indian institute of technology, guwahati

NIQ Ref: S&P/ME-395/NIQ/2017-2018
Specification for Fully Automatic High Resolution Trinocular Streozoom Research Microscope
with Camera and Image Analysis Software for Failure Analysis (Quantity-1 no.):
1. Fully automatic high resolution trinocular stereo zoom research microscope with Reflected
Light Illumination.
2. Optical System should be parallel optics system.
3. Magnification: Wide range from ~ 4 x to 600x or more.
4. Eyepiece: 10x, 15x/16x, 20x, 30x/40x with dioptre adjustment in all the eye piece.
5. Objective: 0.5x, 1x & 2x (all objectives should be Apochromatic).
6. Resolution: 850 lines/mm for 2X Objective.
7. Observation Tube: Ergonomic long tilting Trinocular, tilting angle at least 10 min – 45 max
degree, interpupillary distance adjustment 57-80mm, two steps optical path selectable (100:0,
8. Working Distance: Min 70mm for 0.5x obj; 60mm for 1x obj; 20mm for 2x obj.
9. Optics carrier of Microscope come with motorized zoom iris diaphragm
10. Motorized Zoom Ratio of 12.5:1 and more
11. Focussing Assembly: Motorized focus unit / focus: rack and pinion with roller guide, focusing
stroke: 78 mm, motorized focusing speed coarse: 2.7 mm/s, fine: 0.27 mm/s load capacity:
0.0–23.0 kg
12. Stand: Large stand / Pillar height: 400 mm, base dimension (W × D × H) : 400 mm × 350 mm
× 28 mm, Stage clips are mountable, with stage adapter fixing screw holes
13. Illumination: Illumination should be LED cold Light source with Dual interlock light guide
and six-point ring light guide with ring light guide adaptor.
14. Dedicated digital microscope CCD/CMOS camera of resolution 5 Mpixels or better with USB
3.0 connectivity. Compatible C mount should be provided.
15. 3D Image analysis software capable of doing, measurements made by manually drawing on
selected image. Types include - Linear distance, Curved length, Area, Angle, Count, Grey
level. All measurements should be in real units. Width and colour of drawn lines may be
adjusted and labelled with measurements. Grouping so that objects that consist of multiple
fragments are measured as one. Results may apply to a single image or can be accumulated
over multiple images. Tracings may be stored and recalled for re-measurement by editing.
Advanced versatile features for producing excellent extended depth-of-focus images from
images acquired at different Z-positions. May create corresponding depth map and confidence
image. Automatic alignment of images obtained from non-telecentric optics.
16. Supplier should provide branded computer (HP/Dell) system with minimum specification of
Intel core i7 processor , 8GB RAM , 1 TB Hard disk, LED monitor of size 21 inch or more;
Minimum 1 KVA UPS with 30 minutes backup.
All the system like microscope, software and digital camera should be from the same
manufacturer for better comparability and future up gradation.
{ For any query related to specification of the item, vendors are requested to Contact Dr. S. Senthilvelan at +91 361 258 2671 or email }