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The Benefits of
• Triple the number of PCs you
can afford without increasing
your budget
• Reduce maintenance and support
costs by 75%
• Reduce power and cooling
requirements by 90%
• Reduce device theft and loss
• Centrally stored data
increases security
NComputing, Inc. was founded with the goal of making desktop computing affordable
for everyone, and is redefining the economics of desktop computing.
NComputing is the fastest growing desktop virtualization company with 3 million virtual desktop solutions
deployed in 140 countries. The company’s award-winning, patented technology lowers desktop computing
costs, improves manageability, and reduces both energy consumption and e-waste. It is the perfect solution
for leveraging the power and potential of PCs and cloud computing.
The NComputing solution takes advantage of the fact that today’s PCs are so powerful that the vast
majority of users only need a small fraction of the computing capacity. NComputing taps this unused
capacity so that it can be simultaneously shared by many users. Each user’s monitor, keyboard, and
mouse are connected to a small and highly reliable NComputing virtual desktop, which is then
connected to a server. NComputing’s award-winning vSpace® Server desktop virtualization software
provides each user with a rich multimedia desktop experience and their own computing session.
A Green Solution
NComputing Cuts Computing Costs
NComputing virtual desktops
drastically reduce e-waste due
to their small size and longer
service life.
Server virtualization technologies have been used for years to simplify server infrastructure and reduce
capital and operating expenses. Now, the same concept is being applied to end-user computing by
virtualizing today’s powerful desktop PCs. The total cost of acquiring, managing, and replacing hundreds
of desktop PCs (often thousands) is very high. That’s where NComputing virtual desktops can help.
NComputing Virtual Desktop
vs. PC Scorecard
NComputing enables each end user to have their own computing session without having to dedicate a
desktop PC at each user’s desk. How? By virtualizing the session and hosting it on a centrally located host
server. Depending on the configuration, a single server machine can host up to 100 simultaneous users.
• 1-5 watts usage
vs. 150 watts usage
• 10 year service life
vs. 3 year service life
• 0.34lbs of e-waste
vs. 25lbs of e-waste
NComputing Desktop Virtualization Overview
NComputing offers more than simply a physical virtual desktop. With its end-to-end desktop
virtualization solutions including software infrastructure, desktop virtualization protocol and
hardware, NComputing provides a unique price: performance ratio that is unparalleled in the market
and provides an unparalleled end-user experience.
NComputing’s end-to-end solution delivers a high-end virtual desktop experience at a third the cost
of other thin client vendors. The solution is made possible through NComputing’s award winning
technology delivered at the server, client, and protocol layers explored below.
NComputing also offers Numo System-on-Chip technology that enables high performance, low
cost thin clients. The Numo architecture is fully optimized to provide a complete end-to-end virtual
desktop that includes vSpace Server, UXP our transport protocol and the client devices that feature the
individual Numo devices.
Key Features & Benefits
• 100 user support- delivers new
levels of scale and savings
• Automated configuration
management- speeds device
• Remote management
• High availability server features
Key Features & Benefits
• Access virtual desktops from any
Windows device from any location
with a LAN or WiFi connection
• Reduces PC administration, upgrade
and replacement costs
• Supports Windows XP & Windows 7
client OSes
• Per client configuration profiles
vSpace® Server
vSpace Server, NComputing’s virtualization software, divides a computer’s resources into independent
virtual workspaces providing multiple users simultaneous access to a single Windows or Linux
operating system. It also offers flexible OS support, secure desktop roaming, centralized management,
full screen video support, and broad peripheral support. Experience a rich PC experience for every
user, at a fraction of the cost of a typical PC solution.
vSpace® Client (Ethernet Connect)
vSpace Client for Windows enables any Windows-based PC, laptop or netbook computer to remotely
access virtual desktops on your vSpace server. Distribute the benefits of centrally managed virtual
desktops to more mobile users with the simple to use, powerful and affordable vSpace clients.
PC Expansion
Key Features & Benefits
• Share one PC with up to
eleven users
• Cuts hardware and support
costs by up to 75%
• Easy to set up, maintain,
and secure
• Energy efficient (1 watt per user)
• Supports standard applications
including multimedia and fullscreen video
• Includes powerful vSpace® server
X-series (Direct Connect)
The X-series connects through a PCI card installed into the shared PC and delivers exceptional
multimedia performance with unmatched CPU and energy efficiency. The X-series is ideal when the
users are in the same room as the shared computer.
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Key Features & Benefits
• Share one host with up to 45 users
• 3 client devices per kit
• USB mouse, keyboard, and
peripheral support
• Powered by NComputing’s Numo2
SoC innovation
• Energy efficient (~2 watts per
user) Full screen video streaming
• One LAN port and power plug for
3 users
M-series (Ethernet Connect)
The M300 represents another high performance, low cost computing solution from NComputing,
providing a simple, powerful and affordable PC Expansion alternative. As the industry’s first 3-in-1 thin
client offering, the M300 delivers a rich PC experience at 1/3 the cost of PCs and typical thin clients.
With this breakthrough, NComputing uniquely delivers innovation that multiplies the value customers
can expect from thin clients in a virtual desktop environment.
Thin Clients
10/100 Base-T Ethernet
PC Refresh
Key Features & Benefits
• Share a single operating system
with up to 100 users
• Includes vSpace Server software
• Powered by NComputing’s Numo
SoC innovation
• 3-5 Watts per user
• 2 USB 2.0 ports (L300)
• 1920x1080 screen resolution (L300)
• Full screen video streaming
L-series (Ethernet Connect)
The L-series virtual desktops connect to a shared server over a standard Ethernet network. Desktops
are streamed to users over the network and provide rich full-screen, full-motion multimedia playback;
transparent USB redirection and unparalleled peripheral support. Up to 100 users can share a single
physical computer or virtual machine. L-series devices are sold individually, and include vSpace
virtualization software.
Thin Clients
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Industry Awards
PC Expansion
pc refresh
Product Family
X350, X550
3 or 5 user kit with PCI card,
vSpace Server and client
3-user kit with vSpace Server
and 3 client devices*
Single independent client
device with vSpace Server
Maximum users per
host PC
7 or 11 (2 kits + PC)
Features of host PC
Needs 1 or 2 low-profile
or full-height PCI slots
Maximum screen
1440x900 or 1280x800
@ 16-bit color
1440x900 or 1280x1024
@ 24-bit color
1920 x 1080 or 1680 x 1050
@ 24-bit color
Streaming video
Good video streaming to
1024 x 768
Numo 2 enables full screen
video at all resolutions
Numo enables full screen
video at all resolutions
Mouse & keyboard
Microphone port
No (use PC USB port)
USB 2.0 Peripheral Port
No (use PC USB port)
Yes (2)
Client device
Direct cable to PCI card
Ethernet to large client,
direct connect to small
Maximum distance
from PC
10 meters (Cat 6 STP)
5 meters (Cat 5e UTP)
100 Meters to large client
5 meters to small client
100 Meters
Power supply required
Yes (1 per kit of 3)
Nominal power
1 watt per user
~2 watts per user
3-5 Watts per user
High Availability
Auto Log-in
vSpace Server run on
Hypervisor (VM)
* Cables not included
** Please see Minimum
Recommended Hardware
See vSpace
Host Scaling Guidelines for information on
choosing the host PC.
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