywhere in the world. Access can be viewed
using your PC, Laptop, or iPhone / mobile smart phone. In addition, we offer Police Agencies alternatives to
the iPhone, as there is access software available for Android and Symbian
based operating systems.
Set UP
The system is built for optimized deployment, and sets up as follows:
1) Connect the system's configuration cable to your router, Laptop, or PC.
2) Install the software onto your PC
3) Enter the Wi-Fi network name and password
4) Disconnect from your router (or PC / Laptop)
5) Place the rock at the target location
If Wi-Fi coverage is not available, the optional 3G / UMTS processor or
satellite based transceiver performs perfectly for isolated locations.
When would a situation dictate a complete standalone surveillance operation?
When the target under surveillance arrives at a desert location, and
Law Enforcement needs to see and listen, the Rock Camera can activate by
motion, broadcast by GSM (standard GSM, 3G, or advanced UMTS simply by
using a SIM card).
This is ideal for situations where there is no local Wi-Fi access (to a router) by
the target's location, or if there is and the wireless password is unknown. This
Rock based camera system complete with audio has an in-built completely covert internet based protocol, enabling
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Additional Features
Scheduled Recording: The officer can set the system to record at different times and dates. The start and end
times may also be programmed.
Motion Detection: The system can start recording a) when there is motion b) when there is motion at a
particular time or range of times (associated to a schedule). If motion is detected, then the Audio & Video
Intercept will automatically send you an e-mail and will include a picture as an attachment with date and time
stamp. An SMS can also be sent to a pre-determined mobile phone number.
Remote Access: The officer can access the audio or video at will, during live surveillance. The officer can also
record what is happening directly to his mobile phone, PC, or Laptop.
On-Board Memory Storage with remote access: The system can store all audio and video onto a removable
Micro SD memory card. With time and date stamping, the micro SD card can be removed from the system,
inserted into your PC or Laptop, and played back or transferred for long term storage. In addition, you may
remotely access the pre-recorded files using the supplied software.
This system really has to be seen to be believed and is one of the most advanced systems on the market for video
quality and ease of use. Law Enforcement Agencies may submit request for a live demo of the system upon receipt
of a letter of intent to procure a system.
The complete system is powered by an internal high capacity lithium based battery which is re-chargeable using
the included charger. The unit can also be permanently powered from a mains based or external DC PSU.
In order to conserve battery power, the unit has in-built intelligent battery saving feature that can force the system
into a sleep mode if no motion is detected for 10 minutes. Motion is detected using an external wireless sensor
which can be either microwave or passive infra-red based. Using a wireless sensor gives you the tactical advantage
in determining the system placement near or at the target location.
Additional Features List:
• Covert high resolution camera
• On board micro SD card memory storage
accessed remotely or on site for pre-recorded
audio / video playback – time & date stamped
 Remotely accessible from anywhere in
the world in real-time - via mobile phone
and / or PC
• Battery powered with wireless external
Interactive PC GUI
battery powered movement sensor based on
microwave or passive infra red (PIR) technology for increased battery management
iPhone & Android compatible
• Extremely easy to setup using plug and play technology - no special IT skills required
• Fully and remotely configurable
• Future proof technology allowing multiple cameras to be monitored if required
• Scheduled recording capability based on days of week and start / end time
• Motion detection recording capability - can also be based on a schedule
• Motion detection e-mail alert with adjustable sensitivity – includes a snap shot of the triggered event
• Sound detection e-mail alert with adjustable sensitivity – includes a snap shot of the triggered event
• SMS movement / sound detection alert – via 3rd party SMS gateway
• Long recoding capability - based on PC hard drive space or mobile phone memory
• All recordings are date and time stamped
• Audio Surveillance capability using high sensitivity microphone with noise suppression
• High resolution camera module - 640x480
• Automatically adjusts audio / video quality depending on mobile phone data transfer speed / available
• Completely free to access no ongoing charges if utilizing local router Wi-Fi signal
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