starlite gel instructions

natural nail only. Do not touch the
rim of cuticle area. Let nail dry.
starlite gel
*NOTE: Should a client experience a
reaction to primer, mix 2 oz. of water
to 1 tablespoon of baking soda, this
will neutralize any primer reaction
as primer is an acid.
7. Fit your nail tip. The natural nail should fit against the nail tip.
8. Apply Tip: Put a drop of glue on the tip. Press tip firmly to nail
and hold.
9. Cut and shape the tip.
10. Apply a thin coat of Starlite Gel over the entire nail. Pay close
attention to the free edge and sides. Do not get Starlite Gel on the
cuticle. It will lift. If this occurs, remove immediately with alcohol.
Before curing, clean cuticle with cuticle pusher or polish corrector.
Starlite Gel is an absolute state-of-the-art technology in nail
application, nail strengthening and nail extension.
11. Cure for 1 minute under the light.
1. Turn on lamp: Press on switch and hold until light goes on. For
best results, use a 9 watt light.
2. Prepare nails.
12. Brush a second coat of Starlite Gel: Brush over the rim of the
free edge.
3. Push back and remove cuticles.
13. Cure the nails for 3 minutes. Rotate the nails to get proper
curing, if needed an additional layer of gel can be applied.
4. Buff Nails: Using a fine grit block, remove the shine from the
natural nail.
5. Remove filings from nail. 14. Take cotton pad and dampen with alcohol. This will remove the
Sanitize nails using Star Nail sticky residue. Pat the nail. Do not rub.
Sani-Spray Antiseptic.
15. Apply Kapping Sealer: Use this product only if the client prefers
6. Prime the nail: Using primer not to polish nails. If polish is to be applied, Kapping Sealer should
pen, prepare the surface of the not be used. The polish will not adhere to this product.
nail by applying a primer to
10. Apply second coat of gel over the rim of the free edge to give
added strength.
11. Cure nails for 1 minute.
16. Apply oil to cuticles and massage until absorbed.
OPTIONAL: Extending with Starlite Gel
1. Follow steps 1-5 in the tip application instructions.
2. Use primer pen on the natural nail only. Let the primer dry to a
chalky white.
3. Working with one nail at a time, place form on nails.
4. Apply small amount of Starlite Gel on the center of the nail. Brush
gel towards free edge to the desired length.
5. Wipe the free edge with a clean brush, forming the desired shape
of the free edge.
6. Cure for 3 minutes.
7. Apply second coat, placing near stress areas. Work up the nail
in a zig-zag pattern. (Again, with a clean brush, wipe the free edge
and sides to eliminate excess Starlite Gel.)
8. Cure for 3 minutes.
9. Remove Nail Form.
10. Cure the underside for 1 minute.
11. Finish as in steps 13-14.
Maintenance should be done when nails are cracked, chipped or
grown out. Normal maintenance is every 2-3 weeks.
1. Remove polish using non-acetone polish remover. Wash hands
with pH-balanced cleaning scrub.
2. File back or clip gel that has lifted or is loose. Do not pull or pry.
3. Push back and remove cuticles, shape and file.
4. Buff the new nail growth with the coarse side of the 4-way
5. Lightly file the loosened gel area to blend in the natural nail.
6. Remove filings.
7. Apply primer to new nail growth area. Do not get on cuticle or
8. Brush Starlite Gel on the new nail growth area. Clean with
birchwood stick or a polish corrector pen for excess gel.
9. Cure nails for 1 minute.
12. Use a cotton pad with alcohol and pat nail to remove the tacky
surface. Apply oil to cuticles and massage.
13. Wash hands with pH-balanced Cleansing Scrub.
14. Check nails. Should you need to reapply gel to missed spots,
repeat steps 8-13.
1. Clip nails back to free edge.
2. Lightly file the tips of nails to loosen gel adhesion.
3. Soak in acetone for 10 minutes and wipe gel off with paper towel
or file excess gel off. The gel will dissolve in layers.
4. Repeat as necessary.
5.Wash hands with pH-balanced Cleansing Scrub.
1. Do not attempt to put gel over cracked natural nails.
2. Women who have skin allergies or are under medical supervision
should check with a doctor first.
3. A patch test is advisable first to see whether a reaction may
4. Do not use gel if these condition exist: A) Extremely thin nails. B)
Nails that have bitten deep into the nail plate or nail bed. C) Sore
infected nails or cuticles. D) If you or your customers are taking
tetracycline or any antibiotics, do not use gel and the UV light.
These medications are light sensitive.