The Flypaper - Freeport RC Modelers

The Flypaper
Monthly News Letter of the Freeport IL Radio Control Modelers
AMA Chartered Club #253
Established 1963
Officers 2008
President: Richard Potempa (815) 492-2468
Vice President: Craig LeBaron (815) 233-5208
Secretary: Dave Nienhuis (815) 938-2467
Treasurer: Bill Brooks (815) 235-3797
Board Members
Safety Officer: Fred Smith (815) 233-0475
Senior Advisor: Marlin Winsel (815) 235-4631
Newsletter Editor: Don Rasmus (815) 235-4777
Meeting Night: 7:PM Wednesday, November 5th, Freeport Library.
There will be election of next year’s officers. Planning for Christmas party,
and Swap Meet.
Voting on the Howard Nelson traveling trophy will take place at this November meeting. It is an award
given to the person who has done the most to benefit the club and the members the past year. It is a
secret ballot, and the winner will be announced at the December Christmas party.
This November meeting might be the next to last meeting, or last meeting before our annual Christmas
Party and Swap Meet in December. If you can help in any way, try to be at the meeting so you can
volunteer for a position! I heard from a few people from out of town indicating they are coming with
STUFF to sell and swap. You better get your STUFF ready too. Contact Jeff Burd to reserve tables.
November is also the time to renew your club membership and your AMA membership for 2009. Club
dues will be $35.00 for single, $50.00 for husband and wife, $20.00 for first year member under age 24. If
you plan on flying New Years day, both AMA and Club dues have to be paid prior to January first. The
mowing assessment has been determined to remain the same ($22.00) for 2009. I for one, appreciate the
job Jim Elmer did on maintaining Baker’s Field this past year, and personally feel it is well worth the
Jeff Burd is very happy with his new electric Hawker Sea Fury. Looks good, and flies great. His wife is
mad at him for wasting her mascara decorating an airplane. Jeff put on a flying demo with it Saturday
October 4 at Baker’s Field. It is pretty fast, and Marlin’s electric Mustang couldn’t catch up to it, and Jeff
couldn’t slow down enough to let Marlin catch up. I think he’s hooked on it! He gave a private flying demo
Monday afternoon the 6th of October. He couldn’t resist the temptation when someone wanted to see it fly.
Jeff has to flip a coin now to see what plane he will fly, his Gee Bee or Sea Fury. We will probably never
see his Rascal again!
Craig LeBaron has a new Ultra Stik he is getting ready to fly. It might be ready now. I am typing this
Newsletter the second week of October and he purchased it toward the end of September. He hasn’t
mentioned how his Aeromaster Bipe is progressing. I heard thru the rumor mill that we have a couple of
electric P-38 Lightning’s to challenge the Hawker Sea Fury for electric war bird air supremacy. Those
electric T-28 Trojan’s that Dave Nienhuis and Harry Allen have can move along pretty quick also. Dave
Schuey has the heaviest electric (a Yak), but he is able to fly it very well. It would make a good bomber
escort if it were a war bird. Some times he flies it so high, it leaves colored contrails behind each wing!
Bill Hagene has been to Baker’s several times to fly his electrics. Dave Nienhuis, Tim Fry, Bill Niles, and
Mark Reeder will challenge pilots with their AT-6 and Mustang’s and P-47 and Corsair respectfully for
glow fuel war bird air supremacy. Dave’s Patriot doesn’t count. My Hellcat is going gas with the new
Zenoah G20EI engine. I am anxious to see how that goes.
One of our members has a new TopFlite 84” wingspan P-51 Mustang ARF in their hanger being readied
for the spring. He is looking for an engine for it. No it’s not Jim Elmer. Jim has a nice PT-19 to get ready.
Jerry Colby won his Wings October 14 at Baker’s Field. He did 3 takeoffs and 4 landings. Three landings
were done being in the cockpit, and one being done flying toward him self. Congratulations Jerry. I
understand he went home and told his wife, and she told him to stop shaking and stuttering so she could
understand what he was saying. Jerry also constructed another airplane starting table for Baker’s Field. It
has some nice extra features the older tables don’t have.
Dave Shuey made a nice sign (R/C Airfield) pointing to our field, which he placed at the corner of
Blumendahl Rd. and Baker’s Rd. Nice job Dave.
Bob Huisinga paid a visit to Baker’s Field one evening and visited for a while. He is getting up and out a
little more often. Another person we don’t see much is Chuck Kuntzelman. He showed up one morning
with his glider, but was too windy to fly it. He is building a PBY Catalina with a wingspan of nine feet (108
inches). He has experience with the PBY from his military days. Tom Schony has paid a visit or two, and
flown a little bit. Got to stay in practice.
This is a warning note on frequencies (72 mhz Channels) at Baker’s Field. It seems that channels 12, 13,
14, and 15 are not good channels to use. Channels 13 and 15 especially. Using a frequency checker
device has revealed that these four channels are frequently indicating being used when no transmitter is
even on. They are not on steady for a long period of time, but come on for a few seconds, then go off. A
few seconds can be anywhere from a few, up to 15 seconds or MORE. It would be best to stay away from
these channels at Baker’s Field.
I gleaned the below information from the Tucson Radio Control Club Newsletter.
The following information pertains to the Spektrum AR-7000 receiver. When they were first released in
2007 there was an unknown problem that raised its head. If the receiver experienced a momentary low
voltage condition, such as it might with 2 or 3 stalled servos loading the battery pack down, or a weak 4
cell battery pack, then the receiver would stop working for 2 to 5 seconds. A lot of bad things can happen
in 5 seconds. What was happening; when the receiver voltage drops below 3.5v in a modern digital
receiver, then it needs to “reboot” to get back on line. Similar to your home computer when you
experience a momentary power outage, it has to reboot. I don’t know if anybody in our club is using the
AR-7000 receiver with only a 4-cell battery pack. According to Horizon you should be using a high
capacity 5-cell battery pack. There is also free upgrades you can get from Horizon to solve this problem.
If you send in your receiver (manufactured prior to 2008), they will upgrade the receiver or replace it with
a new one, which will contain a “Fast Reboot” feature. Also in the upgrade or in new receiver’s
manufactured in 2008, is a feature that after landing you can check the receiver for slowly flashing lights.
If the lights are slowly flashing, it indicates you had a low voltage situation while flying, and you should
probably increase your battery pack capacity. Here’s how to identify if your receiver has Quick Connect
(Fast Reboot). With the system operating normally, simply switch the airborne power off, then on. If your
system shows virtually no delay in regaining control, your receiver includes the Quick Connect feature.
To get the new “Firmware” upgrades: Enclose your AR-7000 receiver in a package with a letter identifying
yourself, what you want done, (update with new firmware) and send to:
Spektrum Upgrade
Horizon Hobby Service Center
4105 Fieldstone Rd.
Champaign, IL. 61822-8800
For you Freeport club members who don’t have email, here is some information about the electric indoor
flying in Brodhead, Wisconsin every Wednesday night at 7:PM. They Fly at the Brodhead High School
Gym. Directions: Just as you enter town from the west on Hwy 11 take the first left by Subway. Follow
that road a few blocks, through the 4 way stop and you will be in the HS parking lot. There is also electric
indoor flying in Rockford on most Saturday’s. The time and place is posted at HobbyTown in Rockford.
Do we have a place in Freeport where we can do this sort of thing? I was informed that the Hobby store in
Monroe, Wisconsin has several types of electric planes in stock for indoor flying. I was also told Farm
and Fleet has an indoor electric for sale at $39.00.
THE WISHBONES- People who spend all their time wishing for things, and that the work would get done.
THE JAWBONES- People who do all the talking about what should be done, but little else.
THE KNUCKLEBONES- People who knock everything that everyone else has done or wants to get done.
THE BACKBONES- People who cheerfully get under the load and do the work.
A new all balsa and ply built up FW190 ARF, 48.4”ws. For electric or glow. It has OS .25LA engine
mounted. $90.00 without engine, $105.00 with engine. No servo’s or radio gear. Call Don 815-235-4777.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Minutes of the October 1st, 2008 Freeport R/C Modelers Meeting
At the Freeport Public Library
The meeting was called to order at 7pm.
12 members were present: Bill Brooks, Jack Baxter, Don Rasmus, Ed Keech, Jerry Schuelke, Marlin Winsel, Jeff
Burd, Bill Hagene, Craig LeBaron, Dick Potempa, Harry Allen, and David Nienhuis.
The meeting minutes from September 3rd were motioned to approve and passed.
Treasurer's Report: The General Fund is now $2412.32 and the Mower Fund is $1222.00.
A motion to approve this report was made and passed.
Last call was made for the old charcoal grill at Baker's. Anyone that wants it can have it. Jim Elmer will haul it
away soon.
Don Rasmus reported from the Nominating Committee that nominees for next year's officers elections are David
Nienhuis for Secretary/Treasurer, Jeff Burd for Vice President, and Craig LeBaron for President. Any other
nominees were asked for and there was no response.
Jeff Burd made a motion to wave the manager's bond requirement for the December 7 Swap Meet raffle. It was
seconded and passed vote unanimously. $50 will be paid to the Stephenson County Clerk for the raffle permit.
Further plans on the swap meet: Marlin Winsel mentioned the Community Center contact is Cindy Lloyd and she
should be contacted to arrange for use of the building in Cedarville. Jeff was passed a paper with the contact
information. Jeff said the AMA notification has been sent in to have the date published. We're looking for
volunteers to help set up and man the doors. A few members said they would be there. Also Dick Potempa and
Bill Brooks offered to man the raffle table. Information was also passed to Jeff on the food people contact from
the Lion's club, Shirley and Larry Palf.
Craig reported that there is another set of bleachers available for Sneek's or Baker's. Consensus is that the one
we have is enough, do not need another.
Don brought up an idea of running electric to the shelter at Baker's. It was talked about for a bit. What would the
initial cost be? Any benefits besides charging batteries? Maybe nice to have during cookouts for whatever.
Alternative for charging batteries is to have an inverter setup powered by deep cycle batteries.
Bill Brooks passed around an ad for a $20 bullhorn and asked if there was interest. Consensus is that it looked
too small and probably wouldn't work very well. No plan to buy.
Jeff brought in his new E-Flite Sea Fury electric war bird. Looks great and should be fast with the 480 motor in it.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.
These minutes are respectfully submitted by David Nienhuis.