Policy - Blue Frog Marketing

Division 1
We protect client information securely
and per privacy principles
This policy letter makes clear the way Blue Frog handles data and information on
behalf of our marketing clients.
1. Blue Frog subscribes to all National Privacy laws and in particular those updated
in the Privacy Principles of March 12, 2014.
2. We do not sell or share client information with any party other than the client
3. We will not make cold calls to individuals who have not opted in to one of our
clients programs through personal contact, website or other collection means.
We expect our clients to take responsibility for their own databases and we will
ask them for evidence that they have received an opt in from a recognised
4. We do not use lists that have been phished or scoured from yellow pages or
other online methods, and only purchased approved lists from professional list
broking firms
5. All client data is stored on dropbox and is only available to clients through
password protected access
6. All physical client paperwork including reports, printed work in progress, client
database files of any nature is covered by a ‘shred all’ policy. No sensitive paper
is put out in general rubbish
7. We do not share or sell data collected from our own website.
Our policy is to remain compliant with changing legislation as it occurs.
Hunter Leonard
Last updated 16 April 2014