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Motorola triuMphs
with secure wireless
laN for st aNdrew’s
robust iNdoor-outdoor wireless iNfrastructure heighteNs staff securitY
St Andrew’s is the United Kingdom’s largest charitable provider of secure mental
health care. It specialises in learning disabilities, progressive and neurodegenerative
conditions as well as acquired brain injury and offers state-of-the-art therapeutic and
recreational facilities. Some 3500 staff are employed at the main site in Northampton
and at regional units in Essex, Birmingham and Nottinghamshire.
St Andrew’s Northampton site stretches across 106 acres of parkland and features
a golf course, chapel, multi-gym, school and indoor swimming pool. Residents are
accommodated in primary care suites or units with their own private gardens.
The security of staff and patients is of primary concern for St Andrew’s and this
has resulted in the deployment of a secure wireless network across its campuses.
with St. Andrew’s
Delivered by
with St. Andrew’s
Comtact, thepartner
voice, datasupports
and real-time
the infrastructure
voice, tracking
data andofreal-time
– indoorsdevices
and outside.
of devices
staff protection
– indoors and outside.
custoMer profile
St Andrew’s Healthcare
United Kingdom
technology partner
product Name
• Wireless Next Generation
Architecture (RFS7000)
• 802.11n Access Points
(AP7131, AP650)
• Motorola AirDefense
solution features
• Reliable indoor-outdoor
• Real-time voice, data, video and
locationing services
• High throughput and resilience
• Ongoing trouble-shooting and
intrusion protection
benefits features
• Greater staff security
• Enhanced efficiency
• On-demand WiFi access
• Secure and easy to manage
case studY
we are able to provide staff
with remote 24/7 security
and patient monitoring
and provide access to the
information they need at the
point of care.
Paul Kirkpatrick, IT Director at St Andrew’s Healthcare
the challeNge
reliable campus-wide coverage required to locate staff
in real time
The Medium Secure Healthcare guidelines require a staff
alarm attack system to operate even when covered by an item
of clothing and to be able to archive data. A single device
should enable staff to raise an emergency alarm and to receive
location and identity information when alarms are raised by
others. The system should also provide coverage in all areas
within the secure perimeter.
St Andrew’s sought a fail-proof solution with built in
redundancy that would enable staff to be located anywhere
on site. As patients enjoy regular use of the extensive grounds
and outdoor facilities, they required a system that could
perform outdoors as well as inside.
In addition, the network needed to provide secure WiFi access
for staff, delivering information at the point of care and
supporting Voice over IP and video surveillance.
Several competitor products were evaluated and Motorola was
awarded the tender following a pilot test which demonstrated
the superior capabilities of its robust wireless LAN portfolio.
the solutioN
“Network-in-a-box” Delivers Uninterrupted Connectivity St
Andrew’s network is comprised of RFS7000 wireless switches,
AP7131 and AP650 802.11n Access Points and is secured by
Motorola’s AirDefense intrusion prevention system.
The RFS7000’s Wireless Next Generation (Wi-NG) architecture
optimises performance and resilience for large wireless
enterprise or campus networks. Capable of delivering voice and
data for up to 96 000 users, it supports real-time locationing for
asset tracking and gapfree security on a single platform.
Indoor and outdoor wireless access points provide
uninterrupted coverage, creating a “network-in-a-box”. Based
on self-forming, self-healing mesh technology, they can
be managed and configured centrally and remotely via the
wireless switches.
The AP650 is a thin, multi-purpose Access Point designed
for use in headquarters and branch offices. Its ability
to dynamically sense weak signals and transfer users
to alternative Access Points provides a secure, mobile
wireless LAN that meets the 802.11n standard for higher
data throughput and greater link reliability. The AP650
supports voice over wireless LAN and locationing services
as well as hotspots.
High-speed access for data, voice, video and mesh
networking is delivered by the AP7131 Adaptive Services
Access Point, which offers speeds up to 600 Mbps. This
device meets the demand for mobile applications with the
coverage and resiliency required to expand the wireless
enterprise outdoors. It can be deployed as a stand-alone
wireless access point or adopted by the RFS7000 switch for
centralised configuration and management of the network.
Motorola’s AirDefense wireless intrusion protection
safeguards the network by eliminating rogue devices as
well as detecting and blocking undesired behaviour from
network users. It facilitates the enforcement of a controlled
wireless security policy and provides gap-free indoor and
outdoor protection. Constant monitoring and advanced
troubleshooting identifies wireless LAN configuration
issues that can affect business-critical applications,
enabling centralised management of the wireless network’s
St Andrew’s wireless infrastructure has been configured to
enable staff attack devices to be connected to a minimum
of four access points at one time, creating a triangulated
solution for the location of staff members as well as a
spare link for redundancy.
bringing data to the point of care
The field-proven technology deployed in St. Andrew’s
wireless LAN provides a robust, secure infrastructure that
delivers reliable voice and data services to staff where and
when they need them. Staff and patient safety has been
reinforced through the ability to track and locate staff in
real time, improving response times if an incident occurs.
“We are able to provide staff with remote 24/7 security and
patient monitoring and provide access to the information
they need at the point of care,” said Paul Kirkpatrick, IT
Director at St Andrew’s Healthcare.
The network can be scaled to accommodate additional
applications in the future such as mobile devices to aid
drug management, integrated door security technologies
and video surveillance, providing a future-proof
infrastructure to maximise St Andrews’ investment.
MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC
and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2010 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved.
st andrew’s chooses secure
wireless laN for on-demand
data and staff tracking
Motorola’s indoor-outdoor
secure mobile wireless
network is providing highspeed
voice, data and real-time
tracking of staff protection
devices for St Andrew’s, the
UK’s foremost provider of
mental health care. The
wireless infrastructure has
improved staff security by
enabling their location to be
identified instantly throughout
the site and has enhanced
efficiency through access to
information at the point of care.
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